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Petroleum Engineering Internships Houston: About

Petroleum engineering internships are available for motivated students in Houston. The opportunity is open for students in the energy industry at various petroleum establishments in Houston.

To learn more about this opportunity, read this prose thoroughly for information on the benefits, responsibilities, eligibility criteria, and how to apply for the internship.

About Houston

Houston is a big metropolis in Texas. It is famous for its low cost of living, affordable housing, diverse culture, low state income tax, and fantastic food. The city is closely linked with Houston’s space center and relatively compact with the downtown.

The leading economy of Houston is the energy industry —oil in particular. Houston has about 4600 energy-related firms, and the region is famous for its foreign investment in energy. However, the city’s economy comprises biomedical research, health care, and aerospace.

Petroleum Engineering Internships in Houston

Houston is popularly known as the energy capital of the world. It has over 180 pipeline transportation establishments, 1100 oilfield service companies, and 600 exploration and production firms. Hence, internship positions are numerous in the city.

You can take hold of a position as a freshman field intern, a junior intern, or even a sophomore student. Regardless of your chosen position, the internship will open you to many opportunities encompassing experience, networking, compensation, access to facilities, etc.

Responsibilities of petroleum engineering interns in Houston

The following are several tasks and responsibilities you will likely face in any petroleum industry you intern in Houston.

Freshman field interns

As a freshman field intern, you will be responsible for the following activities:

  • Perform daily field operations as well as facility construction
  • Perform workover rig operations
  • Drilling rig operations and coiled tubing operations.

Sophomore students

As a sophomore student interning in any petroleum engineering industry in Houston, you will be responsible for some of the following activities.

  • Be exposed to the same operations as freshman field interns.
  • Work on an engineering project for the second half of the summer and present your findings. The project can range from optimizing facilities to optimizing and implementing secondary recovery equipment.

Once you complete your internship program, you will fully understand the oilfield fluid types, handling, and processing; the importance of volumes and pressures; the artificial lift method; and the reproduction parts for a reservoir for sales.

Junior level interns

It is of note that junior-level interns are also eligible to apply for the petroleum engineering internship in Houston. However, you will be assigned an office internship with some asset teams. The following are some of your responsibilities as a junior-level intern:

  • Conduct the service studies that include working with a geologist to draft net pay maps and structure, analyzing well logs, managing production and pressure databases, and analyzing the data to quantify the project’s oil and gas reserve.
  • Research well files, evaluate the project’s economics, and create wellbores diagrams.
  • Work with the operation team to form a procedure for the project to be worked on.

Note that the internship program may also include a presentation to the management for project approvals.

Benefits of the petroleum engineering internship in Houston

There are many benefits for those interested in interning at any of the petroleum industries in Houston. However, we have few of them. Check below for more information.

Access to petroleum facilities

  • Interning in Houston will open you up to the usage and operations of special equipment and machines involved in petroleum production.

Learning opportunity

  • Being a petroleum engineering intern in Houston will help you learn from some of the best individuals in the industry. You will meet many experienced individuals who can put you through some of the essential concepts in the petroleum industry.


  • Undergoing a petroleum engineering internship in Houston will help you grow your professional network. The network you make can prove very useful for you even after your training is over.


  • You will meet experts willing to mentor you through your Internship process. You will learn how to make internship reportsimprove on some vital skills and also learn how to be successful in the field.


  • To crown it all, you will be heavily compensated by the company you choose to intern. Your pay can be monthly or hourly, depending on your agreement with the interning organization.

How to apply for the Petroleum Engineering Internships in Houston

The following is a stepwise guide for you to successfully apply for a petroleum internship position in any of the petroleum industries in Houston.

Step one: Ensure that you are eligible to work in Houston

The first step to applying for an internship position in Houston, Texas, United States, is to ensure you have the clearance to work in the city. This is especially true for international students.

So, if you are an international student willing to gain valuable experience working in the petroleum industry in Houston, ensure that you have a valid visa, passport, and other documents that will enable you to work in the country.

Step two: Look for internship positions in the city

After the previous point is cleared, look out for Petroleum industries willing to offer internship positions in Houston. You can never get stranded in obtaining a job, as the city has many petroleum industries.

Step three: Meet the criteria for the position

Once you find an internship position in Houston, check out the eligibility criteria and requirements that are needed for your application. If you meet the requirements, you can proceed with the application. If not, you may have to search for an intern position with other organizations in the city.

Step four: Prepare your application documents

Prepare all documents that you need to apply for the internship position. The documents you may need to provide may differ from industry to industry. However, the general documents common to the Petroleum industry are recommendation letters, cover letters, and resumes. To be safe, you may contact the company for additional documents to add to your application.

Step five: Complete your application

Complete your application for the internship position as soon as possible. It is highly advisable to apply before the deadline to be given preference.

Frequently Asked Question

How much does an engineering intern earn in Houston?

Averagely, the engineering intern in Houston can earn up to $36,500 per year. However, the internship salary can vary between $15,000 to $85,000 depending on various factors such as experience, skills, bonuses, employer, tips, etc. So, research the organization and the internship benefits they offer before taking the position.

Are petroleum engineers in demand?

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics’s prediction, petroleum engineering positions will increase by 8% from 2020 to 2030, with more than 2,000 job openings yearly. The bureau of labor statistics defines this growth as a result of the stability in the profession.

Where do most petroleum engineers live?

The best state where a petroleum engineer lives is Delaware. Also, Rhode Island and Nevada are highly ranked due to the high salary offered to petroleum engineers.

What are the disadvantages of being a petroleum engineer?

There is always a downside to every career. In the petroleum engineering profession, staff may require traveling to drilling sites. Also, the occupation tends to have mass layoffs in cases of decreased oil prices. In addition, the work condition may not be suitable for social people who cannot deal with working alone.

How risky is petroleum engineering?

Petroleum engineers, in some cases, are subjected to high-risk work on offshore oil rigs. Also, since the industry is affected by oil market sales, engineers may be laid off when the oil price falls.


The petroleum engineer Internships in Houston are available for motivated and brilliant minds in the United States. We have provided everything you need to ensure that your application succeeds. So, take the initiatives to apply for the position today!

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