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How to Land One of the Best Private Investigation Internships

If you wish to participate in one of the best Private Investigation Internships, especially in the United States, this article will guide you toward your aim for a successful career.

These internships are typically open to undergraduate students, allowing them to jumpstart their careers. Read on to learn more about working as a private investigator intern.

What are Private Investigation Internships?

Private Investigation Internships are career development opportunities for students who aspire to become private investigators, inquiry agents, or private detectives. Their roles may vary depending on the focus area of their employer’s company.

While some private investigation firms specialize in security matters, others focus on fraud, spouse monitoring, etc.

Roles of Private Investigator Interns

Do you want to know whether private investigation interns can perform the same roles as full-time private investigators? If so, see below for their duties and responsibilities.

  • Helping to gather evidence by investigating on behalf of clients
  • Accompanying other private investigators on journeys
  • Assisting with the processing of various paperwork
  • Participate in training

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Why Participate in a Private Investigation Internship?

Of the vast benefits of working as a private investigator intern, the following are a few reasons why you should choose to intern while studying.

  • Starting your career as a private investigator intern will let you know your job roles, how to perform them better, and your expectations from the industry.
  • As private investigations are sometimes risky, kickstarting via internship offers an opportunity to gain firsthand experience to complement all you’ve learned in college or university.
  • Private Investigation Internships also help to enhance your skill set free of charge.
  • It qualifies you for a private investigator license, allowing you to start your career quickly.
  • You’ll most likely receive financial compensation from the company hiring you to work as a private investigator intern.
  • It is the easiest way to explore the industry and build professional networks.

Eligibility Criteria for Private Investigation Internships

Before applying for private investigation jobs with any company, ensure meeting the following requirements.

  • Must currently be a degree-seeking student in a legal studies or law enforcement-related major
  • Must possess a background in retail loss prevention or a security-related field (if applicable)
  • Must not have previous experience relevant to the industry
  • Have exceptional clerical, communication, research, critical thinking, and creative thinking skills
  • Ability to execute assigned tasks on your own
  • Be flexible and able to work long hours beyond regular working hours.

Be aware that having prior experience as a police officer can give you a competitive advantage in the selection process, depending on the company.

Top Five (5) Employers of Private Investigator Interns in the US

The following are the top five firms that offer Private Investigation Internships in the United States.

#1. Cornerstone Investigative Services, LLC

You need no work experience to intern with Cornerstone Investigative Services in the United States. As such, you can expect a monthly salary of $3,100 to support your living costs while interning with the company.

Cornerstone Investigative Services offers one of the best Private Investigation Internships in the US, even though you may need to work on weekends and public holidays. As you’ll have to travel a lot during your internship, the company gives most private investigator interns a fixed auto allowance every two weeks.

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#2. Photofax, Inc.

As a top provider of surveillance and investigative services in the United States, Photofax’s private investigation internship program significantly impacts students’ career advancement.

If you currently have enrollment in a higher education institution, you can apply for a private investigator intern role at Photofax. This internship is remunerative and is open only to students at least 21 years old with valid driver’s licenses.

Participating in this internship program will expand your knowledge about private investigation and fraud detection services in demand by the company’s many clients.

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#3. Infotrack Investigations LLC

As one of the companies that hire college and university students to work as private investigator interns in the US, Infotrack Investigations LLC accepts students aged at least 21. The average monthly salary of Infotrack’s private investigation interns is approximately $3,400.

To qualify for this internship program, you must have no criminal record and be able to work independently with less supervision. Besides, you must possess exceptional communication skills and the ability to work on an internet-enabled computer.

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#4. PRUDENTIAL Associates

Founded in 1972, PRUDENTIAL Associates is renowned as one of the top providers of Private Investigation Internships in the US. The company specializes in investigations, cybersecurity, digital forensics, risk management, and security services.

Working as a private investigation intern at PRUDENTIAL Associates will enable you to gain extensive understanding, as the company offers all types of investigations and reporting. PRUDENTIAL Associates hires interns regardless of nationality, religion, age, and ethnic group.

#5. Pfeifer Investigations LLC

Another recommendable company for your private investigation internship is Pfeifer Investigations LLC. Interning with the company will enable you to become a reliable and discreet private investigator.n

Managed by Stockton Private Investigators, Pfeifer Investigations LLC offers professional investigation services to specific areas in the United States.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Private Investigation Internships

Are Private Investigation Internships paid?

Yes, most students working as private investigator interns receive remuneration from their employers. ZipRecruiter reported that the average monthly salary of private investigator interns in the US is approximately $3,700.

How long do Private Investigation Internships last?

The duration of private investigation internship programs varies depending on the firm. However, it usually runs for 12 weeks and could last up to one year.

Is it hard to get a Private Investigation Internship?

Yes, getting a private investigator intern job is competitive, making it challenging for students to win.

Where do private investigator interns work?

Private investigator interns work for private investigating firms. They also work with lawyers and law enforcement agencies.

What do private investigator interns do?

Private investigating interns perform many functions, depending on where they are working. They may work in offices, research cases on computers, or carry out surveillance in the field.


Choosing one of the previously mentioned companies for your Private Investigation Internship will help advance your career and gain the relevant experience required for your licensing. In addition, you’ll be opportune to build valuable relationships with experts in the field. So better apply now to begin the journey to a successful career.

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