Goldman Sachs Aptitude Questions For Internship

Possible Goldman Sachs Aptitude Questions

Goldman Sachs has a place among the world’s leading investment banking and management organization. It is a good organization for experienced professionals and new graduates to start their careers. Thus, they provide internship programs for students and fresh graduates to get real-world experience working with experts. However, students must go through a recruitment process. Therefore, we have listed possible Goldman Sachs Aptitude Questions For the Internship and their answers. You can also learn how to write a cover letter for your internship even without experience from one of our writers. 

List of Goldman Sachs Aptitude Questions

The list below contains possible Goldman Sachs Aptitude Questions For Internship that you must practice performing well during recruitment. They include:

Question 1.

A housewife devotes fifty percent of their income to the family upkeep, 25% to the rent, and fifteen percent to transportation to and from work. The remaining sum is subsequently put into a savings account at the financial institution in the neighborhood. Assuming that a sum of Rs. 50 is put into the bank every month, and the following is an example of how this could play out. How much does the family make every year?

A. Rs.500 

B. Rs.1500

C. Rs.800 

D. Rs.1000

Ans: D

Question 2.

Assuming the average age of a peer group of friends is 15. And the particular group has ten individuals altogether. However, adding five new members resulted in an increase of 1 year in the group’s current average age. What is the average age range of the new members in the group?

A. Rs.18 years

B.Rs.15 years

C.Rs.21 years

D. Rs.20 years

Ans: A

Question 3.

A worker spends Rs. 95 for six months. And as a result, he ran into financial trouble. Subsequently, in the following four months, he paid off his debt. He saved 50 rupees by lowering his monthly expenditures to 70 rupees. Thus, he was able to save more than he had spent. How much does he make each month?

A. Rs. 85

B. Rs. 95

C. Rs. 88

D. Rs. 90

Ans: D

Question 4.

A can hold a mixture of two liquids, A and B, in the proportion of 7:5, and the can is sealed. The ratio of A to B shifts to 7:9 when 9 liters of the mixture are removed, and the container is filled with B. The initial amount of liters of liquid A contained within the can was

A. 10 L

B. 20 L

C. 21 L

D. 25 L

Ans: C

Question 5.

A container contains 80 liters of milk. The eight liters of milk in this container have been switched out for water. The procedure was then carried out an additional two times. What is the amount of milt contained in the container after that?

A. 58.23 L

B. 85.23 L

C. 58.32 L

D. 85..32 L

Ans: C

Question 6.

You are holding a can that contains a combination of two different liquids. Seven parts water to 5 parts milk makes up this proportion. If 9 liters of the mixture are removed, the ratio of milk to water in the container becomes 7:9, and it is then filled with water. How many liters of milk was in the can when it opened?

A. 12 L

B. 15 L

C. 21 L

D. 26 L

Ans: C

Question 7.

How many kilograms of red chili powder costs 9 rupees per kg must be mixed with 27 kilograms of red chili powder, which costs 7 rupees per kg, to make a profit of 10% by selling the mixture for 9.24 rupees per kilogram?

A. 63

B. 36

C. 42

D. 32

Ans: A

Question 8.

What is the initial amount of water in a can that can hold a combination of two liquids, A and B, in the proportion of 7 to 5, respectively, if the balance of A to B changes to 7:9 when 9 liters of the mixture are poured out, and the container is then filled with B?

A. 10 L

B. 20 L

C. 21 L

D. 25 L

Ans: C

Question 9.

Suppose a container can hold a combination of two different types of liquid. And seven parts have water, to 5 parts contain milk to make up this proportion. When 9 liters of the mixture is poured out and replaced with water, the milk to water in the container shifts to 7:9 . How many liters of milk were initially contained inside the can when it was first opened?

A.12 L

B. 15 L

C. 21 L

D. 26 L

Ans: C

Question 10.

The list price of a fan is Rs. 1500, with a discount of 20% on the list price. If the price comes down to Rs. 1104, what additional discount is offered to the customer? 

