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Are you a student looking forward to gaining hands-on experience in an outstanding European bank? If yes, the Royal Bank of Scotland internship is your best kick.

In this article, we will provide you with quality information about the Royal Bank of Scotland internship, including the benefit of being an intern in the organization, the eligibility criteria for the position, and ultimately how to apply for an internship position.

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About Royal Bank of Scotland

The Royal Bank of Scotland is a financial services company in the United Kingdom and one of the largest banks in Europe. The bank has approximately 700 branches all over Europe. It is mainly in Scotland and other large towns and cities throughout Wales and England. However, its headquarters is in Edinburg, Scot.

The bank is a leading provider of corporate commercial and private banking services in the United Kingdom. It conducts business through several entities, such as the Ulster Bank in Ireland and the Citizens Financial Group in the northeastern United States.

Overview of the Royal Bank of Scotland Internship

The Royal Bank of Scotland offers fantastic internship opportunities for highly motivated individuals interested in knowing and understanding the organization’s activities and mission.

This internship is a great way to enhance your curriculum vitae with practical work experience to boost your likelihood of employment by future employers. The internship will allow you to bring new perspectives, innovative ideas, and research experience to the bank. Also, you can improve your skills in a diverse environment.

Benefits of the Royal Bank of Scotland Internship

The following are fantastic benefits to interns at the Royal Bank of Scotland. 

Work experience

  • As an intern at the Royal Bank of Scotland, you will be offered the opportunity to work in a multinational and diverse environment. You will get to understand the dealings of an international organization and boost your CV with the experience you obtain.

Learning opportunity

  • The internship provides an excellent opportunity to learn in one of the highest financial companies in Europe. You will meet diverse people, get mentored by professionals, collaborate with teams, and enjoy working in a positive environment.


  • As an intern, you will meet other interns and bank employees. You will build relationships and a solid network of friends that can be valuable to your career in the long run.


  • You will be offered a salary during your stay in the organization. Also, you will be provided impeccable benefits that bank employees enjoy.

Eligibility Criteria for the Royal Bank of Scotland Internship

You must meet the following essential eligibility criteria to be selected as an intern at the Royal Bank of Scotland. 

  • Must be enrolled in either business, finance, economics, or a related field.
  • Must have a very impressive academic outlook at the college or university.
  • Be available physically throughout the internship duration.
  • Provide essential documents, including a resume, a one-page cover letter, an official transcript, recommendation letters, etc.

Skills Requirements for the Royal Bank of Scotland Internship

The following list is the essential skills and competencies you must possess to apply for the Royal Bank Of Scotland Internship:

  • Communicative and group work skills.
  • Good computing and language skills.
  • Knowledge of the institution’s performance.
  • Ability to keep note of the organization’s goals and projects.
  • Knowledge of the financial sector relevant to the organization and emerging markets experience.
  • Strong analytical and negotiation skills.
  • Client relationship and business development skills.
  • Enthusiasm for working in multicultural teams and across borders.
  • Commitment to sustainable sector development.

How to apply for the Royal Bank of Scotland Internship Program?

The following is a guide to assist you in applying for the Royal Bank of Scotland Internship. 

Step one: Initial registration

First, you must register with your email address online to have an account. Endeavor to spell your email address correctly since it will be your virtual communication channel with the organization regarding your application.

Step two: Search for internship openings

Once you have completed the initial registration, you can search for internship positions in the organization and select the role that best suits your interest and field of study.

Step three: Fill out the application form

Fill out the Royal Bank of Scotland internship application form in a single session. Include your phone number and other relevant information. Note that you must not enter special characters in any of the application fields.

Step four: Submit application documents

Include all the required documents and answer all questions correctly before you submit. Ensure all your documents are in PDF format; pdf is the best file to upload.

Step five: Complete your application

You will receive a confirmation email with your application number upon submitting your internship application. Cross-check a couple of times before proceeding to submit. Note that you cannot make further updates or changes once you submit.

Step six: Attend the interview

After carefully reviewing all applications, the recruiting team at the Royal Bank Of Scotland will contact selected applicants for an internship interview. 

The interview often has three rounds. The first round of the interview is an online test of 522 questions. Candidates will be asked to solve it within 1 hour 30 minutes. The question often entails 20 from OOPS, OS, DBMS, and DS Algo; 10 on quantitative ability; 10 questions on logical aptitude; and 10 on verbal. 

In the second round of the internship, the shortlisted candidates will be given questions on a white sheet to be completed within 20 minutes. While in the third and last round, the shortlisted candidate will be called for personal interviews. In this phase, candidates will be asked to introduce themselves and answer subsequent questions. If you scale through all the interviews above phases, you will be officially appointed as an intern in the organization.

 Frequently asked questions

Does the Royal Bank of Scotland still exist?

Yes, the Royal Bank of Scotland does exist. It has about 700 branches, mainly in Scotland and others in larger towns and cities throughout Wales and England. The bank differs from the Bank of Scotland or Edinburgh-based bank, which precedes the Royal Bank by 32 years.

Can I open an account in the Royal Bank of Scotland?

To open an account at the Royal Bank of Scotland, you must provide your full name, contact details, and home address. In addition, you must provide your nationality and information on your tax residency status, that is, which country you pay your tax. If you’re looking for an overdraft, you’ll be asked to provide your monthly take-home pay and finances.

Are NatWest and RBS the same bank?

The Royal Bank of Scotland acquired the National Westminster Bank in 2000 and its other subsidiaries: Isle of Man Bank, Ulster Bank, Coutts & Co., and Lombard North Central.

How can I deposit cash into my RBS account?

To deposit cash in your Royal Bank of Scotland account, you must be a customer; then, you can deposit some money using your debit card and pin or with a barcoded paying-in slip. In addition, you can exchange some money for coins through post office change-giving services (note, you must register for this service).

How long does it take to open an RBS account online?

As a new customer of the Royal Bank of Scotland, if you applied for an instant savings account or a current account online, or if it is probably your first account with the bank, it may take up to 10 days to prepare your account, depending on the information and documents you provide.


The Royal Bank of Scotland internship is your best way of gaining hands-on experience in one of the well-to-do financial institutions in Europe. With the information in this prose, you can gain hands-on experience and networking within and without the organization—best of luck.