Procter and Gamble Internship interview questions

Top 10 Procter and Gamble Internship Interview Questions

Giving perfect answers to Procter and Gamble internship interview questions is often a challenge to many students looking forward to advancing their careers via one of the programs. If you are experiencing the same and it’s causing a hindrance in your career development, this article will help you get things right.

Procter and Gamble (P&G) is a multinational consumer goods company based in Ohio, USA. The company hires interns in many of its offices across 35 countries. During intern job interviews at P&G, expect the hiring manager to throw general, behavioral, technical, leadership, arithmetic, situational-based, experience, and logical questions at you.

But what are these questions? Read on to find out.

Ten (10) Most Recurrent Procter and Gamble Internship Interview Questions

Preparation is vital in getting any intern role at Procter and Gamble Company. You’ll have to succeed in two to three interviews, undertaken online and in person.

Even though the questions asked can be straightforward, you must prepare your responses ahead to enable you to answer quickly.

The following are the top ten questions to expect from your interviewer during the selection process of P&G’s interns.

#1. Which of your recent achievements gives you the greatest pride?

This question is unavoidable as one of the Procter and Gamble internship interview questions. Thus, you should respond to it by saying your latest achievement, which is relevant to the intern role you seek at P&G.

Also, highlight the strategies that aid such achievement.

#2. Why do you want to intern with the Procter and Gamble Company?

The ideal response to this question is to tell the interviewer your skills and everything else that qualifies you for the intern role. Also, promise to deliver your best throughout your internship, asking for an opportunity to prove it.

#3. What would you do if there is insufficient time to complete a project?

P&G’s hiring managers often ask this question to test your reasoning and decision-making skills. You’ll have to answer the question by saying you’ll first review the company’s objectives for the project.

Furthermore, talk about how you’ll make specific changes to the project and split it into more phases.

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#4. What would you do if your colleague is not doing his work?

This situation-based question also evaluates your decision-making abilities. In such a situation, tell the interviewer you’ll approach your colleague professionally instead of reporting to the company’s management.

You will candidly discuss with the person, letting him know how his work attitude affects you. Ensure he understands that you are not angry but feeling displeasure.

#5. What are your greatest strengths?

This question is also a commonly asked Procter and Gamble internship interview question. It aims at identifying your potential. To answer this question, describe your expertise in a few words.

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#6. How do you see yourself contributing to operations?

When your interviewer asks this question, be ready to inform them of your strengths and abilities. You must be confident while giving your response.

#7. Describe a moment when you had to overcome an obstacle.

You must also be ready to answer a question about your experience in prevailing over a hurdle. This question will let the hiring manager know your communication, problem-solving, and decision-making skills.

In addition to these, your interviewer will be able to determine your resourcefulness and resilience.

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#8. Talk about a situation in which you solved a problem.

Being among Procter and Gamble internship interview questions, we recommend that you answer this question through STAR technique. It requires you to explain the event in one or two brief sentences. Also, give an account of how you handled the situation.

Afterward, talk about the outcomes, providing reliable statistics.

#9. Discuss a time when you had to work with a difficult team.

Your interviewer will likely ask about your experience working with difficult people. This question assesses how you relate to others and how well you handle workplace disputes.

You must be very careful when answering this question to avoid exaggeration or saying anything negative about the person.

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#10. Can you talk about a situation where you optimized your resources within a team?

The best response to this situational-based question involves discussing how you efficiently manage and utilize resources in a team, even when there are limited resources.

If you are yet to have an opportunity to optimize resources within a team, answer this question by saying you’re looking forward to getting the chance and will prepare for it if you ever need to.

Ensure you practice your answer to each of these questions and be quick to respond. You can also check out other scholarships and internship posts on Scholarships World.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prepare for a Proctor and Gamble internship interview?

There are various ways to plan for your internship interview at P&G Company. These include asking the interviewer pointed questions, getting familiar with the company’s recurrent interview questions, and conducting research about the company.

Is it hard to pass an internship interview at P&G Company?

Yes, passing an intern job interview at Procter and Gamble Company is challenging. Even if you pass the interview, the selection process is competitive.

How many rounds of interviews do P&G Internships have?

Intern job interviews at Procter and Gamble Company consist of two to three rounds, depending on the case.

How long do P & G internship interviews last?

Each round of Procter and Gamble’s intern job interview typically lasts 45 to 60 minutes. However, be mindful that they do not have a set timeframe.

Why do I need to attend an internship interview at P & G?

You must attend a series of interviews before you can get an intern role at Procter and Gamble Company. These interviews allow P&G’s hiring manager to ask you questions while you have the chance to know more about the company, its values, and its organizational culture.


Many students find it hard to pass Procter and Gamble internship interview questions, not knowing there are guidelines to guarantee its success. So don’t just read the questions, but practice your responses to the questions asked during intern job interviews at P&G.

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