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Are you a university student looking to pursue a career as a consultant? Do you want to gain experience to become a top professional in this field? Apply for the Putnam Associates Internship to work with a leading firm in the business. The tips and guidelines in this article will be helpful to you as you prepare to break into the industry.

About Putnam Associates Internship

Putnam Associates Internship is a summer internship available to 10-15 students from top universities in the United States. Interns spend ten weeks assisting experts with casework. In addition, they acquire genuine consulting experience. When you join Putnam as a Summer Analyst, you will have an excellent opportunity to gain insight into the strategic issues that face today’s pharmaceutical companies. You will also learn about specific changes affecting the healthcare marketplace. You will join a project team of 4-7 individuals led by a manager or partner.

Putnam seeks students whose educational background demonstrates quantitative and qualitative analysis success. Applicants must also consider consulting as a future career option. In addition, having an interest in healthcare and pharmaceuticals is a plus.

About the Company

Putnam is a leading strategic consulting partner for pharmaceutical and life science firms. It serves a range of biopharmaceutical, diagnostics, MedTech, and private equity/venture capital clients. Being in the business for more than 30 years, Putnam has helped clients solve complex issues across the patient journey.

Putnam is among the leaders in the life sciences industry. Thus, it is among the top 20 global pharmaceutical companies. It offers a complete advisory service and scientific and technical capabilities across strategic and therapeutic areas. In addition, it helps its clients build value and make better decisions. TPitnam’s core values include collaboration, excellence, ingenuity, grit, and diversity.

Putnam is a part of Inizio Advisory, a trusted advisor for health and life science companies that shares Putnam’s dedication to providing advisory services for the industry. Putnam consults for many healthcare industry leaders, including 14 top 20 global biopharmaceutical companies. Its jobs include portfolio prioritization, development pathway and resource optimization, market assessment, product pricing, and launch strategies, market segment growth strategies, sales force strategies, franchise development, and patent expiration strategies.

Duties of interns

Summer analysts at Putnam perform the following duties and tasks during the internship. They include:

  1. They Prepare and conduct primary research with physicians and patients.
  2. Summer analysts at Putnam gather secondary research from healthcare literature and internal sources.
  3. They also assist in analyzing client and market data for the company.
  4. They join a project team to develop client presentations.
  5. In addition, summer analysts also get the opportunity to design their research projects and present the findings to the company after their internship.

Open positions

Eligible students applying for Putnam Asspocautes Internship can look for the following positions this summer. They include:

  • Business Operations Associate
  • Consultant [Medical Affairs Focus]
  • Data Architect
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Manager
  • Operations Associate – Finance
  • Principal
  • Senior Consultant
  • Senior Data Scientist

Benefits of Putnam Associates Internship

Summer interns at Putnam will enjoy the following benefits. They include:

#1. Real-world Experience

The primary duty of an internship, including the Putnam Associates Internship, is to gather enough experience to build a successful career. At Putnam, you will get tasks and duties that will enable you to gain practical experience in the consulting industry. You will do this by engaging in real-world projects. Interns will assist professionals in attending to clients’ problems. Sometimes, you may need more supervision from your manager to perform duties.

#2. Competitive salary

You will also receive compensation for your job. As an intern, you will earn almost the same salary as entry-level consultants at Putnam. The company uses this salary to attract the best students as interns. The wages you get at the firm will be enough to cover your living expenses during the program.

#3. Acquire new skills

You will also acquire new skills as an intern at Putnam. During your Putnam Associates Internship, you will engage in projects to help you develop new skills to excel in your profession. The skills and knowledge you get will help you perform well as a consultant in the future.

#4. Career development opportunity

Putnam Associates Internship also provides a career development opportunity for students. As an intern, you will participate in events and seminars to aid your career growth as a consultant.

#5. Get hired

Another benefit of this internship is that Putnbam can hire you, mainly if you perform your duties well. Therefore, we advise you to conduct any function assigned to you at Putnam with diligence. The company employs only the best candidates after each summer.

How to apply for Putnam Associates Internship

Applicants for the Putnam Associates Internship use the link below to apply. During the process, you will upload the following documents. They include a Cover Letter, Personal Statement, Curriculum Vitae (CV), a reference, and a transcript from your academic institution. 

The application for Putnam Associates Internship is on December 31. Eligible candidates will get a notification from February to March. However, the internship will start in June and will last ten weeks.

If you find it difficult, you can read our guide on applying for internships in big firms like Northwest Mutual, even without experience. It will be helpful to you when applying for this internship this summer.

Tips for getting an internship at the Putnam Associates Internship

Eligible candidates for this internship will need to consider the directions below. They will increase their chances of getting a Putnam Associates Internship. They include:

#1. Research the job and industry to find the qualifications and requirements for the post. Plus, the keywords you need to have in your application. If you perform thorough research, you will learn about all the requirements for this internship. Thus, your chances of getting a job will increase. You must also ensure you find out the required skills for each position you want. 

#2. Tailor your application to highlight the skills and requirements for your new role. You can get this information on the company’s website or social media pages, including LinkedIn and Facebook. Your employer will like to see that you possess the needed skills for each position you apply for at the company.

#3. Learn new skills suitable for the position or role you want to take at the company. With the right skills, you will perform your tasks well. In addition, it will increase your chances o landing your dream consulting job at Putnam.

#4. Network with former and present interns to get the valuable information you need during the interview with the hiring manager. Usually, former interns already have the information they need to apply for this internship. Therefore, you must meet them to get the details about the company. In addition, you will connect with Putnam’s staff for this exact purpose. You can connect with these people on LinkedIn or Facebook. 

#5. Write a good cover letter and resume to convince your employer you are the best candidate for the job. Your cover letter and resume must highlight your skills, strengths, abilities, and experience and how they will benefit the company. In addition, you must use your cover letter to prove o your employer that you are fit for the job among other applicants. Therefore, they must tell the hiring manager why he must hire them. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Putnam Associates do?

Putnam is a consulting agency that provides lasting solutions to clients’ complex issues. Therefore, associates at the company help experts to solve clients’ problems. They bring Strategy Consulting Disciplines to Life Sciences. They also help solve problems involving the complex interactions of patients, physicians, payers, healthcare institutions, and regulators.

Do you need help getting Putnam Associates Internship?

Usually, internships are challenging to get, especially in top firms like Putnam. However, students who meet the requirements and follow the correct steps will quickly land a Putnam Associates Internship. Therefore, consider the guidelines and tips in this article when applying for this internship.

Is Putnam a good company for interns?

Yes, Putnam is a good place for your consulting internship. It allows students to work in a conducive environment for their career growth. In addition, interns receive compensation for the job they do. Plus, they will participate in events and seminars to acquire the skills and knowledge they need to grow their career.


Putnam Associates Internship will help kick start a career as a consultant. As a leading company in the sector, Putnam offers interns all they need to build a successful career. Therefore, your time as an intern at Putnam is worth it. It is the spark you need to become a top consultant.