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How to Get Publishing Internships this year

Are you a university or college student or a graduate without a job? Have you ever considered a career in publishing? Then, publishing internships may be the spark to your growing profession. 

Read our article to find what you need to become a publishing intern in a big industry without experience. Moreover, you can apply for this program, irrespective of your level; or field of study. Discover the requirements, tips for applying, required skills, and benefits. 

What is a Publishing Internship?

A Publishing Internship is a short period when students work in a publishing firm or related companies to gain work experience as publishers. During this time, interns engage in real-life projects and complete tasks their superiors and managers assign to them.

However, you must possess a list of essential skills for a publishing internship to apply for a job in the industry. The most common hard skill a publishing intern must acquire is press releases. More than 11.4% of publishing interns include it in their resumes. Also, you must have adobe indesign skills. About 7.3% of interns in the publishing sector have it in their resumes. Furthermore, about 6% of interns possess web design skills. Therefore, you must learn that.

On the other hand, publishing interns must possess the following soft skills. They include creativity, detail-oriented, and good judgment.

Responsibilities of Publishing Interns

Your manager or employer can assign you the following responsibilities and tasks during your publishing internship. They include:

  • Writing: Generally, it is your duty as a publishing intern to write short notices, biographical notes, promotional copies, and articles.
  • Proofreading: You will also proofread texts, including all editorial and promotional copies. However, the editorial staff of the company may help you with this.
  • Research: You are responsible for researching biographical information on authors, books, or marketing information.
  • Fact-Checking: Publishing interns will verify that all proper nouns are spelled correctly and have the correct diacritical marks. They also ensure that all bylines are current. They will also confirm that publishing information, including complete addresses for small presses, is right.
  • Copyediting: AS a publishing intern, you must show exceptional talent and ability
  • to work with grammar and style. These skills will help you in copyediting for your employer. However, you can learn this skill during your internship and improve with time.
  • Office work: During your publishing internship, you will perform clerical tasks like faxing and ordering books from publishers.
  • Production: Publishing interns who work in media houses will assist experts and professionals in production.¬†

Requirements to apply for a Publishing Internship

There is no specific educational requirement for applying for a publishing internship. However, most interns obtain a bachelor’s degree from a university or college. Nonetheless, any student or graduate interested in the industry can apply for an internship to gain the necessary experience to pursue a career in the industry. Thus, students with the following degrees can apply for a publishing internship. They include:

  • Bachelors
  • Masters
  • Associate
  • High School Diploma

Focus areas for Publishing Internship

Similarly, there is no specific major for this publishing internship. However, applicants with the following knowledge will get a preference They include:

  • English
  • Communication
  • Writing
  • Entertainment Business

Available Industries 

The primary industries where students can apply for a publishing internship include the following:

  • Media
  • Education¬†
  • Professional
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing¬†
  • Technology¬†
  • Non-Profits
  • Government
  • Retail¬†
  • Fortune 500¬†
  • Finance¬†
  • Health Care
  • Start-up¬†
  • Internet¬†
  • Automotive¬†
  • Construction
  • Real Estate

Required skills 

Applicants for a p[ublishing internship must possess the following skills. They include:

1. Press Releases

2. Adobe Indesign

3. Web Content

4. Graphic Design

5. Digital Publishing

6. Administrative Tasks

7. Twitter

8. Blog Posts


10. Adobe Acrobat

11. Fiction

12. Adobe Photoshop

13. Web Design

14. Book Sales

15. Market Research

Benefits of Publishing Internship

Candidates who work for companies as publishing interns will enjoy the following benefits. They include:

Gain experience working in the field with experts

Publishing internships allow students to work closely with leading p[professionals and industry leaders. Thus, they will learn from the best in the industry. Therefore, the experience they get here will be helpful when they look for publishing jobs in media houses. 

Get exposed to various aspects of the industry.

In addition to the experience interns get, they will also use this opportunity to explore various aspects of publishing. They will get exposed to professional opportunities in the sector. Thus, they can decide on the career to choose in this industry.

On-set learning

As part of the benefits of publishing internships, students will learn and improve as they perform their duties. They will carry out tasks in the field independently. Doing this is an opportunity to learn new techniques of doing things as publishers. 

Career development opportunity

Interns will also attend career development activities, including seminars, conferences, and events their employers organize. During these events, they will meet leading professionals and experts. They will also meet with other interns. Thus, it is a period to connect with people who will be helpful to them in their growth. 

Learn new skills

You will also learn new skills during your time as a publishing intern. Whatever skills you don’t have before your internship, you can acquire as an intern in a publishing firm. Moreover, you will work with experts in your department. So, you will always learn from them.¬†

Opportunity for employment

Many big firms use internships to train future workers. Therefore, you may get a permanent position from your employer after the training program. However, you must be in your best to get the opportunity. There is no guarantee that your employer must give you an appointment. But the experience is worth it as you can list them in your resume for future employment in another firm. 

Receive a competitive salary

Publishing interns also receive a competitive salary for the job. You are not working for free. However, some employers do not pay their interns. That should not dissuade you because the experience you will get will be valuable. 

How to apply for Publishing Internship in a big firm

Applicants for an internship in a publishing company must apply for the job they want. To apply for these internships, they must visit the company’s website or social media networks to find the requirements, required skills, experience, and qualifications for the position. Alternatively, they can look for open internships at job search engines like¬†¬†Some companies post openings there. You can use our internship¬†cover letter guide¬†in this regard. It will also help you to¬†get internships in big companies.

Steps to obtain a Publishing Internship

Interested and eligible candidates for a publishing internship can use the steps below to apply. They include:

  • Step 1. Identify the position you want
  • Step 2. Research for companies with vacancies
  • Step 3. Find out the requirements and skills needed
  • Step 4. Prepare your application
  • Step 5. Prepare for an interview

Tips for applying for a Publishing Internship

The following insights will boost your chances of getting training in the. They include:

#1. Research the industry properly to find available jobs and companies offering internships. You can do this by visiting company websites and social media pages. You can also look for vacancies on websites like or LinkedIn. During your research, you must discover the requirements, skills, experience, and education required for the job. In addition, you must find the correct keywords to use in your application. 

#2. Be specific in your application by highlighting the skills, abilities, and strengths needed for the position. You will also try to convince your employer that you are the best candidate for the job. To do this, you must tell them how your skills will benefit the company. 

#3. Learn new skills to excel in the publishing sector. You must acquire some, if not all, of the skills listed above. They are essential for your success as an intern. However, if you do not p[possess them, you can still learn them as you perform your duties. But it would help if you let your employer know you are ready to learn during your internship. 

#4. Write a good resume and cover letter¬†that contains your abilities, strengths, qualifications, experience, and qualifications. Ensure to include all the skills and requirements listed on the company’s website. Your employers must be looking for them. Otherwise, you may not get this job.¬†

#5. Network with former and present interns and workers at the company to get vital information from them. Any information they give you will be valuable, especially during your interview with the hiring manager. Therefore, note them down for reference purp[see when preparing for an interview with a prospective employer. 


Getting a publishing internship may be unusually hard. However, students who do the correct thing will land their dream job in big firms. Therefore, consider every piece of information in this article when looking for a job as a student. They will be valuable for you to find your dream internship this year. 

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