Procurement Internships In Kenya

Procurement Internships In Kenya: All you need to know!

Participating in procurement internships in Kenya will give you hands-on experience purchasing and trading goods and services for business.

The internship will sharpen your analytical and negotiation skills in running a successful business and open your eyes to the various opportunities you can find to build your career.

In this article, allow us to walk you through the overview of procurement internships in Kenya, including the responsibilities of procurement interns, the requirements, and how to apply for the internship opportunity in any organization in Kenya.

About Kenya

Kenya, also known as the Republic of Kenya, is an African country in the eastern part of the continent. It is one of the most populous countries in Africa, with the third largest economy in sub-Saharan Africa after Nigeria and South Africa.

The country has a middle-income economy and plans to be industrialized by 2030. The major industries in Kenya include forestry, agriculture, mining, fishing, energy manufacturing, financial services, and tourism. The nation’s economy remains solid and is contributed by its robust infrastructure with spending and consumer demand, which drive its growth.

Procurement internships in Kenya

Procurement is purchasing or obtaining goods and services, typically for business. It is often associated with businesses since companies must buy goods or solicit services on a relatively large scale. 

Procurement in Kenya is governed by the public procurement and asset disposal act 2015, and internships are available across diverse businesses in the country. 

Interns are allowed to gain experience while learning to trade. You will learn how to deliver packages, obtain deliveries and ensure the smooth operation of goods and services to clients. The opportunity provided by this internship will open you up to careers in procurement within and out of Kenya.  

Responsibilities of procurement interns in Kenya

Procurement interns will be fixed with all or some of the following responsibilities in Kenya.

  • Issue stock items to various departments.
  • Take stocks and receive deliveries.
  • Create evaluation analysis and analyze quotations.
  • Forward invoices to finance.
  • Seek quotes and prepare RFQs from suppliers in the bidding phase.
  • Prepare purchase orders.
  • Assist in the maintenance of internal files and also databases.
  • Present and receive information from a variety of external and internal sources
  • Draft frequent correspondence to users and other stakeholders.
  • Perform other assigned duties and projects.
  • Support the Procurement Manager in preparing purchase orders
  • Support in researching potential vendors and development of vendor lists
  • Provide logistic and adequate administrative support to the Procurement Dept
  • Assist in ensuring timely deliveries and tracking procurement requests.
  • Help inspect and receive orders, including following up on deliveries with suppliers.
  • Assist in maintaining inventory levels
  • Ascertaining vendor listing for all vetted supplies

 Requirements for procurement internships in Kenya

You must satisfy the following requirements to obtain procurement internships in Kenya.

  • Applicants must be a citizen of Kenya.
  • Have a Bachelor’s degree in Supply, Management, Procurement, or any other business-related field. Having a professional qualification in these courses will be an added advantage.
  • Ability to plan and prioritize work schedule in advance
  • Ability to work alone and to complete assignments within parameters of instructions, given standard, accepted practices, and prescribed routines in the organization.
  • Integrity in handling confidential information.
  • Understand the procurement regulations and laws.
  • Must be highly organized and a self-starter.
  • Work well with people from different backgrounds and levels in the organization.
  • Personal drive and motivation are exhibited through commitment, continuous improvement at work, and achievement of goals.

Skills requirements for the procurement internships in Kenya

To succeed in your role as a procurement intern in Kenya, you must possess the following skills

  • Have excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Good computer knowledge.
  • Proficiency in developing service-level agreements
  • Experience and knowledge in supply and demand systems, including best procurement practices.
  • Knowledge and application of procurement processes. Also, understand the policies, guidelines, and procedures to achieve required benchmarks or compliance standards consistently.
  • High-level cross-cultural and interpersonal skills
  • Perfect creative thinking, analytical, and problem-solving skills
  • High Negotiation and persuasion skills
  • Adaptability and flexibility.

How to apply for procurement internships in Kenya

The following step guides successfully applying for procurement internships in Kenya.

Step one: Check for procurement internships in any organization in Kenya

The first step to obtaining the procurement internship is looking for organizations with intern positions in Kenya. To ease your search, you can utilize social media and search engines for internship positions nearby for easy accessibility. The following is a list of the best procurement organizations you can apply for in Kenya:

  • P&H Procurement Consultants Limited.
  • Sigmund Peak International Ltd.
  • Advantech Consulting Ltd.
  • The Value Chain Consultants Ltd.
  • Ziwala Limited.
  • ISCS Consulting Ltd.
  • Camal Group.
  • KPMG East Africa.
  • 2Max Solutions Limited
  • Dynasty Consulting Limited

Step two: Cross-check to see if you meet the requirement for the internship

Once you see a procurement internship position of interest in Kenya, check their webpage to see if you meet the eligibility criteria and skills requirements for the internship position.

Step three: Prepare your application

To prepare your internship application, you may need to enquire from the company about the documents you will need for the internship application. Generally, you will need a resume, cover letter, two reference letters, an academic certificate, a copy of Kenya’s national identity card, and an iTax certificate.

Step four: Complete your application

Follow the application procedure stated by the procurement company you will be working for, ensure that you submit the completed documents, and offer them on or before the deadline.

Step five: Await further instruction

Upon completing and submitting the application, await further instruction on the invitation for an interview or any other selection process specified by the organization.

Good luck

Frequently asked questions

What does a procurement intern do?

A procurement intern will oversee a lot of activities in an organization. Some of these include obtaining a quote for the purchase of goods and services, conducting market research, assisting with procurement audit and contract process, improving quality initiatives, and helping to develop contracting. Likewise, you may be involved in RFP process training and improvement.

What are the four leading roles of procurement?

The leading roles of procurement in any organization include negotiation, sourcing, supplier relationship management, and contract management. Note that these significant roles require an excellent understanding of organizational objectives, market strength, and supplier capabilities to be successful.

Does procurement pay well in Kenya?

Yes, procurement companies in Kenya pay well. On average, a procurement officer in Kenya will earn about 792,900 KES per annum. This range can be as high as 1,212,800 KES and as low as 414,000 KES. The standards listed for a procurement officer may also include other perks and benefits such as transport and housing.

How do I pass a procurement interview?

To pass a procurement interview, you must have excellent negotiation skills. Must have excellent problem-solving skills. Likewise must possess cost reduction tactics to ensure cost efficiency for the organization. In addition, you must have exemplary implementation and planning of correct procurement strategies.

Is procurement a stressful job?

In its way, procurement can be a very complex and stressful job. However, it can also be exhilarating and rewarding. Therefore, ensure you take care of yourself while you build your career in procurement. This will help you successfully ride the waves and come out of the other side as an overcomer.


The procurement internship in Kenya is ideal for settling your career on a solid note. You can apply for this opportunity without prior work experience. We have provided all the information you need to thrive in any organization you choose to work as an intern. Therefore, take hold of this opportunity and apply as soon as possible.

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