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Are you a Pakistani graduate hoping to make a living in the Information Technology industry? If so, consider participating in PSEB Internship Program, as they are one of the best in Pakistan.

Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) offers a wide range of internship programs to influence the professional development of Pakistani graduates in ICT fields. These internships last for six months at most, allowing you to work temporarily for an ICT company or the ICT department of a Pakistan-based establishment.

This article will make you understand the internship programs hosted by the Pakistan Software Export Board, including what you stand to gain.

Let’s get down to business.

Overview of PSEB Internship Programs

The Pakistan Software Export Board’s Internships consist of 3,500 internship programs for ICT and non-ICT graduates who possess nationality or are permanent residents of the Republic of Pakistan.

8 Things to Note About PSEB Internship Programs

  • PSEB Internship Programs only aid the career advancement of Pakistani citizens and permanent residents. Thus, international students do not qualify to participate in these internships.
  • Current students are not eligible for these internship programs, as they are for graduates.
  • There is an age limit for graduates who can participate in PSEB Internship Programs.
  • Up to 500 graduates of Balochistan can intern through PSEB Internships.
  • These internships are remunerative, i.e., paid internships.
  • Pakistan Software Export Board is not the direct employer of interns. Instead, it hires interns on behalf of ICT companies and IT departments of private & public establishments.
  • PSEB internships run for up to six months.
  • ICT and non-ICT graduates can gain internship experience through the Pakistan Software Export Board.

About the Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB)

PSEB is a supreme body of the Government of Pakistan founded in 1995. With its headquarters in Islamabad, Pakistan, the Pakistan Software Export Board promotes the country’s Information Technology industry locally and internationally. It achieves its aim via numerous programs and projects.

Why Intern through PSEB?

The following are some reasons to gain internship experience via one of the Pakistan Software Export Board’s internship programs.

  • Interning through the Pakistan Software Export Board will allow you to gain hands-on experience working temporarily for an ICT company or the ICT department of a company.
  • Depending on the company and your internship performance, you may be lucky to get an intern job with a permanent job offer.
  • These internship programs come with a monthly financial compensation of 20,000 PKR.
  • PSEB internships will enable you to develop your skill set and expand your knowledge.
  • You will also be opportune to build valuable relationships with senior leaders and industry experts.

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Eligibility Criteria for PSEB Internship Programs

You must fulfill the following requirements to qualify for PSEB’s Internship Programs for ICT Graduates and Non-ICT Graduates.

  • Must be aged between 20 to 30 years old when submitting your internship application. Be aware that the age relaxation of disabled graduates is between 20 to 40 years old.
  • Must be a Pakistani permanent resident or citizen as per NADRA’s record
  • Must have earned a university degree
  • Must have a minimum CGPA of 2.0 out of 4.0 or a grade not less than 55%
  • Should currently be unemployed and will have to sign an undertaking for this
  • Must have at least 16 years of education from an HEC-recognized institution

Document Requirements for PSEB Internship Programs

Here are the documents required to support your internship application.

Your educational certificates and transcripts

  • The online application process for PSEB internships will demand you to upload your academic degree certificates and transcripts attested by an HEC-accredited university.

Domicile certificate

  • Another document required is a duplicate of your domicile certificate to show that you are genuinely a permanent resident of a Pakistani city.

CNIC front and back copy

  • You must also upload copies of your Computerised National Identity Card, obtainable from Pakistan’s NADRA.

Profile picture

  • A digital copy of your most recent photograph is also among the electronic materials required to facilitate your internship application with PSEB.

You could proceed with the application process with the above documents and the requirements satisfied.

How to Apply for PSEB Internship Programs

Take the following steps, one after the other, to express interest in Pakistan Software Export Board’s Internship Program for ICT Graduates or Non-ICT Graduates.

Step 1: Create a Brightspyre account

Step 2: Upload the requirements documents

  • At this time, you have to upload the documents mentioned above to facilitate your internship application at the Pakistan Software Export Board.

Moreover, you must provide your bank account information.

Step 3: Review your inputs and submit the application

For supplemental information about PSEB internships, send an email to [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions about PSEB Internship Programs

Does PSEB Internship Programs have an application deadline?

Yes, the latest date to apply for Pakistan Software Export Board’s Internship Programs for ICT Graduates and Non-ICT Graduates is December 31, 2023.

Can foreigners apply for PSEB Internship Program?

No, non-Pakistan graduates are not eligible to intern with PSEB. Hence, you must be a Pakistani citizen or a permanent resident to qualify for Pakistan Software Export Board’s Internship.

Are undergraduate students eligible for PSEB Internship?

No, persons without a university degree do not qualify for internships at the Pakistan Software Export Board.

What do I need to apply for PSEB Internship Program?

The application materials and documents needed to express interest in internships at the Pakistan Software Export Board include your recent picture, CNIC’s front and back copy, domicile certificate, and academic degree certificate and transcript.

What is the minimum age requirement for PSEB Internship?

You must be at least 20 years old to intern with the Pakistan Software Export Board.


Interning through one of PSEB’s numerous internship programs will give you an edge in the labor market. It will let you gather up to six months of IT-related experience and offers an opportunity to brush up. So better apply now to gain a head start in the technology industry.