Scientific and technological research council scholarships

Scientific and Technological Research Council Scholarships: Guide

The scientific and technological research council scholarship is a call for all eligible candidates who wish to study in Turkey as international students to apply immediately. The scholarship is open for students at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and national students are inclusive too. The scholarships have different programs it supports. Under the undergraduate programs, you can study national and international programs under the scholarship. The same goes for the postgraduate programs; national and international students have selected programs funded by the scholarships. If this scholarship opportunity interests you, check below for more details about the research council.

About the Scientific and Technology Research Council of Turkey

The scientific and technology research council is a Turkish national agency with a goal to grow and contribute to the development of science and technology and innovation by funding and supporting research work and staying at the forefront of these innovations. Also, to turn the country into a technology and innovative state. The scientific and technology research center was established in 1963, with its headquarters in Ankara. They develop different technological policies and also advisory to the Turkish government. The council is not a school but gives out scientific awards to living scientists and other categories of awards.

Scholarships from the scientific and technology research council of Turkey.

B MSCA CO-FUND Contribution Fund to Fellowship Programs

This program comes with a grant alongside European commission funds. The funds will go to the research universities with current research work in progress. All Ph.D. students and excellent researchers in Turkey and those in other countries are invited to study at any Turkish university or institution and carry out their research work. These projects will receive funding from the European Commission and the TUBITAK. About 22 Ph.D. students will scale to this stage in the advanced manufacturing technology project.

2205 Undergraduate scholarship program

The scholarship aims to gently steer undergraduate students toward sciences and social sciences courses. Their acceptance of courses from these faculties will help to unlock their creative and investigative sides that were once hidden. Also, their research skills will develop more noticeably and aid in their futuristic need for the skill. Now, this scholarship is only for Turkish citizens still in the undergraduate basic science education who were awarded medals in the Turkish national science olympiads, the international science olympiads, and the international project contest.

Research Fellowship Programme for International Researchers

Any international Ph.D. student or young post-doctoral researcher participating in this fellowship must be highly qualified and ready to continue their academic work in Turkey. Applicants are advised to register in the researcher information system from TUBITAK. After that, candidates can proceed to submit their application online through the TUBITAK fellowship portal.

Scholarship Benefits

The European Commission and TUBITAK jointly fund this scholarship. Also, the student who participates in the scholarship will not be getting only funding. They will equally receive guidance, mentoring, and an adviser to oversee the research work project. Furthermore, TUBITAK will transfer the required funds for the project to the project bank account according to the progress dates and as signed in the contract.

Applicable Courses

Science and Technological related courses

Eligibility Criteria

All Ph.D. students and excellent researchers in Turkey and those in other countries are all invited to study at any Turkish university or institution and carry out their research work.

Fees & Funding

What is the job of TUBITAK?

TUBITAK does many things in Turkey. First, they serve as advisors to the Turkish government on sciences and tech. Also, it serves as the secretariat of the Supreme Council for Science and Tech.

Is Turkey an Arabic country?

Turkey is not an Arabic country and does not speak Arabic as its first language, and Turkey’s first language overall is Turkish before you hear any other language. Though Arabs are a minority ethnic group in Turkey, there are other minor ethnic groups in Turkey, but the prominent locals are the Turks.

What was Turkey called historically?

By the Romans, the Turkish people were once referred to as the Asia Minor or the lesser Asia.

What are the names of the scientific research centers in Turkey?

There are several research centers in Turkey where Ph.D. students can carry out their research work and projects here.

TUBITAK Marmara Research center

TUBITAK Defense Industries Research center

Turkish Space Agency

Turkish National Research Institute of Electronics and Cryptology

TUBITAK Space Technologies Research Institute

TUBITAK Informatics and Information Security Research center

Turkish Atomic Energy Authority

Application Procedure

  • Candidates should bring their project templates and get them signed and stamped by their Turkish research institution.
  • The institution must send the project template to TUBITAK to approve the commencement of the research project.