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Are you considering exploring a career in consulting this summer? The Roland Berger Summer Internship is an excellent opportunity for students to get practical experience in the professional world. This internship program offers an exciting and immersive learning experience, allowing interns to make a real impact on projects. 

This highly competitive program is an ideal opportunity for students seeking to develop their skills and gain knowledge about consulting services. Participants can build their skills, explore new business ideas and benefit from valuable mentorship opportunities. In addition, the internship offers insight into management consulting, providing participants with a robust foundation that can help shape the trajectory of their future careers.

Now, let us take you through the benefits, eligibility requirements, and tips to help you succeed during the application process. 

About Roland Berger Consulting Firm

Roland Berger is an international management consulting firm founded in Munich, Germany, in 1967. Roland Berger is known for its consultancy expertise in various industries, such as automotive, aerospace, and consumer goods. The firm has expanded its services and has offices in over 40 countries worldwide.

The firm provides a range of consulting services to help organizations create value by providing strategic advice on organizational development, corporate finance, and restructuring, to name a few. Roland Berger offers clients the best solutions tailor-made to their specific needs. 

Overview of Roland Berger Summer Internship

Roland Berger is a leading global consulting firm that offers a highly competitive summer internship program for undergraduate students. The program allows interns to work alongside experienced professionals on real-world projects in various industries and functional areas. 

The Roland Berger summer internship program typically lasts 8-12 weeks, during which interns are assigned to specific projects based on their skills, interests, and career goals. Interns receive mentoring from senior consultants who provide guidance and feedback throughout the project life-cycle. They also participate in training sessions and workshops to develop their consulting skills. Interns at Roland Berger can work on diverse projects ranging from strategy development to operational improvement across sectors such as healthcare, energy & utilities, and technology, among others.

Benefits of Roland Berger Summer Internship

Students who participate in the Roland Berger summer internship program will get the following benefits. They include:

  • Gain real-world experience

Firstly, the Roland Berger summer internship allows interns to work alongside experienced consultants who are experts in their respective fields. This provides interns invaluable learning opportunities to see how top consulting firms operate. Additionally, interns get exposure to different industries, such as Automotive, Energy, and Healthcare, among others.

  • Networking

Secondly, the Roland Berger summer internship provides interns access to its vast network of professionals globally. This network opens doors for bright young minds, enhancing their chances of landing jobs during or after their internship program ends.

  • Opportunities for growth and advancement

In addition to international exposure, Roland Berger’s summer internship offers opportunities for personal growth and development. The firm provides numerous training opportunities to enhance interns’ skill sets in various areas, such as market research, strategy formulation, and more. Hence, interns can acquire vast knowledge and skills to benefit their future pursuits.

  • Financial benefits

An exciting benefit of interning for Roland Berger is that interns are paid $25 per hour. This salary covers living expenses and allows interns to explore various aspects of their careers within the company.

  • Long-term career prospect

Interns at Roland Berger will likely get permanent roles after their program completion. Therefore, this means interns can start achieving their career goals before graduating.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for an internship at Roland Berger Consulting firm, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. Applicants must be enrolled as a full-time undergraduate student at a registered university.
  2. Possess outstanding academic success and a strong commitment to learning.
  3. Be ready to develop an innovative solution for any client situation.
  4. Applicants must possess critical and logical reasoning skills.
  5. Applicants must be able to collaborate with team members and process excellent communication skills.
  6. Undergraduate students must be officially eligible to work in the internship location without any support from the government.
  7. Aspiring interns must be willing to take on new challenges with a positive attitude.

How to apply for Roland Berger Summer Internship

Applicants should follow these simple steps to apply for an Internship position at Roland Berger.

Step one: Research the Internship

The first step in applying for a summer internship position at Roland Berger is thoroughly researching the program. You should visit Roland Berger Consulting’s website to learn about the company’s culture, values, and the types of services they offer. Reading about the internship program’s requirements, expectations, and benefits would be best to ensure it aligns with your goals and interests.

Step two: Prepare Your Resume and Cover Letter

Once you have researched the internship program and determined it is a good fit for you, the next step is to prepare your resume and cover letter. Your resume should highlight your relevant education, work experience, and skills and be tailored to the consulting industry.

Furthermore, your cover letter should explain your interest in the Roland Berger summer internship. Read our guide about highlighting your Internship experience on your resume.

Step three: Submit Your Application

After preparing your resume and cover letter, the next step is to submit your application. You can apply for the internship program online by visiting the company’s website and following the application instructions. Check your application for any errors or mistakes before submitting it.

Step four: Participate in the Interview Process

Once your application is approved, you will be invited to participate in the interview process. The interview process involves multiple interviews with different Roland Berger Consulting team members. 

Therefore, prepare for the interviews and research thoughtful questions to ask during the interview sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Roland Berger pay interns?

Roland Berger pays its interns competitively. The average salary for Roland Berger summer interns is $25 hourly. However, this amount can vary based on experience and location, with some interns making as much as $32.00 per hour.

What roles are open to interns at Roland Berger Consulting Firm?

Students can apply for various roles at Roland Berger. These include Business Development associates, office administrative managers, analytics solution managers, and executive assistants.

Does Roland Berger have an application deadline?

Roland Berger does have application deadlines. The deadlines vary depending on the role you are applying for and the location of the position. You will find the application deadline for each position on the official website of the organization.

Is Roland Berger’s summer internship open to international students?

The company has numerous internships in the United States. To be eligible for an internship, you must have a valid work permit or visa for your internship program.

What skills do applicants need to qualify for Roland Berger Summer Internship?

As a prospective intern, you must have considerable skills to qualify for the Roland Berger Consulting Firm internship position. Such skills include communication, logical reasoning, and teamwork skills.


Roland Berger Summer Internship is a great opportunity for students looking to broaden their network in a consulting firm. The internship program also equips students with essential tools such as problem-solving, communication, and team-building skills. Hence, if you are looking for an internship that will set you on a path toward a successful career in consulting, then the Roland Berger Summer Internship is worth considering.