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The South African Pulp and Paper Industry, SAPPI, offers internships to students interested in learning about the wood industry and the materials obtained from it.

With an unfailing history since 1936, SAPPI has been a significant industry in producing forestry papers, graphic papers, packaging papers, etc. To know more about the organization and its opportunity, you must read this prose to the end.


The South African Pulp and Paper Industry, SAPPI, is a global leader and provider of materials from wood fiber bases to renewable resources. It is an innovative, diversified, and trusted wood industry leader focusing on sustainable processes and products. The organization aims to build a circular economy by making essential things that are important and necessary for the environment.

Most of their product is end-use bases such as specialty and packaging papers, casting and release papers, forestry papers, and graphic papers. Also, they offer materials such as wood pulp, dissolving pulp, and biomaterials. These materials are obtained from wood sourced from plantations and forests that are sustainably managed.

SAPPI internship

The SAPPI internship is a fantastic opportunity for graduate students to develop their necessary skills. The Internship is ideal for obtaining work experience and growing professionally within related fields.

The organization allows innovative and enthusiastic young people to build significant portfolios, receive in-depth expert training, and get valuable work experience. The training program will enhance your ability to link academic or theoretical learning with the practical application of real business.

Benefits of the SAPPI Internships

The SAPPI internships hold a wealth of benefits and advantages for its interns. Some of these include:

Work experience


  • As an intern at SAPPI, you will learn the basics of working in a diversified environment where you will meet with professionals. The experts in the industry can provide you with mentorship advice that can prove valuable and reasonable along the line.


  • You will network with fellow interns and other employees of SAPPI. Your network of friends can enlighten you more on the wood fiber production process and assist you in future endeavors.


  • As you learn in the organization, you will earn a competitive intern salary of about $45/hr. This is equivalent to getting paid for being a better person.

Internship position available at SAPPI

The following is the list of internship positions available for enthusiastic graduate students in the organization.

#1. Process Trainee

As a process trainee intern in SAPPI, you must have a Grade 12 (including physical sciences and maths) or N3 pulp and paper. You must have good organizing and planning skills, excellent written and verbal communication, and good people skills. Also, you must possess strong communication and interpersonal skills, including the ability to work independently and good computer literate (MS Word precisely) knowledge.

#2. Procurement intern

To apply for the position of procurement officer at SAPPI, you must have a relevant diploma or degree in supply chain management, logistics, procurement, or equivalent. You don’t need prior work experience to apply for this internship position.

#3. Human resources intern

You must have a Grade 12 or matric qualification to apply for the human resources intern position. Also, you will need a degree or diploma in human resources for the job.

#4. Production intern

As a production intern at SAPPI, you must have a national diploma or S4 paper in pulp or chemical engineering. You don’t need a prior work experience for this position.

Eligibility Criteria for The SAPPI Internships

To be eligible for The SAPPI Internships and training program, you are expected to meet the following criteria.

  • Prospective internship candidates must be graduate students.
  • Must be able to receive and issue detailed instructions in both written and verbal form.
  • Have excellent interpersonal and good communication skills.
  • Have an analytical approach to solving problems.
  • Be success driven and highly focused.
  • Be an analytical and strategic thinker.
  • Possess good interpersonal, leadership, and people skills.
  • Be highly personable and reasonable.
  • Have a high level of self-regulation and integrity.
  • Possess unwavering communication skills in oral and spoken word.

How to apply for the SAPPI internships

To apply for The SAPPI Internship in South Africa, follow these steps for a successful application process.

Step one: Visit the SAPPI career webpage

The first step to applying for the SAPPI Internship for graduate students is to visit the official page of SAPPI. Follow through the link provided in this post to link directly to the career webpage of the organization to proceed application.

Step two: Check the details of the available internship position

You should be redirected to the official webpage of SAPPI Internship once you click on the link. The internship interface will appear with the available seats for multiple roles in the organization.

Step three: Select an internship position

Out of the different internship positions on the website, you must select the job that best suits your career goals. Also, it must be best suited to your interest and qualification.

Step four: Download the internship application form

Once you select the internship position of interest, you will be directed to download the application form for the internship position. Fill in the form with your basic information. Some of the information you may need to provide is your name, contact address, qualification interest, etc.

Step five: Submit your application form and other essential documents

Once you are through with the application form, upload it on the organization’s official webpage and attach the required documentation to complete your application. Some documents you may need to attach include a resume, cover letter, recommendation letter, etc.

Good luck with your application!

Frequently asked questions

What does SAPPI company do?

The SAPPI is a global and diversified company that provides and produces dissolving pulp, graphic papers, packaging, and specialty paper. Also, it specializes in delivering biochemicals and biomaterials to customers in more than 150 countries.

What is unique about SAPPI?

The SAPPI is a popular provider of materials made from renewable fiber resources. As innovative, diversified, and trusted leaders focusing on sustainable products and processes, they build a more circular economy by making what they should and not what they can.

What products does SAPPI make?

SAPPI specializes in making quality, specialty packaging and graphic papers from materials and pulps to provide an innovative solution to move the world forward. They create products with sustainability in their deeds.

What is the full meaning of SAPPI?

The meaning of SAPPI is South African Pulp and Paper Industries Limited. It was founded in the year 1936 and had its headquarters in Johannesburg. They sell and produce commodity paper products, forest and timber products, and dissolving pulp for Southern Africa and exportations.

What is the background of SAPPI?

In 1973, the South African pulp and paper industries changed to SAPPI Limited. It has experienced wild growth in significant areas and moved on to reorganize its operation in 1977. The organization operates in three subsidiaries: SAPPI Kraft, fine papers, and SAPPI Forest.


Without a doubt, the SAPPI internship is your ideal way to gain hands-on experience in producing products from wood. We have provided all that you need to apply for The SAPPI Internship. Therefore, endeavor to apply as soon as you can.