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The South African Reserve Bank, SARB Internship, provides an opportunity for graduates to gain hands-on experience in finances and money management.

The Bank is one of the most highly-regarded financial institutes in South Africa. Hence, an internship will be a great outlook for your career endeavors.

In this article, we will discuss the overview of the SARB Internship, including the benefits of interning in the organization, eligibility criteria, document requirements, and how to apply for the opportunity.

About SARB

The South African Reserve Bank, SARB, is the central Reserve Bank of South Africa that functions to implement and formulates the monetary policy of South Africa. It is responsible for destroying and issuing Banknotes and coins, supervising and regulating financial institutions, and managing the country’s foreign office Reserves and official code.

The Bank is also responsible for managing the national payment system, administering the exchange rate control system of the country, acting as the government Banker, and acting as a lender of the last report to provide liquidity assistance in some exceptional cases.

Overview of the SARB Internship

The SARB Internship is an opportunity for postgraduate students of South Africa to gain hands-on experience in one of the most outstanding financial organizations in the country. The internship allows graduates to learn interventions and technical training at its academy.

As an intern in the organization, you will gain professional and personal skills that cut across public speaking and presentation, assertive communication, impactful reporting, creating powerful PowerPoint presentations, teamwork and personal etiquette, excellence, etc.

Benefits of the SARB Internship

There are many benefits to interning at the South African Reserve Bank. Below are some of the perks and advantages you are likely to enjoy.

  • Access to different learning interventions
  • Opportunity for a data science track where you can work in a data lab environment on different cases
  • Skills development and hands-on experience
  • Compensation

Courses of study that are eligible to apply for the SARB Internship

To apply for the internship position, you must have graduated from undergraduate studies in courses that are relevant to finance and Banking. You can apply for the internship if you study any of the following courses: Econometrics, Economics, Research, Modelling, Policy analysis, Accounting, Public finance, Auditing, Financial Management, Statistics, Information technology, Portfolio or investment management, Law, Treasury, Mathematics, Quantitative analysis, Project management, Business analysis, Risk management (operational and financial risk), Economics and international relations.

Eligibility Criteria for the SARB Internship

To qualify for the South African Reserve Bank internship, you must meet and satisfy the following conditions:

  • Internship candidates must have completed a course of study in a relevant and applicable field.
  • Must have attained an average of 65% in the final year
  • Have the desire to work in financial services and policymaking organization
  • Possess a track record of academic excellence
  • Have excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Be a citizen of South Africa
  • Be a keen and curious learner.

Documents requirements to apply for the SARB Internship

The following is the list of documents you must prepare to apply for the SARB Internship opportunity

Cover letter

  • Take your time to prepare an inspiring cover letter that includes crucial points on why you should be accepted into the internship program. Selection is competitive, but a good cover letter will be a great plus.


  • The SARB Internship program is for individuals who have completed postgraduate studies. Therefore, you must provide an unofficial or official transcript showing you have attained above the 65% average of your course of study.


  • Your resume is also another essential document for the internship. Ensure that it has information on your work experience, academic qualifications, skills, and other relevant information.

Recommendation letter

  • You will need about three recommendation letters from outstanding professionals to testify to your ability to work in a financial institution and your good conduct.

How to apply for the SARB Internship

The two categories of internship applicants at the South African Reserve Bank are internal and external.

An internal applicant must apply through the Enterprise resource planning or ERP systems. However, external applicants must apply online through the official website of the organization.

To apply for the internship position, you must include your documents and attach your academic transcript for your internship application. The reviewing team of the South African Reserve Bank will go through the application, and you will be informed of its outcome. If you’re lucky to be one of the shortlisted applicants, you will be invited for interviews, assessment, and security clearance.

Note that the deadline to apply for the SARB internship is the 14th of April, 2023. Therefore, don’t miss this very chance to gain hands-on experience and develop your novel skills in the financial services industry in South Africa.

FAQs on SARB Internships

What is the role of the SARB?

The role of the South African Reserve Bank is to ensure the soundness and safety of the national payment system. It is also known as the backbone of the South African financial system. The Organisation makes provision for significant financial and economic statistics that gives an overview of the economic situation of the country South Africa.

Who owns SARB?

The South African Reserve Bank Act controls the South African Reserve Bank. The Bank’s shares are privately owned and managed by a board of 14 directors. So, out of these 14 directors, seven are governors, and three are deputy governors appointed by the president of South Africa.

What is the full form of SARB in Banking?

The primary mandate of the South African Reserve Bank is to ensure the sustainability of the country’s economic growth and to protect the currency’s value in the interest of its citizens. Also, the Reserve Bank is mandated to pReserve and enhance financial stability in the country.

Is SARB an institution?

The South African Reserve Bank is the Central Bank of South Africa. The Bank’s primary purpose is maintaining and achieving price stability for sustainable and balanced economic growth. Also, it joins other institutions to play a crucial role in ensuring the country’s finances are well monitored and sustained.

What policy does SARB use?

The Central African Reserve Bank uses the surplus system to implement monetary policy. As with other countries, South Africa’s economic policy is sustained by setting a short-term interest rate.


Undoubtedly, the SARB Internship will provide unwavering career assistance and grant you access to different learning interventions. You will be able to develop your skills and interest and gain experience working in one of the most highly-regarded financial institutions in South Africa. Wait no more; apply today, as the position is quite competitive.