Sample Cover Letter For Agric Internship

Sample Cover Letter For Agric Internship

Agriculture is one of the rapidly growing industries on both global and local levels, and an internship is the best way to get started. Here is a sample cover letter for agric internship to help you kickstart your career.

Let’s get rolling!

What is an Agric cover letter?

The application for an agricultural internship requires submitting documents – some of which include a cover letter. An agric cover letter is a detailed document stating why you want a job opportunity in an agricultural establishment and how you can benefit the workplace with your experience and skills.

The cover letter is your chance to describe how you are an ideal person for the job and how you fill in any gaps in your interning organization.

Things to note in your Agric career

Making healthy decisions as you build a career can help your job search and career endeavor. Below are some of the things you must take into a note to get the best out of your application.

#1. Complete your career assessment

Assessing your career will help you learn more about your interests and capabilities. Therefore, it is essential to have a perfect and realistic understanding of your goals and skills before entering the job market.

#2. Stay updated with the latest developments

It is essential to be updated with the latest development in your target field. To do this, you should read professional agricultural journals to help you focus better and tailor your approach to your job.

#3. Do a research

Research prospective employers to obtain insights into the corporate culture. Note the expected and current needs and the level of employee satisfaction. Doing this can help you identify the company that is best fit for you as well as help you tailor your cover letter for the Agric Internship.

#4. Network

Remember the power of networking! Reach out to people willing to help you discover opportunities and make vast connections.

#5. Design a schedule

Design a weekly, monthly, or daily schedule for your search effort. When searching for an internship opportunity, you must be organized and prevent getting overwhelmed by the complexity of applying for different positions.

How to write a cover letter for an agriculture job

Writing an effective cover letter should be one of your goals when applying for an agric Internship. Below are some of the steps to take to draft your cover letter.

#1. Start with your contact information

When writing a cover letter, the first thing to note is to include your contact information. Your contact must be at the top of your document. You may have your full name, phone number, home address, and email address so that you will be quickly contacted if employers want to continue the hiring process with you after reading your application.

#2. Address the employer or recipient by name

Once you include your personal information, you should address your receiver or recruiter directly to ensure your cover letter reaches the right person at the workplace. You may find their name on the company website or through job listings, or by meeting with them. Some other details you may want to put in this section are their job title, the location where they work, and the name of the workplace.

#3. Introduce yourself professionally

As you start your cover letter for the agric internship proper, you must begin with a professional introduction of yourself to inform your recruiter of who you are and why you are applying for the position in their organization. So, give a few sentences of your name and title, including your status or work as a student, and then state clearly the job you’re applying for. In addition, try to show some excitement at finding the opportunity and mention how you learned about the opportunity.

#4. Describe your relevant experience (if any)

In the body of your cover letter, describe your relevant experience in the agricultural industry. For instance, mention experiences whereby you worked with dairy cows and milk production if you’re applying for a position on a dairy farm. Also, explain the farming activities and the facilities you have operated. 

#5. Give a summary of your working value

Once you have stated your experience in agriculture, you can summarize how your experience, skills, and knowledge can benefit your employer. You may think of what makes you a valuable employee, including the impressive job you have completed and any special skills that you have.

#6. Close your letter cordially

As you take your cover letter to the conclusion, you may reiterate essential details you have previously discussed in your letter and also repeat the position for which you are applying. Also, ensure you repeatedly show enthusiasm for the job and thank the recipient. Remember to input the closing remarks, such as sincerely, and sign your name.

Agriculture cover letter example

Here’s an example of a completed agriculture cover letter to deepen your understanding and guide you through the process of writing your own:

Beverley Miles

Sweetland, Ohio


[email protected]

April 2, 2023


Stevens Stewards

Farm manager, Bimmp’s Farm

Sweetland, Ohio

Dear Stevens Stewards,

My name is Beverley Miles, and I am writing today with deep excitement about finding your flyer for an internship opening as a farmhand at Bimmp’s Farm. Throughout my coursework and volunteer opportunities, I have developed a strong confidence in different farming activities, so I am a profitable asset to your team of highly effective people.

In my three years at Adrian College, I completed coursework on different agricultural practices, including tending crop plants, taking care of farm animals, ensuring the safe disposal of farm waste products, etc. I helped in birthing some farm animals and assisted in looking out for sick animals.

Working on different farms has taught me that care and quality are as important as the quantity of farm produce. So, I put a lot of effort into my work and fully comprehend how to care for crop plants and farm animals to ensure customers get the best.

Overall, my dedication to farming, knowledge of farm animal tending, understanding of farming techniques, and ability to work well with other interns and staff make me an excellent choice for a position as a farmhand with Bimmp’s farm. I appreciate your time reading my application, and I look forward to hearing from you.


Beverley Miles


Frequently asked questions

Do cover letters matter for internships?

Yes, they do. Cover letters are not just for telling your employees why they should be hired. But also, they allow you to share what you believe will be the experience you will obtain from the internship opportunity. 

How long should a cover letter be for an internship?

A cover letter for an internship in Agric should be at most 400 words. To be more precise, a cover letter should be between 200 and 400 words. However, you may shorten it if you lack experience, resulting in fewer things in your cover letter.

What makes a great cover letter?

To make a cover letter stand out from other applications, you must provide an outstanding opening, input relevant qualifications and skills, and also input a strong finish with a call to action.

What comes first in a cover letter?

The first thing in a cover letter is your contact information. It should be on the left margin, towards the top of the paper, and in block styles. Also, include the date as you do for other business letters.

Why should you be hired for this internship?

Some of the simple and practical points about your personality may include trainability and hard-working. You may input your previous work project, research, and experiences that you find are most helpful for the internship to demonstrate why you should be hired for the position. Also, you may share your achievement, accomplishment, or any awards obtained.


With a sample cover letter for agric internship provided in this prose, you can start applying for the internship opportunity to help take your career to the next level. Apply today!

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