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Are you looking for a productive way of spending your next summer holiday? If yes, apply for the Samsung summer Internship to gain knowledge in the manufacturing of electronic products.

The Samsung summer internship is available for undergraduate and graduate interns in diverse fields of study and is open for domestic and international Interns across 61 countries.

This article will enlighten you on the overview of the summer internship, including the benefits of the internship, the responsibilities, qualifications, and how to apply for the opportunity. Let’s get started!

About Samsung

Samsung is a multinational South Korean company founded as a grocery store in 1938 by Lee Byung-Chu. However, in 1969, it became a global company for producing and selling electronic products.

The company manufactures the latest technologies and several electronic appliances such as tablets, mobile phones, television, laptop, air conditioner, refrigerators, washers, and other products. It operates in more than 61 countries and has about 60,000 employees worldwide. 

Overview of Samsung summer internship

The Samsung summer internship is available for interns in different fields of study. The organization aims to help young people do the impossible by providing learning opportunities across all departments.

Internship opportunities are available in networks, management, product management, software development, corporate functions, engineering, strategy, etc.

Benefits of the Samsung summer internship

There are many benefits of interning in electronics and technology organizations. However, the following are some benefits of Samsung’s summer internship.

  • Provision of relocation assistance
  • Provision of Samsung gadgets
  • Wellness activities
  • Social events
  • FlexYourFriday
  • Holiday PTO

Roles and responsibilities of Samsung summer interns

The following are some of the duties and functions that you will be tasked with as a Samsung Summer Intern

  • You will assist in market research data, analyzing smart appliances, and quickly assessing gaps and opportunities to help inform Go To Market plans.  
  • Help track and evaluate the competitive landscape of connected appliances and also provide assistance in clarifying and developing Samsung’s differentiated positioning and features.
  • Research, recommend, and understand meaningful use cases.
  • Help to gather smart consumer trends.  
  • Audit competitive websites to determine smart SKU mix and evaluate partnerships, 
  • Make social video content, messaging, and offers to clients.  
  • Research trends on energy policy and standard IRA rebate offer. 
  • Attend in-store visits to gather messaging insights and competitive POP.  
  • Provide team insights on use cases, product capabilities, and competitive landscape to assist in developing SmartThings home strategy.
  • Support sales tool kit and collaborate with members of product marketing, develop presentations, demand generation, and PIT teams to support project initiatives.

Qualifications for the Samsung summer internship

To be qualified for the Samsung Summer Internship, you must possess the following skills and abilities:

  • Have concise and clear oral and written communication skills
  • Be a curious, creative, and clear thinker that can go through data to get to the core of the matter
  • Be resourceful in supporting a newer category like the smart appliances
  • Have the ability to collaborate with the marketing team and cross-category.

Technical Skills Requirements for the Samsung Summer Internship:

  • Proficiency in PowerPoint, excel, social media research/outreach, and search engine.        
  • Interns with a prior experience in connected or technology products will be highly considered.
  • Interns with previous experience working across multiple product teams will be highly regarded.

Other Skills and Qualifications for the Samsung Summer Internship

  • Can apply job skills and also learn the company procedures and policies to complete assigned tasks that are either routine or semi-routinely in nature.
  • Follow the established practices of work.
  • Must be willing to work throughout the summer

How to apply for the Samsung summer internship

The internship position for the Samsung summer internship is open. Therefore, follow the guide below to apply.

Step one: Ensure you satisfy the requirements for the summer internship

Firstly, meeting the eligibility criteria for the Samsung summer internship is essential for your application process. So, check through the requirements as stated in this prose to be sure you meet them before you proceed with your application.

Step two: Prepare your application documents

Once you are sure you qualify for the internship, prepare the documents needed for the position. Some documents you will need for the application are a cover letter, resume, recommendation letter, etc. You may have to submit additional documents for your internship application. So, inquire more about the documents you must submit from the Samsung summer internship support team.

Step three: Complete the application online

Once your documents are ready, you can visit the Samsung official website to apply for the internship position. You can complete your internship application online by following the link in this prose.

It is of note that the deadline for the Samsung summer internship differs depending on the hosting country. Hence, check for the deadline for the summer internship specific to your country of residence to know when you must complete your application.

Step four: Prepare for further application

Once you have completed your internship application, the Samsung summer internship recruiting team may contact you if they would like to proceed with an interview.

You will receive further virtual or physical interview instructions if your application is impressive. So, prepare for the interview section and attend on the specified date. Also, ensure you research the company and how you intend to contribute to the company’s overall development to be a preferred candidate.

Frequently asked questions

What perks do Samsung employees get?

Samsung employees enjoy sufficient benefits and perks, some of which include

  • 401(k) Plan
  • Student Loan Support
  • Paid Time Off
  • Health Savings Account.
  • Paid Child Caregiver Leave

How is Samsung prism an internship?

Samsung PRISM is an acronym for PReparing and Inspiring Student Minds. It is a student program that offers students the opportunity to work on real-world projects, provide hands-on experience in core technology domains and interact with Samsung’s top technical experts.

What questions are asked in the Samsung interview?

Some common questions asked in Samsung Interviews are in the Technical Rounds mentioned below:

  • Explain the term value.
  • What is the operating system?
  • What is a pointer?
  • Is it suggested to compare signed and unsigned numbers in C++?
  • Can you write a Query to find the second-largest salary in a company?
  • What is Join in DBMS?

What should I wear to a Samsung interview?

When attending a Samsung interview, you must display the same level of polish you will do when going to office work. So, consider professional business attire, teeth brushed, hair combed, face washed, etc. In a nutshell, dress neatly and professionally.

Is there a dress code for interns and Samsung?

Samsung’s dress code is business casual. The appropriate casual business clothing for Samsung is a colored shirt and polo, knee-length skirt or dress pants, and close toes shoes. However, depending on the location and position of your internship, jeans may be allowed in some settings. However, the jeans should be dressy and not be open or ripped.


Make the most of your summer by applying for the Samsung summer internship today. There are many benefits, responsibilities, and experiences to gain from this program. Therefore, apply as soon as possible.