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The Statistical Analysis System, SAS Institute internship is an opportunity for motivated undergraduate and postgraduate studentsĀ in analytical software and data analysis.

This article will enlighten you on the overview of the internship, the positions open at the SAS, the perks and benefits available, general eligibility criteria, and how to apply for one.

About SAS Institute.

The Statistical Analysis System, SAS Institute, is an American multinational developer of analytic software in Cary, North Carolina. They develop a suite of Analytics software that helps to manage access reports and analyze data to aid decision-making.

It is a software vendor specializing in predictive and advanced analytics software applications. Also, it includes data visualization and business intelligence. Their software is geared toward highly-skilled analysts and data scientists covering data management and analytics. Some of their software packages allow users to produce graphics from analyses and also let users build predictive models in a graphical user interface environment.

Overview of SAS Institute internship

The SAS Institute Internship allows interns to obtain hands-on experience in software development and application. The organization is dedicated to helping interns grow professionally and further find their passion in data analysis.

As an intern in the organization, you can create analytical software that gives data on the operations of clients, financial institutions, etc.

Internship positions at SAS Institute

There are many types of internships at the SAS Institute, some of which include:

SAS Part-time Internships

The SAS Part-time Internships allow applicants to work on a shift-based while they gain valuable experience in the organization. You must be enrolled in an accredited university or college, seeking a degree in a relevant field, to be eligible for the internship opportunity.

IoT Year-Round Intern

The IoT Year-Round Intern is available for domestic students in Cary, NC. To be eligible for this internship opportunity, you must be enrolled in an accredited university or college seeking a degree in statistics, computer science, and any other significant fields related to large-scale scientific computing in any school based in the United States.

Interior Design & Real Estate Intern (Year Round)

The interior design and real estate internship opportunity is available in Cary, NC. To be eligible for this opportunity, you must be a University student studying real estate, architecture, or design. This internship will allow you to assist SAS in various tasks, from construction to design to project documentation.

Cyber Analytics Summer Internship

The Cyber Analytics Summer Internship opportunity is available for students who want to gain hands-on experience in its cyber analytics internship program. The program is a 10 to 12-week internship in Ellicott City, MD. To participate in this program, you must be enrolled in a university or college seeking a bachelor’s degree in any institution based in the United States.

Human Resources Intern ā€“ Year Round

The SAS Institute is accepting resumes for the human resources internship program vacancy. The program is available all year round in Cary, NC. As part of the program, you will work with the internal human resources dashboard to collect research and input data.

Operations Research Graduate Intern (Ph.D. Candidates)

The SAS Institute Internship opportunities are also available for Ph.D. candidates who want to participate in its operations research graduate internship program in Cary, NC. As an intern, you will be able to develop a user interface to make operations research tools more accessible to non-technical users and also use network analytics to business problems. Only doctoral students in any recognized university in the United States can apply.

Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning Intern

The predictive analytics and machine learning internship is available for passionate, bright, and hardworking individuals in Cary, NC. To qualify for the internship opportunity, you must be enrolled in an accredited university or college seeking a Ph.D. in either applied mathematics, statistics, computer science, data science, or a related field in an institution in the United States.

Year-round Technical Internshipā€“Legal Department Ethics & Compliance Team

The SAS Institute internship announces its year-round technical internship program in Cary, NC. To be eligible for this role, you must be a University student in computer science at a registered institution. Interns are to work an average of 15 to 20 hours a week during the school year, while they may have to work full-time during the summer.

Graduate Statistical Intern

The data statistical internship opportunity is available at SAS Institute to offer ambitious and highly motivated students the graduate statistical internship opportunity position. The program is year-round and based in Atlanta, GA. The program aims to provide an excellent opportunity to explore other software development. Doctoral degree students who have completed two years of graduation can also apply for the opportunity.

Forecasting Graduate Internship

The forecasting graduate internship position is available for graduate students at the SAS Institute in Cary, NC. To be eligible for this internship opportunity, you must be a graduate student in computer science, economics, data science, business, or any related analytical field. As part of the internship program, you will work closely with a Ph.D. expert in creating innovative software that uses cutting-edge statistical methods to automate enterprise-scale business forecasting processes.

Perks and benefits of the SAS Institute Internship

The following is a list of bonuses and gifts available for SAS Institute interns:

  • Opportunity to earn while you learn, i.e., paid internships
  • Mentorship from the top minds in the industry
  • The culture that encourages work-life balance
  • Meaningful projects and less tedious tasks
  • Presentation and communication skills training
  • Campus environment that fosters innovation
  • Executive business chats with leaders in the organization
  • Coffeeshops serving Starbucks
  • On-site cafes with pizza and sushi ovens
  • Aquatics, fitness, and sports complex
  • Cultural and social events to unwind

Eligibility criteria for the SAS Institute internship

The SAS Institute internship is highly competitive. The following are the eligibility criteria to apply for the opportunity.

  • Must have an Honour in Consulting, Customer Advisory, or other relevant degrees, i.e., Computer Science, Information Systems, Engineering, Statistics, Risk Management, Economics, Actuarial Sciences, or Analytics.
  • Available to commit to the internship program
  • Fluent in spoken and written English
  • Able to learn and work independently and also within a team
  • Highly flexible and also adaptive
  • Proactive, reliable, and also self-motivated
  • Works well under pressure

How to Apply for the SAS Institute Internship

To stand a chance at the SAS Institute internship, you must follow the steps below to apply for the internship opportunity.

Step one: Visit the SAS Institute website

The first step to applying for the SAS Institute internship is to visit their official website to view the internship opportunity offered. Note that the organization has many internship opportunities. Therefore, select the one that fits your career aims and objectives.

Step two: Meet the eligibility criteria for the internship

The different types of internship positions at SAS Institute has its unique eligibility criteria and requirement. Therefore, ensure that you satisfy the general and specific requirements for the internship position you’re applying for.

Step three: Provide your application documents

Obtain the internship application form for the position and prepare the documents needed to apply successfully. You may find more information on the necessary documents on the official webpage of the organization.

Step four: Complete your application and submit

You must complete your application before the deadline and submit your attached document. Upon submission, you may receive an invoice for an interview.

Step five: Attend the interview

Note that there are two interview processes you may need to complete for the SAS Institute internship. These two interviews are virtual. The first virtual interview is a recorded interview, while the final interview is a virtual live interview approximately 60 minutes long.

Frequently asked questions

Is a SAS internship good?

Yes, the SAS Institute internship is excellent in the provision of learning opportunities, including classes and on-site training. The internship is worthwhile because you will learn many things and be enlightened on software applications, data visualization, etc.

How to get a job at SAS?

To apply for a job at the SAS Institute, you need to complete an application through the official site of the organization. Take note to complete the entire application, and you will receive a confirmation email as to the completion of the application.

Is the SAS certificate valid?

The SAS certificate is quite helpful. As many companies opt for SAS base programming, it is becoming more evident that a certificate in SAS will benefit your data analysis career. SAS programming is becoming a highly reliable and efficient method making it the best fit for label data analytics.

How long is SAS training?

The SAS training and selection is about ten weeks. After the training, you will also undergo a six-day training program designed to prepare you for work.

How do I become a SAS expert?

To become a SAS expert, you will need a degree in information technology, business administration, or business informatics and several years of experience in a related field.


With the information provided in this prose, you can move on to applying for the SAS Institute Internship to sharpen your analytical skills, build experience, and network. Apply now!Ā