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Top Ten (10) Paid PR Internships for Students

If you need recommendations on the best PR Internships in the world, you have nothing else to worry about, as this article will provide all the necessary insights.

Participating in a Public Relations (PR) Internship Program is undoubtedly one of the few ways to prepare ahead for the industry. It imparts virtually everything required for your career success; relevant work experience, expansive knowledge, and a broader skill set.

Read on to find out more about Public Relations Internships.

What are PR Internships?

Public Relations internship programs are career advancement opportunities for students to acquire relevant experience, develop their skills, and learn from professionals in the industry. These programs are ideal for degree-seeking students full of innovative ideas and willing to contribute extensively.

Roles of Public Relations Interns

While planning to participate in one of the best PR internships, you need to understand the duties and responsibilities of public relations interns. Such understanding will enable you to know your expectations beforehand.

  • Assisting with administrative works
  • Providing optimal support for the company’s PR strategy and implementing it in different phases
  • Effectively managing the company’s blogs and social media accounts
  • Communicating and maintaining contact with current or prospective clients
  • Creating engaging content
  • Conducting research and performing market analysis
  • Building media lists and updating them, along with databases
  • Making press releases and distributing them
  • Organizing, scheduling, and attending events

When you assume these roles, see below to know some of the financial and non-financial benefits you stand to reap.

Benefits of PR Internships

Here are reasons to participate in a Public Relations internship program.

  • PR Internships will make you understand all aspects of the public relations field and expands your knowledge about the industry.
  • These internship programs also help to sharpen your skills.
  • You will be opportune to acquire firsthand experience relevant to the PR industry.
  • Being part of a Public Relations internship program often comes with mentoring in the workplace.
  • You will get the chance to make contacts with professionals in the PR industry.
  • Most PR interns receive monthly salaries from their employers.

Eligibility Criteria for PR Internships

The following are the requirements for Public Relations intern roles in any company.

  • Be studying in a recognized institution of higher learning to earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree.
  • Have exceptional spoken and written communication skills
  • Eagerness for continuous learning
  • Deep understanding of various social media platforms
  • Enthusiasm for the Public Relations industry and its most effective practices
  • Be proficient with MS Office programs.

If you’ve satisfied the above requirements already, feel free to express interest in your preferred Public Relations internship program.

Best 10 Paid PR Internships

The following are our handpicked Public Relations internship programs hosted by various US, Canadian, and UK-based companies.

#1. Intel PR Internship

Among the best Public Relations Internships in Canada is Intel Corporation Internship. The company has a PR and communications intern role open to students pursuing a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Public Relations, business, marketing, communications, or any related field.

PR interns working at Intel Corporation’s office in Canada earn about CA $5,720 monthly. To qualify for this role, you must be ready to work five days a week, possessing excellent analytical, attention to detail, and collaboration skills.

You must also be proficient in working with Microsoft Office programs.

#2. Dow Internship Program

We also recommend Dow Inc. as one of the top providers of PR internships in the United States. Dow offers full-time intern positions for students looking forward to starting a career in the Public Relations industry. About 64% of Dow internships lead to a permanent job offer.

Students working asĀ PR interns in Dow’s office in the United States receive a monthly salary of approximately US$5,150.

#3. Tierney Internship Program

If you are studying to earn a bachelor’s degree in public relations, communications, or a related field, you may be eligible to work as a PR intern in Philadelphia, PA, USA.Ā Tierney pays its Public Relations interns about US$4,260 monthly.

Requirements for PR intern roles at Tierney include top-notch attention to detail, multitasking, communication, and organizational skills. You also have to exhibit professionalism, be able to write creative content, and efficiently manage relationships with clients and other employees.

#4. Golin Internship Program

This Graduate PR Internship requires working from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM on workdays. Internships with Golin offer a unique on-the-job learning experience, as the company is a leading public relations agency.

If you are still attending a college or university, this program is not for you, as it only hires graduates of recognized Canada-based institutions of higher learning. TheĀ estimated salary of PR interns at Golin in Canada is CA $4,000 per month.

#5. The Borgen Project PR Internship

This internship program lasts for 12 weeks, requiring you to work remotely for 12 hours weekly in Ontario, Canada. No matter your nationality, marital status, age, or ethnicity, you can apply for PR internship at the Borgen Project, provided you meet all requirements.

