Recommendation Letter Sample For Internship

Recommendation Letter Sample For Internship

Drafting a recommendation letter can sometimes be daunting, as all care needs to be taken to ensure the success of a student internship application. So, in this prose, we have all the necessary information about drafting a good recommendation letter, including a recommendation letter sample for an internship to make your work easier.

What is an internship recommendation letter?

A recommendation letter for an internship application is a character reference usually written by a past employer or teacher and submitted to an organization or company to help applicants get an internship position. It is an informal document that applicants or prospective internship candidates can include in their application materials.

As a professor or past employer, your former student or employee may request a recommendation letter from you to recommend them for a position of interest in an organization for an internship position. This recommendation letter can go a long way in their application, as it will help to give an excellent impression to potential employers concerning the candidates.

Why is an internship recommendation letter important?

An internship recommendation letter is critical for many reasons. Some of which include: 

It may be a requirement.

  • A recommendation letter may be a requirement for an internship application. Some institutions may require a recommendation letter before permitting students to take a class. And a well-written letter of recommendation can show teachers that the student has an excellent ability to network with other students and have the required knowledge or skill.

Summarizes skills

  • A recommendation letter is essential as it summarizes skills in distinctive forms. This is because it contains a summary of skills from the perspective of someone who has watched the applicant improve. Employers may use cover letters, resumes, and interviews to screen a prospective intern, but a recommendation letter will provide the information needed from an informed perspective.

It helps employers make informed decisions.

  • A recommendation letter for an internship will give relevant information about every sense of a candidate. The letter can contain personal anecdotes about the candidate’s observation or work scenarios unique to the recommender alone.

Requesting a Recommendation Letter

If you are a student or intern looking forward to requesting a recommendation letter from a referee, follow the tips below.

Choose your recommender wisely.

With all indications, it is important to wisely select your reference or recommender, as the fate of your internship application depends on it. So, reach out to someone who knows you well and has a positive outlook on your character to write a recommendation for you.

Ask politely

It is important to note that writing a recommendation letter can be stressful and time-consuming, as it takes effort. Therefore, make your request for your reference politely. Also, plan to give your referee enough time to prepare the letter. A few weeks can do.

Give background information

Providing your referees or recommender with enough information about the internship you are preparing for is time-saving. So, make their task more accessible by giving them an overview of the training you want to apply for. Also, share a copy of your resume to guide them in the letter.

Writing a good recommendation letter

A good recommendation letter often involves different segments, such as what to include, who to select, and how to write.

What to include

For a recommendation letter to be highly referenced and accepted, it must paint the applicant positively in the eyes of the recruiter. The letter should aim to make you successful in the targeted internship position. Therefore, your chosen referee should describe how they know you by briefly describing your personality and best relevant qualities. Also, it must provide specific examples that illustrate your positive character and values.

Who to Select?

The ideal person you would select to write your recommendation letter must be a former employer or professor who can comment on your personality, work ethic, and character. Note that it is much better to choose someone who knows you personally than someone with only a particular title attached to their name.

How to write

As a referee, knowing how to successfully and carefully write a recommendation letter for an intern is essential. The letter must have three primary sections: the introduction, the body paragraph, and the conclusion.

In the introduction part of the recommendation letter, briefly explain your relationship with the intern. After which, you provide a brief overview of the applicants and explain why you think they will be successful interns at the desired position in the organization.

In the body paragraph of a recommendation letter, you must develop your case by picking specific instances that perfectly illustrate your claims about the applicant and their relevance to the target position. For example, if you are a workplace supervisor, you may include cases of honesty, diligence, and hard work. On the other hand, if you taught the applicants in a college class or high school, you may include points such as classroom leadership skills, academic achievement, or other related qualities.

In the conclusion of the recommendation letter, you may give it a snappy ending with two or one sentence. Ensure to stay positive to offer follow-up if necessary.

Sample Recommendation Letter for Internship

Below is a quick sample for an internship recommendation letter.

Dear Mr. Steve,

I enthusiastically offer this letter in support of Abby Banks’ application for the summer internship at PepsiCo. Abby was my student in the undergraduate seminar at Adrian College. I found her a dynamic and creative student with a natural flair for health and wellness. Unsurprisingly, she earned the highest marks of any student in this course.

I understand interns are responsible for carrying out different production activities with limited supervision or support in your organization. In my course, students were frequently tasked with tackling new and challenging topics, relying on their knowledge, and collaborating with classmates to get a handle on difficult homework. Abby exhibited expert-level skills in projects with group work, which is rare among undergraduates.

While I have taught many students in my three-decade career – many of whom have succeeded in their career endeavors – I remember few as talented as Abby. I do not doubt that she will be successful in the internship program, and I offer my endorsement.

Please feel free to contact me if there is any other information that I can provide.


David King.

Frequently asked questions 

How to write a recommendation letter for a student on attachment?

To write a recommendation letter for a student on attachments, you must ask the student for their academic information. Include an address, details, professional relationship with the students, and qualifications.

How do you start a letter of recommendation?

To start a letter of recommendation, you may need to address the receiver by name, if possible, and begin the letter by introducing yourself and your relationship with the applicant.

Do interns get letters of recommendation?

Yes, interns get letters of recommendation. These letters are often essential to secure an internship opportunity. You may need to get two or three letters that highlight your moral character, skills, and work ethic. 

How long does a recommendation letter have to be?

A recommendation letter must not be unnecessarily prolonged. Two pages in length are usually enough. Although, it is essential to note that the letter is not all about the quantity but the quality. However, a letter that contains just a few sentences is not recommended.

What does a letter of recommendation include?

A recommendation letter should describe your relationship with your reference, explaining how long you have known or worked with one another. Also, it should include your relevant skills and all the necessary information to help you attain the internship opportunity.


With the recommendation letter sample for the internship provided in this prose, you can obtain an intern position in any organization where you will gain valuable experience and knowledge of your career path.

Good luck with your application 

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