Resume for Finance Internship

Resume for Finance Internship: How to write!

Are you looking forward to writing an outstanding resume for a finance internship? If yes, you’re definitely in the right place.

Here we have the information on the skills you will need to include in your resume and how to write an outstanding resume for a finance internship in any organization. Follow us on this!

What is a Resume for Finance Internship

A resume for a finance internship is a document written by a finance student who wants to apply for an internship position in a given organization. The document highlights an applicant’s skills, academic qualifications, and background.

Most resumes for internships do not strictly focus on work experience – as interns are merely college or university students, or recent graduates, with little to no work experience. However, volunteering activities or other petty work can suffice.

What skills are to be included in a resume for finance internships?

To give your resume the best chance, you must include some skills that will make your application stand out. Some of these include:

  • General ledger skills
  • Computer skills
  • Accounting skills
  • Accounting techniques
  • Calculations
  • Budgeting skills
  • Cash flow management
  • Tax planning
  • Interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to communicate
  • Aptitude for financial reporting
  • Analytical know-how
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Technology expertise
  • Management experience

How to write a Resume for a finance internship

A resume is one of the essential documents you must submit for a finance internship application. Your internship application’s success depends on how well you can format and prepare your application documents. We have a stepwise guide below for you to draft a very orderly and effective resume.

#1. Analyze the job posting

A job posting is a document highlighting the skills, qualifications, and experience employers require for a job position. It also includes the duties and responsibilities of the work.

It is often wise to start your application having a company in mind. So, research a company you would like to intern with, understand its goals, ethics, and mission, and tailor your resume accordingly. The employer’s job description will also help you adjust your resume according to the skills and qualifications you may highlight for the finance internship role.

#2. Be mindful of keywords

Recruitment managers usually use ATS (online application tracking system) to identify qualified candidates. They use this system to analyze and filter many internship resumes based on their specific keywords. Some keywords you can include on your resume for the finance internship are financial analysis, assets, management, insurance, licenses, corporate finance, budgeting, and business to prevent your resume from being screened by the ATS.

#3. Include your contact information   

The contact information you provide will give the recruitment manager a means of contacting you in case of a callback or inquiry. So, take note that the details are correct and up-to-date. You can also write them in large and bold formats to ensure they are visible enough for readers.

#4. Include a personal statement

A personal statement must be included in your resume for a finance internship as it summarizes and highlights your career and training. You may include what you aim to achieve during your internship and how you plan to implement the skills and knowledge you have learned to the program’s success.

Recruiters may want to read your personal statement before proceeding to other resume sections. Therefore, keep it short and simple and make it as informative as possible.

#5. Add your academic experience

In the academic section of your resume, you must explain your educational background, as it will help you demonstrate that you have the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in the industry. It is often wiser to begin your internship when you are about to complete your undergraduate degree or shortly after graduation. 

You may include your certifications, diplomas, significant awards, and degree relevant to finance. Also, you may have the name of the institution attended, modules and course titles, and the dates of attendance. In addition, you must write your certificate of academic achievement and the title of your dissertation – especially if they are related to the finance field.

#6. Include work experience (if any)

As a recent graduate or student looking forward to an internship opportunity in finance, the recruiting manager will expect that you have something other than relevant experience in the finance field. So, you can include your volunteering activities, part-time jobs, or summer jobs that you experience in school. This will show your employer that you have what it takes to succeed in a professional environment.

#7. Highlight other skills and qualities

In addition, add your unique skills and qualities to reveal to your prospective employer that you will likely benefit the company. The skills you highlight can be both hard and soft skills. Examples of hard skills are those related to technical training in school. However, soft skills can help you with daily interaction with colleagues and improve your overall job performance. Some examples of relevant skills for a finance internship resume include:

  • Numeracy skills and mathematical knowledge
  • Basic knowledge of accounting
  • Verbal and written communication skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Analytical skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Computer and technological skills

#8. Proofread and format your resume accordingly

Once you finish writing your finance internship resume, you must review it for grammatical or spelling errors. Formatting your resume will make it appealing to the recruiting manager. So use a good font size to improve the reliability of your resume. Also, use break spaces between sections of your resume to make it easier to read.

Many applications and software online can ease your work and improve the quality of your resume. So utilize such!

Frequently asked questions

What skills should I put on my resume for internship finance?

Some of the skills you can put on your resume for an internship in finance are interested in learning new things, financial expertise, attention to detail, teamwork, computer comprehension, and effective communication.

What is the best resume objective for a finance internship?

One point you must emphasize in your resume for a finance internship is your ability to combine practical, analytical, and innovative thinking to create value in the community. Also, you must join a dedicated team for communication and quality.

What is required from a finance intern?

The responsibilities and roles of a finance intern are to comprehend, gather, verify, process, and report account-related information. Also, they must complete analytical, professional, and managerial support work tasks. In addition, they may have to assist with creating weekly or monthly finance reports.

What are the duties of a finance intern?

A finance intern’s duties are to work, help, implement, and develop practices and policies for financial payroll, management, accounting, budget control, etc.

What is the finance job description?

The finance job description is to oversee the financial transaction of an organization or a company. Also, a finance officer may monitor transactions, develop budgets, and prepare financial reports.


With the information in this article, you can start drafting your resume for a finance internship immediately. So, grab your pen and begin your journey into a promising future.

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