A. 8%

B. 10%

C. 12%

D. 5%

Ans: A

Question 11.

If the price of a briefcase was initially Rs. 1400 and Arima purchased the suitcase with an additional 10% discount after receiving a discount of 20% on the price that was labeled on the briefcase. How much did she pay for the suitcase? 

A. Rs.980

B. Rs.1008

C. Rs.1056

D. Rs.1120

Ans: B

Question 12.

A company sells a car with a marked price of Rs. 2,72,000 with a discount of 4% on Rs. 2,00,000 and 2.5% on the remaining Rs. 72,000. What is the actual price charged by the company for the car?

A. Rs. 2,50,000

B. Rs. 2,55,000

C. Rs. 2,60,100

D. Rs. 2,62,200

Ans: D

Question 13.

Suppose Jatin got a twenty percent discount from the price listed on the refrigerator he bought this week. Suppose he had purchased it when it was on sale for 25% off; he could have saved an additional Rs. 500. How much did he pay for the refrigerator?

A. Rs.5,000

B. Rs.10,000

C. Rs.12,500

D. Rs.15,000

Ans: A

Question 14.

Suppose a bag contains 23 toys with the numbers 1 to 23, and you draw two randomly, one after another (without replacing the first toy). What is the probability that you will draw both toys with even numbers? Replace the first toy with a new toy before pulling the second toy.

A. 5/21

B. 9/42

C. 11/42

D. 5/23

Ans: D

Question 15.

In 75% of all situations, X is telling the truth, and in 80% of all cases, Y is telling the truth. In what proportion of instances do accounts differing in detail but describing the same occurrence contradict one another?

A. 45%


C. 35%

D. 22.5%

Ans: C

Question 16.

If you add Amar, Akbar, and Anthony’s ages together, they will have a combined age of eighty years. Assuming they were all together in the last three years. What was their combined age three years ago?

A. 71 years

B. 72 years

C. 74 years

D. 77 years

Ans: 71

Question 17.

If Ram could work at a pace that allows him to complete a piece of work in 24 hours when he first starts, he could maintain this pace for only 16 hours before slowing down. After that, however, he could work at a rate that allowed him to complete the entire work in 18 hours. How long will it take Ram to finish the job if he can work nonstop until it is done?

A. 12 hrs

B. 18 hrs

C. 11½ hrs

D. 22 hrs

Ans: D

Question 18.

If A can complete a piece of work within one week and a half, B has estimated that they can complete it in 16 days. Assuming A has started the job at first without B. How many days will pass before B can join him to complete the work in 9 days?

A. 2 days

B. 3 days

C. 4 days

D. 5 days

Ans: D

Question 19.

If A and B can complete a piece of work in four days, C and D require twelve days to achieve the same result. How many days will it take A, B, C, and D to finish the same work together?

A. 12 days

B. 4 days

C. 3 days

D. 2 days

Ans: C

Question 20.

Suppose the amount of work that can be completed by A and B in forty days can be done by B and C in one hundred and twenty days. If it takes B by themselves 180 days to complete the task, how many days will it take A and C together to complete the task?

A. 45 days

B. 22.5 days

C. 25 days

D. 18 days

Ans: A

Gold Sach Internship HR interview questions

In addition to the Goldman Sachs Aptitude Questions For Internship, you will expect the following questions during your interview. They include:

  1. What do you set to accomplish with your life?
  2. Why do you feel our company is the best?
  3. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  4. Why should we employ you among other candidates?
  5. Can you work effectively under intense time constraints?
  6. What made you leave your last job?
  7. Do you have good time-management skills?
  8. Do you feel anxious? What makes you think so?
  9. What brings joy to your life?


It would help to prepare well for Goldman Sachs Aptitude Questions For Internship. Otherwise, you will not be able to get the position you want at the company. Moreover, the internship is competitive, and the hiring team looks for the best candidates for each post. Thus, the aptitude test is one way to convince them you are the best candidate.

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