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Participating in the Perella Weinberg partners internship will open you to investment banking and provide the needed skills and knowledge to thrive in the investment industry.

This article will discuss the relevant information on the internship, interns’ responsibilities, the eligibility criteria, the documents needed to apply, and how to apply for the internship position.

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About Perella Weinberg Partners

The Perella Weinberg Partners is an independent organization that is involved in investment banking. The organization provides financial advice and strategy to the United States and other countries. The service they offer is related to mergers and acquisition execution, mission-critical strategic and financial decisions, capital markets advisory, shareholder and defense advisory, financing and capital advisory solutions focused on restructuring and liability management, private capital placement, and underwriting and research services, primarily for the energy and related industries.

The organization serves mid-sized public and private companies, creditor committees, public multinational corporations, private and institutional investors, individual entrepreneurs, and government institutions in various industries. The government institutions they serve comprise financial institutions; consumer and retail; technology; healthcare; energy; and industrial companies.

Overview of Perella Weinberg Partners Internship

The Perella Weinberg Partners Internship is a ten-week program that allows motivated interns to develop and optimize tangible skills to help drive their professional development. The financial officers and bankers in the Perella Weinberg partner will lead intern members on a dynamic training program and a robust curriculum to enhance interns’ analytical expertise and modeling.

You will gain real-world experience in transactions in a fast-paced environment. Also, internships in the organization are highly complimented by social outings and networking events to help you develop a good relationship with other interns and understand the role and responsibility of bankers and the industry.

Responsibilities of interns at Perella Weinberg Partners

The following are some of the tasks and duties you will be entrusted with as an intern at the organization:

  • Creating client presentations
  • Building financial valuation models
  • Actively engaging in live deals and complex transactions
  • Participating in quantitative analysis and broad models
  • Engaging in due diligence processes
  • Conducting company and industry research

Benefits of the Perella Weinberg Partners Internship

Undoubtedly, the Perella Weinberg partners internship holds a lot of help and advantages for motivated interns who want to participate in its internship programs. These are just a few of the things you can expect.


  • As an intern at the Perella Weinberg partners, you are entitled to a compensation of about $96K – $106K/yr, in addition to some other benefits you will enjoy in the organization.


  • The experience you will enjoy at the Perella Weinberg partners is second to none. Not only will you benefit from building financial knowledge, but you also get to improve your curriculum vitae when you add this experience to your resume.


  • Interning at the Perella Weinberg partners will help you meet people from far and near. You will collaborate with industry experts and fellow interns to build a profitable network that can benefit you after your internship.


  • You will also get to meet brilliant minds and experienced financial professionals that may offer to mentor you and provide you with all that you need to succeed as an investment banker.

Eligibility criteria for the Perella Weinberg partner Internship

To be selected as an internship candidate at the Perella Weinberg partners, you must satisfy the following eligibility criteria and requirements for selection.

  • Have a strong desire to take the initiative and excel
  • Possess historically competitive academic standing
  • Have an intellectual curiosity and aptitude for problem-solving and numerical analysis
  • A thorough grasp of financial concepts
  • Candidates should be either in their penultimate or final year of study
  • A strong work ethic and a high level of personal integrity
  • A positive and collaborative attitude
  • Clear and concise communication skills

Documents required for the Perella Weinberg Partners Internship

To apply for this fantastic opportunity, you must prepare some essential documents for your application. This document includes the following:

Cover letter

  • Ensure that your cover letter is well-written and accurate. Proofread it for necessary grammatical errors and ensure that it captures your interest in the internship and how you intend to contribute to the overall growth and development of the industry.


  • Include a professional resume with information on all of your professional experience and academic certification in an orderly manner. Note that your resume must be updated to include all essential information about yourself.

Recommendation letter

  • Undoubtedly, you will need at least two letters of recommendation from professional bodies, preferable people from the investment industry or your professors at your institution, that can testify to your hunger for knowledge, composure, and the ability to take the initiative.

How to apply for the Perella Weinberg Partners Internship

To apply for the Perella Weinberg partners internship, you must make an application through its portal. The following is a stepwise guide to help you get started.

Step one: Pass the criteria test for the internship

It would help if you satisfied the eligibility criteria for the training before taking the initiative to apply. Therefore, go through the eligibility criteria section of this prose once again and the documents you need to submit. Be sure that you meet all requirements before proceeding to apply.

Step two: Visit the Perella Weinberg partner’s website

Submit your application documents to the Perella Weinberg partner’s website. Ensure you include application documents. Also, contact the organization for information on other documents you must provide for the position.

Step three: Complete your application

Once you submit the application document, you can proceed to finalize your application and wait for the confirmation of your application through your registered mail.

Step four: Confirm your acceptance

If the recruiting team of the Perella Weinberg Partners sees your application as outstanding for its internship program, you may be communicated for a scheduled physical or virtual interview.

Step five: Prepare for the interview

You must prepare well for the internship interviewYou may have to go through the organization’s missions and visions. Know what their interests are, the project they embark on, etc., to have complete knowledge of the company you are about work for.

Step six: Attend the interview

On your interview day, ensure you attend fully dressed and neatly looking. Give all your best for the interview section, and await a message with further instructions. If they think you are an ideal person for the internship position, you will receive a congratulatory message to begin your internship at a specified date.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Perella Weinberg Partners prestigious?

Most definitely, the Perella Weinberg Partners is a highly prestigious independent investment banking that works with high-profile clients like Kraft Heinz, PayPal, and TMobile. They offer staff and interns an incredible chance to gain hands-on experience and responsibility to work on live deals with clients and bankers.

What is unique about Perella Weinberg Partners?

The Perella Weinberg partners are unique because they provide financial, strategic, and tactical advice in connecting with complex executive acquisitions, mergers, corporate divestitures, etc. Also, they are involved in joint ventures, carve-outs, spinoffs, and takeovers relating to defense and preparedness.

Why work at Perella Weinberg Partners?

Working at Perella Weinberg is a dream come true as the company has a positive work environment where everyone matters. Every leadership team knows every member by name and nurtures a good relationship from top to bottom. In addition, they encourage an open-door policy allowing everyone to voice their opinion and feel included in the organization. 

Is Perella Weinberg hard to get into?

Getting into Perella Weinberg as an intern is complex as the generally rated employer acceptability is 64.0%, as specified by glassdoor.

What is it like to work at Perella Weinberg?

Working at the Perella Weinberg partners is a good experience. The organization has higher ratings in culture, work-life balance, and values for career opportunities. Therefore it is a fantastic place to pursue a worthwhile career.


Undoubtedly, the Perella Weinberg partners internship is your sure destination for gaining hands-on experience, developing your career, and preparing for a bright future. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by; apply today.