Resume For Internship For College Students

Resume For Internship For College Students

As a college student, an internship cannot be overemphasized in your career and academic pursuit. It will allow you to apply what you have learned in college to practical settings and make you view your field of study in a brighter light.

This article will allow us to walk you through the steps you can take to write a resume for an internship for college students.

What is an internship resume for college students?

An internship resume for college students focuses mainly on the education, skills, and other strengths a college student has to apply for an internship position.

It may be tricky for college students to develop a professional resume since they may not have extensive work experience. However, a college internship resume must focus on other points and strengths to make you unique and employable to recruiters.

Some of the area of strength you may want to include is your educational qualification, achievements, extracurricular activities, volunteering experience, or any area of your life that you think might have shown exceptional skill and creative thinking.

How to write a resume for an internship for a college student

As a college student looking forward to making waves in an organization, please follow the steps below to write an impressive resume that will help you showcase your unique skills and bring you to your opportunity.

Step one: Make consultations

The first thing to do before drafting your resume for an internship as a college student is to consult your professors, family, friends, or anyone that you think might help you build a plan. When meeting with them, ask them for advice on what to include in your resume. They will likely have a good idea of your skills and strengths and how you can accurately frame your unique career goals and qualifications.

Step two: Write an impressive objective

You must draft an objective statement that considers your employer’s needs. To do this, you must read through a few internship descriptions from the company you would like to work for and take note of similar denominators. 

Note that your objective statement aims to summarize your value in a memorable and clear term so that your recruiter will quickly understand what you have to offer. Consider adopting your objective statement for each application you send for a better impact. This will help you customize your resume and help you pay attention to details, especially in internships where you don’t have the opportunity to send a cover letter.

Step three: Begin with your most vital asset

When structuring your resume for an internship for college students, you must start with your best qualifications. Your educational background is what sets you apart as a student. You may also have some volunteering experience and achievements that you may add to start your resume on a good note.

Step four: Include whatever work experience you have

A resume for a college student internship may likely include something other than work experience. However, you can include any previous experience that is directly or not directly related to what you’re applying for.

Whether you have a background working as a part-time worker at a fast food restaurant, you may add it to demonstrate that you have a good work ethic and the ability to function well as a team member.

Step five: Add an achievement section

If you cannot add the section for work experience, consider including an achievement section. The achievement section for college student resumes for internship applications may consist of details of the award you may have gotten on the project you worked on in the past.

Also, you may include clubs and extracurricular activities you have engaged in. However, you must frame them in terms of achievement. For instance, if you work in your institution’s newspaper, you may estimate the articles you have written, mentioning specific articles where you felt you used creative problem-solving skills and overcame unique challenges to get the story done.

Step six: Keep it simple

Making your resume very full might make you add junk and irrelevant information. As a college student, your employer does not expect you to have much experience. Therefore, please keep it to one page and make it simple.

Also, your resume format should be clean, especially if you submit it online. This is because most online systems will run applications through the applicant tracking system, which automatically screens out resumes. So, your resume may only be noticed if you meet the minimum criteria. Also, complicated formatting may confuse the system and cause your resume to be screened out even if you met the requirements.

FAQ for Resume For Internship For College Students

Is a photo required on the CV?

No, you don’t need a photo on your curriculum vitae. It is better to avoid details revealing too much of your data and information.

How do you write a resume for freshers?

Freshers must use the proper internship format. Also, make it look good and describe your education and academics.

Is A CV the same as a resume?

No, a CV may not be the same as a resume, as it includes the history of your academic qualifications. However, a resume represents a brief picture of your qualifications and skills for a position.

What should be the overview of the internship CV?

An internship CV must be tailored to the company and position you are applying for. The CV should explain who you are and what you can offer as an intern. Also, it must include relevant skills that you obtain through work experience and academic studies.

Do you need to draft a good resume for an internship?

Draft a good resume for your internship application. This is because it will show your recruiter that you have the professional capability to excel in the company’s team.


Undoubtedly, drafting a perfect resume for an internship is essential for college students to apply for an internship. We have all you need to know to write the best resume you can think of. Therefore, start making your applications now.

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