Public Relations Internship

Public Relations Internship: Application Tips

Have you completed your university or college education? Do you need clarification about the next step to take in your career? You probably think there is no employment for you. Unfortunately, you are not correct. You can apply for a Public Relations Internship to gain the needed work exp[erinec to break into any industry in your career. Most importantly, you do not need prior experience to apply for this program. 

Continue reading to get all the details about the PR internship here. Plus, career opportunities for you once you have completed your program. 

What is a Public Relations Internship?

A Public Relations internship is a period of training when students and recent graduates of Public Relations and related disciplines gather experience bout the field of public relations and how it works. Interns use this opportunity to learn valuable skills, such as time management, organization, and communication, which they will apply during the internship. More importantly, these skills will help them build a great career in public relations.

More specifically, a PR internship will help interns to improve or develop the company’s reputation and visibility. You can work online or in person during this period. As part of your duties, you may be required to manage your employer’s website or some social media accounts.

You do not need to worry because your job involves learning while working. So, you will improve your skills over time as an intern. Your internship will help you build your professional portfolio, which you can use to apply to future internships or jobs.

Responsibilities of Public Relations Interns

As a PR Intern, you will perform the following duties. They include:

  • You will support the company’s PR strategy and execute it in different phases
  • You will Create and curate engaging and helpful content for your employer¬†
  • Interns communicate and build relationships with the company’s current or prospective clients.
  • Make efficient use of the company’s social media and blogs.
  • Assist in creating and distributing press releases.
  • Assisting your manager in administrative duties.
  • Build and update media lists and databases.
  • Help professionals in scheduling, coordinating, and attending events and conferences.
  • Performing research and market analysis for your employer.

Requirements to apply for a Public Relations Internship

Applicants for a Public Relations Internship must meet the requirements below. They include:

  • You will have a strong desire to learn from professionals and experts.
  • You must have a solid understanding of the different social media networks.
  • Applicants must possess excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Applicants must be efficient at MS Office.
  • Possess a passion for the PR industry and its best practices.
  • Applicants must currently enroll in a related BS or Masters’s degree course in a university/college.

Focus areas for Public Relations Internship

Interested students for a Public Relations Internship must follow the routes into PR. However, it is open to both university graduates and school leavers. Any degree holder can apply for this program. Still, English, management, business or media studies, marketing, or social sciences are preferred by some employers. Applicants with PR postgraduate qualifications will get preferential treatment, especially if they hope to specialize in a particular aspect of PR.

Best industry for a Public Relations Internship

You can consider the following industries for a PR Internship this year. They offer the best opportunities to students in their field. In addition, you will build a promising career there. They include:

  • Airlines/aviation¬†
  • Internet/software¬†
  • Automotive¬†
  • Utilities, oil, and energy¬†
  • Law practice/legal services¬†
  • Health care/ biotechnology/pharmaceuticals
  • E-commerce and retail¬†
  • Financial services/banking
  • Education
  • Government¬†
  • Apparel and fashion¬†
  • Food and beverage¬†
  • Consumer products
  • Technology¬†
  • Hospitality
  • Entertainment, media, and publishing¬†
  • Accounting¬†
  • Nonprofit organizations

Benefits of Public Relations Internship

Interns who work for companies as public relations officers will enjoy the following benefits. They include:

  • Gain experience working in the field with experts
  • Get exposed to various aspects of the industry
  • On-set learning
  • Career development opportunity
  • Learn new skills
  • Opportunity for employment
  • Receive a competitive salary

How to apply for Public Relations Internship

Getting a PR internship is a challenging task. However, if you do the right thing, the stress will reduce. Therefore, you need an expert to guide you in obtaining an internship, even without experience. You can use our internship cover letter guide in this regard. It will also help you to get internships in big companies.

Steps to obtain a Public Relations Internship

Interested students and graduates for an internship in the public relations industry must follow the steps below. They include:

#Step 1. Identify the position you want

First, you must identify the position you want to occupy. Therefore, you have to sit down and find all available industry jobs. Then, analyze their duties, experience, and qualifications. Once you have done this, you must choose the one that suits your qualifications and passion. Plus, the one that relates to your skills and educational background.

#Step 2. Research for companies with vacancies

After this, you must look for companies with vacancies for your desired position. You can use social media networks, company websites, or job search engines. 

#Step 3. Find out the requirements and skills needed

As you research the job, you will also bear in mind that you must meet the requirements for the post, have the required skills, possess the experience, and have the qualifications. Otherwise, you will be disqualified. However, even if you do not have work experience, you can still get your desired PR internship. Find out how to write a cover letter for a training job without expertise.

#Step 4. Prepare your application

You can now write your application letter and build your resume. You must consider the required skills, experience, qualifications, and keywords for the position. Using the right keywords will convince your employer that you know your responsibilities as an intern. 

#Step 5. Prepare for an interview

Only eligible students who submit a complete application will receive an invitation for an interview. Therefore, we advise you to include all the requirements for your desired job. Then, when preparing for your interview, you must look for former interns to get information about the company from them. The details they provide to you will be helpful. 

Tips for applying for a Public Relations Internship

The following insights will boost your chances of getting training in the. They include:

#Tip 1. Research the industry properly

It would help if you researched public relations internships to find open positions, industry keywords, key players, and companies. You will need this information to know the skills and qualifications for each job you want to apply for as an intern.

#Tip 2. Be specific in your application

Another helpful tip is to tailor your application o the job you want. Thus, your application letter must highlight your skills, abilities, and how they will solve the company’s problem. In addition, you have to use your cover letter to tell the hiring manager why you are fit for the job.

#Tip 3. Learn new skills

Each job and industry require specific skills, and this is true for the Therefore, applicants must develop specific skills to excel. Communication, proficiency in English, and analytical and time-management skills will make you build a promising career in this industry. 

#Tip 4. Write a good resume and cover letter

You will also need a resume and cover letter to become a public relations intern. Your summary must summarise your skills, qualifications, experience, and abilities. In addition, it must convince your recruiters that you are the best candidate for the job.

Similarly, a good cover letter must highlight your skills, strengths, and abilities and how you will use them to work for the company’s development. In addition, it will contain industry-related keywords.

#Tip 5. Network with former and present interns and leaders in the industry

It would help if you had people who have worked in the industry or are currently working there. Thus, it would help if you networked with former and present interns. They will give you the necessary information you need to excel. Plus, they will guide you when you want to apply for this internship. Moreover, they can become your business partners and associates in the future. You can connect with PR interns on LinkedIn. 

#Tip 6. A reference can do you good

What about looking for people who recommend you for your desired job? When you have a reference or recommendation from an expert and industry leader, it becomes easy to get your internship. However, your referee must be able to speak well of you and your skills. They will also tell your employers why you are the best candidate for the job and how your skills will benefit the organization.


A Public Relations Internship is the first step towards building a great career without experience. It prepares students for the job ahead. In addition, it exposes you to professional opportunities in the PR industry. We implore you to use this once-in-a-lifetime chance to kickstart your early career. 

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