Public Health Internships

How to Apply for Public Health Internships: Full Details

Are you looking to start a career in public health or want to contribute to public health initiatives? If yes, we would like to inform you that Public Health Internships are available to students of like-minds.

This article covers comprehensive information about how to land a public health intern job with any organization. So, ensure you read to the end!

About Public Health Internships

Public Health Internships are temporary employment opportunities available to undergraduate and graduate students. They enable students to develop new skills, build a professional network, and gather relevant experience. Public health interns can work with government agencies, NGOs, pharmaceutical companies, think tanks, and community-based organizations.

You can apply for on-site and virtual public health internships with any of these establishments, provided you meet all requirements.

Public Health Internship programs aim to allow students and graduates to have the opportunity to contribute to improving people’s well-being by preventing illness, disease, and injury.

Primary Job Duties of Public Health Interns

Here are the main responsibilities of students participating in Public Health internships:

  • Teaching proper nutrition
  • Encouraging people to engage in physical activities
  • Creating educational and marketing materials and promoting events
  • Planning and implementing health education, behavior risk reduction, and outreach programs
  • Evaluating health education needs and preferences using various assessment tools
  • Collaborating with different agencies to accomplish set objectives
  • Preparing requisite reports and documents

Benefits of Public Health Internship Programs

PH Internships have numerous career and financial benefits, which include:

  • Working as a public health intern will enable you to gain hands-on experience, which will help kickstart your career.
  • You will be able to improve your skillset and develop a professional network.
  • Public Health Internships are typically paid internships, allowing you to earn income as a student.
  • These internships enable you to have a professional résumé ahead of your graduation.
  • PH internships give you a chance to educate members of the public and contribute to communities.

Public Health Intern Salary

According to Talent, a well-known job board, the average salary of public health interns in the United States is $20 per hour and $41,600 a year. Their earnings are relatively higher than the estimated salary of interns in the US, which is $15.94 per hour and $33,150 a year.

Eligibility Criteria for Public Health Intern Jobs

The following are the basic requirements for PH intern jobs:

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Must be attending a higher education institution in public health, community health, biological science, health education, health services, or social science
  • Must be adept at working with Microsoft Word and Excel programs

Required documents

  • Cover letter
  • Résumé
  • Your up-to-date CV
  • Reference letters from at least two persons

Ensure you prepared both the paper and electronic copies of these documents.

How to Find Public Health Internships

Below are different ways to search for public health intern jobs:

  • Look for internship opportunities on LinkedIn
  • Visit job sites such as Indeed, Monster, SimplyHired, or ZipRecruiter. You can refine your search for PH intern jobs on these job boards.
  • Attend career fairs
  • Follow the social media pages of companies you would like to intern at. You can also check their recent posts for PH internship opportunities.
  • Check if your school can connect you with intern employers
  • Contact specific employers of PH interns or their hiring managers.

How to Apply for Public Health Internships

Here are the steps in applying for public health intern jobs:

  • Find an internship opportunity.

Examples of the best PH internships are as follows:

  • The World Health Organization (WHO) Internships
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Internships
  • The American Public Health Association (APHA) Internships
  • The Africa Academy for Public Health (AAPH) Internships
  • Society of Public Health Education (SOPHE) Internships
  • Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Internships
    • Then create a résumé.
    • Prepare your CV or update your current one.
    • Apply for the intern job.
    • Attend your internship interview.
    • Wait for the company or organization’s decision concerning your job application.


Participating in Public Health Internships is a surefire way to get a head start in your career. The topic is more interesting because PH intern jobs are easy to find, provided you meet the specified requirements.

So, why not seize this opportunity to take a step towards your career success?

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