Internships begin every month at the Borgen Project. Hence, you can start your PR internship anytime in the year. PR interns working for the Borgen Project in Canada receive monthly salariesĀ estimated at CA $3,200.

#6. Rethink Internship Program

If you prefer to work as a Public Relations intern in Ontario, Canada, Rethink could be your best bet due to its vast benefits. Each intern will receive reasonable remuneration and enjoy a hybrid work environment. Interning with Rethink Canada also offers training and development opportunities and a mentorship program.

TheĀ average monthly salary of Rethink interns in Canada is CA $3,120. Moreover, you’ll join a rapidly-growing team toward making an impact in the company’s Public Relations/Brand Narrative department.

As you must pass an interview to win a PR intern job at Rethink Canada, we adviseĀ asking questions during your internship interviewĀ as an endeavor for a successful application.

#7. Frich Internship Program

As one of the best PR Internships in the US, interning with Frich will facilitate your career development, provided you are passionate about continuous learning. Working as an intern at Frich requires you to work eight to ten hours weekly. Besides, you can apply for a PR intern role at Frich anytime.

To qualify for Frich PR Internship, you must be a creative and highly motivated student. TheĀ average salary of students working as PR interns at Frich is US$2,720.

#8. Peppercomm Internship Program

This internship program is among the best PR Internships in the United States. It is financially rewarding, andĀ each Peppercomm summer intern earns about US$2,600 monthly. Interning with Peppercomm will help improve your understanding of public relations and integrated communications.

To qualify for Peppercomm Summer Internship, you must be a rising college sophomore and graduated senior with Microsoft Office and communication skills. If you have once worked as an intern, you’ll get a competitive advantage in the selection process.

#9. Maximus Internship Program

Another recommendable PR Internship in the United States is Maximus Summer Internship. This program requires current enrollment in a higher education institution. In addition, you must be pursuing a BA, B.Sc., or master’s degree program to qualify for a PR intern job at Maximus.

TheĀ estimated salary of Maximus interns in the United States is US$1,700. Other PR internship requirements include excellent communication, copywriting, editing, and computer literacy skills. You must also be able to make speeches in public.

#10. Brainnest PR Internship

You can work remotely or in person as a Public Relations intern at Brainnest’s office in the United Kingdom. A part-time PR intern role is also available, requiring students to work 10 to 20 hours per week.

TheĀ average salary of Brainnest’s PR interns is approximately Ā£1,800 per month. Students who want to participate in the company’s internship program must have strong communication skills, be fluent in English, and possess exceptional teamwork skills.

PR Internship Interview Questions

Here are some PR intern interview questions to reference whileĀ preparing for your internship interview.

  • Why do you seek an internship in our company?
  • What do you understand by Public Relations?
  • What do you love most about the Public Relations industry?
  • How do you manage a relationship with a new client?
  • What’s the difference between Public Relations and advertising?
  • How do you use social networks to serve your clients better?
  • Talk about a social media issue you experienced, describing how you resolved it.
  • How did your education prepare you for this intern role?
  • What is your greatest PR achievement?
  • Do you have writing experience?
  • What media sources do you frequently follow and why?
  • Describe a time you participated in a digital campaign.
  • How do you evaluate a campaign’s results?
  • What media method do you prefer your clients to use?
  • How do you prioritize tasks?

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Frequently Asked Questions about PR Internships

What does a PR intern do?

Public Relations interns have many responsibilities, such as making contacts with the company’s clients, content creation and curation, as well as supporting their employer’s PR strategy.

Why should I become a PR intern?

Participating in a Public Relations Internship Program has numerous benefits. It offers an opportunity to learn new skills, acquire industry-related experience, and build a professional network.

What skills can I gain from a PR internship?

Working as a Public Relations intern will enable you to develop your skill set. Such skills include communication, time management, networking, adaptability, research, professionalism, and organizational skills. In addition to these skills, you’ll get the chance to improve your focus even when under pressure.

How much do PR interns make in the US?

According toĀ ZipRecruiter, a popular employment website, theĀ average salary of Public Relations interns in the United States is approximately $2,800 per month.

What is the duration of a PR Internship?

Public Relations internships run for two to six months, depending on the host company and the available intern role.


No matter which country you prefer working as an intern, many providers of PR Internships should be available there to fast-track your professional development. You will also be opportune to explore the PR industry and acquire weeks to months of relevant experience. So you better take advantage of this opportunity to propel your career as you are still pursuing a degree.

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