Physical Therapy Internships for Undergraduates

Top 10 Physical Therapy Internships for Undergraduates

When choosing an internship, finding an organization that will challenge and allows you to learn new skills is essential. Physical therapy internships can provide ample opportunity to do just that. In addition to learning about the profession, you can develop basic skills such as patient care, assessment, documentation, and exercise prescription. Read on to discover the Top 10 Physical Therapy Internships for Undergraduate Students.

What Is A Physical Therapy Internship?

A physical therapy internship allows students to work alongside licensed professionals. During this period, interns observe and sometimes assist with various aspects of rehabilitation, including evaluation, treatment planning, and patient education. This practical experience can help students build their skills and knowledge while providing valuable networking opportunities.

Internships can occur at hospitals, clinics, or private practices; they often last several months or longer. Students may be required to complete specific coursework before applying for an internship program; however, the benefits are numerous.

Duties of a Physical Therapy Intern?

As an intern, you may be wondering what your duties entail. Here are some of the core responsibilities of a physical therapy P.T. intern.

Firstly, you will assist licensed physical therapists with patient care by observing and performing various exercises and treatments. This includes helping patients with stretching, strength training, balance exercises, and more.

You will also help with documentation such as progress notes and treatment plans to ensure accuracy in their health records.

Secondly, you will work closely with other healthcare professionals like nurses or doctors to coordinate care for patients who require additional services outside of physical therapy.

Additionally, you must maintain a professional demeanor when interacting with patients or colleagues to build positive relationships within the workplace.

Top 10 Physical Therapy Internships Programs

We have compiled a list of the Top 10 Physical Therapy Internship Programs to assist you in advancing your career as a physical therapist. Our list covers programs offered by some of the finest institutions in the world.

#1. Sports Medicine Physical Therapy Intern

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Internship, Day shift, Monday to Friday.

This program is essential to the Sports Academy Integrated Sports Medicine center. It enables students to build a foundation of knowledge and abilities to prepare them for professional jobs.

The intern will practice skills, apply information, and test theories and concepts under the direction and supervision of experienced professionals. Hence, the internship enables exponential professional growth, assists in identifying personal strengths and limitations, and allows for applying taught theory to practical settings.

Suppose you are interested in working as an intern in this program; please send us a cover letter, résumé, and three references. Please also add your email and phone number to the application for a response.

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#2. Intern-Pre-Physical Therapy

Job Type: Temporary, Day Shift, Varied Shifts, Monday to Friday.

This is another physical therapy internship program. The Pre-Physical Therapy Intern in this program receives education and training in a real-world healthcare education setting. Besides, the intern will receive training in preparation for a future career in their chosen field of study. The program requires current students in their final semester of study.

In addition, internship credit obtained throughout the internship experience is required. Academic studies in Exercise Science or Pre-Physical Therapy are preferred. Students who can commit to 1:00-4:00 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays will be given priority.

#3. Therapy Summer Intern

Job Types: Part-time, Internship, Day shift, Monday to Friday, Weekends.

Therapy Summer Intern is one of the most excellent internship programs. This program is now looking for self-starters who have completed at least one (1) year of college to join our team as Summer Therapy Interns.

Hence, if you are studying medicine or special education, this is an excellent opportunity for you (including speech, recreation, special education, pre-med, P.T., or O.T.).

#4. Administrative Support Specialist

Job Types: Part-time, Internship, Day shift, Monday to Friday.

Occupational therapy seeks a hungry, humble, clever candidate from the outpatient Physical Therapy clinic. More specifically, they seek an organized, motivated, and growth-oriented Medical Support Specialist with strong Professional Development skills to join their team.

Billing, coding, invoicing, data input, insurance verification, authorization management, auditing, and payment posting are also responsibilities of the administrative support specialist profession.

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#5. Physical Therapy Aide

Job Types: Part-time, Internship, Monday to Friday.

Active Edge Physical Therapy in Oregon City seeks a responsible, motivated candidate to serve as a Physical Therapy Assistant at the orthopedia/sports clinic program.

The organization offers a comprehensive, all-encompassing approach to the entire kinetic chain. It also assists individuals in optimizing overall function.

As a result, this is an excellent chance for recent college graduates to work alongside P.T.s and gain vital experience before enrolling in a P.T. or PTA program.

Suppose you enjoy Active Edge P.T. and wish to make a career out of it. Send your resume and cover letter to the response at Indeed, and they will schedule interviews within the next week. Visit their website for more details.

#6. Physical Therapy Intern

Job Types: Full-time, Internship, Monday to Friday.

Move Better Physical Therapy P.T. is a well-established and expanding PT-owned private practice. The company’s intern program is a Full-Time Paid learning opportunity where you can obtain experience in an outpatient orthopedic physical therapy clinic.

As a result, an ideal candidate for this Physical Therapy Intern position will be assisting physical therapists with non-patient care chores and assisting with administrative tasks. Interns also gain a deeper understanding of the practice of physical therapy, which often leads to good reference letters in preparation for graduate school.

If you want a terrific opportunity to work with a great team of therapists in a vibrant setting, you can email your CV and cover letter explaining why you are the appropriate one.

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#7. Physical Therapy Aide Experience

Job Types: Part-time, Internship, Monday to Friday.

An intern position as a physical therapist aide is available on the Change Sports Physical Therapy team. You must be able to engage and relate with others and grasp workout mechanics and modalities.

This is because the work entails greeting patients and leading them through their prescribed exercises as the physical therapist advises. If you are interested in this position, you can send your resume and cover letter explaining why you are the best candidate.

#8. Physical Therapy Internship

Job Types: Full-time, Internship, eight weeks programs.

Choctaw Nation has an internship opening for a Physical Therapy Intern. The P.T. Intern is committed to studying clinic administration and patient care. With permission from the Medical Staff office, the Physical Therapy P.T. Intern will participate in Job Shadowing.

Furthermore, as a P.T. in this company, your primary task will be to participate in various Physical Therapy or related jobs with supervision, which may involve administrative chores, job shadowing, and so on.

#9. PT-Aid

Job Types: Full-time, Internship

There are immediate vacancies for a California, P.T. AID, and Front Office at a vibrant P.T.-owned outpatient ortho clinic.

The clinics are in Downey, California (Los Angeles County). The remuneration for this program is competitive; we will discuss the benefits package with the applicant. They welcome new graduates and urge prospective graduates to submit their resumes.

The benefits of this program include dental insurance, health insurance, paid time off, and vision insurance. To apply, send your résumé via email.

#10. Rehab Therapy Intern

Job Types: Part-time, Internship, Day shift, Monday to Friday, Night Shift, and Weekends.

This is a unique hands-on chance for a physical therapy intern to receive real-life experience supporting someone with a physical impairment with a fitness plan. For example, competitive vacancies are currently available for motivated students with a minimum commitment of 2-4 hours per week.

As program participants, you will get to work with Bhumit, an adult guy with spastic quadriplegia caused by Cerebral Palsy. In the treatment area, appropriate safety precautions are being taken.


With these best physical therapy internships for undergraduates listed above, you can find your perfect fit and begin laying the groundwork for a lifelong career that is both meaningful and rewarding. To get started, take some time to research each program and see which one aligns best with your goals and interests. And don’t hesitate to share this opportunity with a friend. Good luck!

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