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Top 10 Remote Internships

Would you like to intern from anywhere in the world? Then, remote internships are your best bet. Their benefits, requirements, and application procedures are the same as on-site internships. The only notable difference between them is that you are not physically present at an office.

This article contains some of the world’s best remote internship programs for students and recent graduates across all fields. Let’s start exploring them one after the other!

1. Google Remote Internship

Google offers remote internships in diverse areas, including technology, engineering, and business. You can find these opportunities on the Google Careers website, allowing you to build your career and join any team at Google.

Google Remote Internships vary in duration, lasting between 12 to 14 weeks. Their start and end dates vary depending on the intern’s role.

These programs are as follows:

  • Business Internships
  • STEP Internship
  • Software Engineering Internship
  • Legal Internship
  • Associate Product Manager Internship
  • BOLD Internship
  • MBA Internships
  • Hardware Engineering Internship
  • Korean Veteran Business Internship

2. Disney Remote Internships

Disney Internship program is also one of the best remote internships, giving you an opportunity to collaborate closely with industry leaders in your field of study. It is financially rewarding, just like their on-site internships.

You can participate in a Disney internship to join any of their diverse teams: Technology, Architecture & Design, Finance & Accounting, Marketing & Digital Media, Production, Communications, Legal & Business Affairs, Social Responsibility, Operations, Data Science & Analytics, or Creative team.

You must be at least 18 years old to intern with the Walt Disney Company remotely.

3. DreamWorks Remote Internships

You can intern with DreamWorks remotely, whether you are a student or graduate. However, you must have graduated within the previous six months to qualify for this opportunity. DreamWorks Internships gives you the chance to work side-by-side with storytellers and artists in TV and feature animation.

They are held in spring, summer, and fall each year and last for ten weeks. Their summer internship program is preferred, which starts around mid-June and ends in mid-August.

4. Intel Remote Internship

Many fully remote internship opportunities are available at Intel Corporation. They offer competitive pay to interns, even though you have to work from your home. However, the Intel Remote Internship program may sometimes require you to visit the office based on invitations.

A remote internship at Intel Corporation lasts for 12 weeks to one year and can lead to full-time employment.

You can participate in the following internship programs remotely at Intel:

  • Software Internships
  • Hardware Internships
  • Sales and Marketing Internships
  • Business Internships
  • Manufacturing Internships
  • AI Internships

5. Microsoft Virtual Internship

You can also apply for remote internships at Microsoft Corporation, irrespective of your age, nationality, ethnic group, or race. Microsoft is an equal-opportunity employer and will not consider any of your personal attributes, including your geographical location while reviewing your internship application.

While participating in their virtual internship programs, you will be assigned actual projects to work on, which will help you to build relevant work experience.

6. Amazon Remote Internships

A variety of remote intern jobs are open to rising students and graduates with a university degree at Amazon. It enables you to start your career before you graduate.

Participating in an AWS internship program allows you to gain experience to qualify for future jobs. You must be pursuing a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or PhD to apply for their remote internship.

You must complete the Student Programs Job Opportunities Interest Form to get started.

7. Cisco Remote Internships

You can intern remotely with Cisco during fall semester. Their internships vary in duration, ranging from 12 to 16 weeks between September and December.

Cisco Remote Internship programs involve students and recent graduates in cross-functional small starter projects. They place them directly in a subteam and offer a competitive salary and a customized laptop. Cisco also pays for their desk setups and provides them with medical, dental, and vision coverage plans.

8. Capital One Internship

Remote internships at Capital One last for ten weeks, preparing you for what is ahead of your career. It is an opportunity to do real work and undertake challenging projects while you are paid.

Capital One assigns interns to a collaborative team and mentor to facilitate their career growth.

Here’s a list of Capital One’s internship programs:

  • Human Resources Internship Program (HRIP)
  • Strategy Internship program
  • Analytics Internship Program (AIP)
  • Technology Internship Program (TIP)
  • Finance Internship Program (FIP)
  • Management Internship Program (MIP)
  • Cyber Security Internship Program (CSIP)
  • Product Development Internship Program (PDIP)
  • Design Internship Program (DIP)
  • Commercial Banking Internship Program (CIP)

9. General Motors Remote Internships

<p>GM internship programs last for 10 to 12 weeks, giving you a chance to gain professional development. Their internship will enable you to acquire relevant work experience and build a network with industry leaders at General Motors.

10. Intuit Remote Internships

Intuit is one of the Best Companies for Employment and has been known for such many years. You may qualify to apply for their remote internship program if you’re currently studying at an accredited university.

Their internship program covers several areas, including sales, marketing, product development/software engineering, product management, HR, data science, customer service & support, user experience & design, and accounting & finance.


I would recommend remote internships for several reasons. These include the fact that you won’t need work authorization or have to go through the stress of reaching the office on all workdays. You can also consider applying for a remote intern job because they save costs on transportation and relocation.

So, you may seize this opportunity to gain career and financial benefits in the comfort of your home. Thanks for reading!

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