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Are you an undergraduate or a graduate without a job in Pakistan? Are you looking for work experience in the media or related industry? Then, the PTV Internship is the right way to fast-track your career. 

This article will give you information about the program, including the number of vacancies, eligibility criteria, monthly stipend, internship location, and the application deadline.

About PTV Internship

PTV Internship Program is a unique program for undergraduates and graduates to gain practical experience at Pakistan Television Corporation Limited. Interns will get paid for their work. In addition, they will acquire some skills and gain knowledge from the national Broadcasting Institute. Pakistan Television Corporation Limited is a pioneer in national broadcasting. Thus, it has a versatile workforce and skilled workers, which help interns gather much experience working there. As an intern at PTV, you will get a real-life experience of the media world by indulging in such a vast media network.

National Media Internship Program is available to 200 national students of mass media, mass communication, media studies, or relevant disciplines. It is a one-year internship in Pakistan. PTV internship is a call for all interested Pakistanis to build a career with Pakistan Television. All eligible BS and Masters graduates can apply for this national internship from any city in the country.

Internship focus areas and discipline

Interns at PTV can apply for the following areas. They include News, Current Affairs, Sports, and Program Covers departments. It is open to students in the following fields, including Engineering, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, and Marketing Sales department.

PTV Internship departments

You will become integral to the PTV family by joining the national media internship program. Thus, you can broaden your vision and experience while staying at PTV. You can do that through the following departments at Pakistan Television Corporation Limited. They include PTV News, PTV Sports, PTV Global, PTV Bolan, AJK TV, PTV Parliament, PTV Home, and PTV World. 

PTV Internship Positions

Students can apply for the following positions at Pakistan Television Corporation Limited. They include:

Human Resource

  • Management Sciences
  • Public Administration
  • Business Administration¬†


  • Accounting
  • Commerce¬†


  • Electronics
  • Electrical
  • Telecom
  • Computer Engineering

Marketing and sales

  • Sales
  • Marketing¬†

Information technology

  • Computer Science
  • Information Technology
  • Graphics
  • Motion Graphics
  • Animation¬†

Eligibility Criteria of the PTV Internship Program

Applicants for the PTV Internship must meet the requirements below. They include:

  1. Applicants must be at least 17 years of age.
  2. The candidate must have at least 16 years of education, either BS or master’s, from an HEC-recognized institute.
  3. Eligible candidates must get a degree relevant to the fields offered in an internship.
  4. You must have 60% marks or an equivalent CGPA.
  5. Applicants must be qualified to live in the province where they may apply.
  6. It is available to male and female applicants.
  7. You don’t need prior experience in the field to apply.

Internship location

PTV is a well-reputed national broadcasting institute in Pakistan. Over the years, PTV has expanded to almost nine other cities in Pakistan. Thus, it has offices or centers in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Peshawar, Quetta, Muzaffarabad, AJK, and Multan. Therefore, interested students must be ready to apply for positions in these locations.

Benefits of the Pakistan Television Internship

As the only Television network in Pakistan, PTV offers its interns many benefits. Here are a few benefits students get from working at the organization. They include:

#1. One-year paid internship for Pakistani graduate

The PTV Internship is a one-year paid internship program for undergraduates and graduates without a job. Participants receive a monthly salary for their job, which they can use to cover their living expenses during the program. 

#2. A platform to gain excellence in the media industry

It also allows students to gain valuable work experience in the media industry. Students work with experts and leading professionals who supervise and monitor their progress in their assigned tasks. They can use their expertise to excel in the industry after the program.

#3. A chance to learn and polish skills while working in the country’s oldest and only national broadcasting house

Another benefit of this program is that students will learn the skills to have a successful career in the media industry. They can use these skills to work for the company later in their career. However, they can apply these skills in other companies in Pakistan or abroad. 

#4. An opportunity to be part of the PTV family

Pakistan Television Corporation Limited usually offers successful interns full-time positions upon completing their programs. So, an internship at PTV prepares students to work for the company. 

How to apply for the PTV Internship Program

Interested students for the PTV Internship must apply for the program online using the link below. The company does not accept applications submitted by hand. However, applicants can send their applications by post. The application deadline for the PTV internship program is 15 August. Learn how to apply for internships in big firms, even without experience.

Tips for applying for PTV Internship

Eligible students for the PTV Internship must consider the following tips when looking for a job at the company. They include:

#1. Tailor your application

You must write an application letter specific to the position you want at PTV. Thus, your application must highlight your skills, abilities, and qualities relevant to the job. In other words, they must benefit the company. In addition, you must let your employer know why you are the best candidate for the job among other applicants.

#2. Learn new skills

You will also learn new skills needed to excel at Pakistan Television Corporation Limited. Therefore, you must find the required skills for the post you want. Then acquire or improve them if you already have them. 

#3. Network with former interns at PTV

Another tip to help you obtain this internship is to network with former and present interns at PTV. It would help if you also connected with PTV staff. They will give you the information you need to excel at the company. One way of networking with people is through LinkedIn and Facebook. 

#4. Write a good resume and cover letter

Having a good resume and a compelling cover letter would be best. A good summary will highlight your skills, qualifications, experience, and how they will benefit the company. In addition, your cover letter will let your employer know why they must hire you for the job. Ensure you don’t repeat any information you already have in your resume.¬†

#5. Research the company

You must also research the company, job, and industry to get the information to apply for the job. Therefore, you must visit the company’s website for all relevant information. The details you need include the requirements, required skills, experience, and qualifications for PTV Internship.

#6. Look for a reference

A reference can also increase your chance of an internship at Pakistan Television Corporation limited. When looking for a connection, you must find someone who knows your skills and abilities. A university lecturer or a coworker can be your reference for this job. 

Frequently Asked Questions

IS a PTV Internship good for students?

Students enjoy their time at Pakistan Television Corporation Limited. It offers Pakistani students and graduates work experience in the media industry. Therefore, it prepares them to work for the company in the future. Interns can also add their internship experience to their resumes. It will increase their employability because employers will know they have the skills and expertise needed for the job. 

Is Pakistan good for an internship?

Pakistan provides international students and interns with a peaceful and comfortable environment. A lot of companies offer a conducive atmosphere to their workers. Thus, interns feel relaxed working in this country. 

What are the qualifications for the PTV Internship?

Pakistan Television Corporation Internship is available to undergraduates and graduates who need a job in Pakistan. Applicants do not need prior experience in the industry to apply for this internship. However, they must enroll or have graduated from a relevant field. 


PTV Internship is an excellent platform for students to kickstart their careers in the media industry. It is a learning environment where interns can network with other workers and industry leaders. In addition, they will acquire the skills to work for the company after completing their internships.