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How to Write a Research Internship Cover Letter

As you hope to gain new intern experience, you should also learn how to write an engaging research internship cover letter.

This article will give you insights on writing a unique one to enable you to stand out from other candidates.

Let’s get down to business.

What are Research Internships?

Research internship programs are career advancement opportunities typically for finalist students and persons who recently graduated from a recognized university. They often require students to conduct research under the supervision of a company’s more experienced employee.

Research interns can work in a research organization, a college laboratory, or with the R&D department within an establishment.

Typical responsibilities of research interns include attending lectures, symposiums, and lab meetings.

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Reasons to Apply for a Research Intern Job

When you apply for a research internship program and eventually get consideration, here are the benefits you stand to gain.

  • You’ll be opportune to work closely with a professor, supervisor, and other professionals.
  • A research internship will enable you to gain work experience, essential for a head start in your chosen career path.
  • Participating in a research internship program will help you improve your research and data analysis skills.
  • You may receive an hourly or monthly salary, depending on where you are interning.
  • It will allow you to understand the industry better and build a professional network.
  • This program also lets you have the chance to conduct research on your own.
  • Being part of this internship program unlocks doors for more employment opportunities. It also makes it easy to get recommendations.

Furthermore, you may receive financial or non-financial assistance when you want to publish your research papers.

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Parts of a Research Internship Cover Letter

A cover letter for a research intern job must have the following features.

Contact information

  • You should not only add your contact information when writing a research internship cover letter, but also the recipient’s name, company or institution name, and address.


  • After providing your contact information and that of the hiring manager, the next thing to include in your research internship cover letter is a proper salutation, such as Dr. (Last Name).

Opening line

  • This part captures the hiring manager’s attention, encouraging him to proceed with the read. Make sure it expresses your passion for the research intern position.

Cover letter body

  • At this time, you’ll have to explain everything that qualifies you for the intern job. Of course, it must prove to the hiring manager that you are a perfect candidate for its research intern opening.

It’s okay to talk about your expectations from participating in the research internship and specific research projects you seek an opportunity for involvement.

Closing line

  • Your closing line must feature a call to action, giving a hint to the hiring manager on their next line of action after reading your cover letter.

Afterward, you can add a complimentary close, like “Sincerely.”

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  • If you prefer to send your cover letter in hard copy, we recommend adding a handwritten signature to make it look more official.

You can type your name in the space suppose you prefer to submit yours via any electronic means, such as email.

Sample of a Research Internship Cover Letter

See below for an illustration of what a good cover letter for a research intern job should look like.

“(Your First Name and Last Name)

(Home address)

(Phone number)

(Email address)


DD/MM/YYYY (date you wish to send the letter or email)


(The company’s hiring manager’s name, including the person’s title)

The company’s name

Company’s address (physical location)


Dear Mr. (The hiring manager’s last name),

I am a graduate student with a bachelor’s degree in social and behavioral sciences. This email or letter is in response to your call for research interns to join your team. My previous experience in social and behavioral sciences has helped me to improve my research, methodology, and data analysis skills.

With good confidence, I’m sure I possess the necessary skills to contribute to your research team and your current research project. 

During my undergraduate studies and initial internship, I gained exposure to social and behavioral sciences. My studies and research experience in these fields have given me a solid background, making me fit to carry out my roles as a social and behavioral sciences intern.

As an ambitious student, I am very proud of these accomplishments, with the hopes of providing the same value for your company if able to join your research team.

Thank you for giving me this great chance. I’m looking forward to hearing from you, where I will have the opportunity to elaborate on why my experience and qualifications make me an ideal candidate for this research intern job.

I have attached my transcripts and resume to this email.



(Your First Name and Last Name)”.

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Tips for Writing an Impressive Research Internship Cover Letter

Here are several things to be mindful of while writing a cover letter for a research intern job.

  • Ensure your cover letter is a one-page document. Besides, it should be between 200 to 300 words.
  • Use single spacing throughout your cover letter.
  • Include adequate paragraphs and apply them appropriately.
  • Rather than electronic means, use a pen to write your signature.

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  • Be careful not to use an inappropriate or wrong salutation. You should also be sure you don’t address a doctorate holder as Mr., Ms., or Mrs.
  • Your header should have the same font type and size as the cover letter’s body.
  • Your cover letter’s opening line must be engaging to the hiring manager.
  • Put a call to action in your closing line.
  • Remember to add your contact information under your name.
  • Carefully check through your cover letter before sending it.

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FAQs about Writing a Research Internship Cover Letter

What makes you a good research intern?

A good research intern must be a problem solver, willing to contribute to projects and learn while carrying out assigned tasks.

How many pages should my research internship cover letter be?

A cover letter for a research intern job should have at most one page, with single spacing. If it has multiple pages, it will be discouraging to read, to say nothing of making good impacts.

What are the soft skills required for research internships?

The most common soft skills essential for research interns include attention to detail, analytical, and communication skills.

Is it hard to write a research internship cover letter?

Yes, writing a cover letter for a research intern job is usually a challenging process, even though it needs to be concise on a single page.

Why should I participate in a research internship?

Working as a research intern will enable you to expand your knowledge about your chosen career path, acquire relevant work experience, and learn new skills.


With this blog post as your guide, you’ll find it easy to craft a captivating research internship cover letter. Undoubtedly, the letter could be why a company or professor may consider you for a research intern role.

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