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Are you an engineering student in Pakistan? Are you bothered about gaining work experience after your graduation? Apply for PEC Internship Program to gather enough experience to excel in your profession. See the benefits, qualifications, and tips for landing this internship.

PEC Internship Program

PEC Internship Program is a program set up by the Pakistani government to nurture the skill set of young engineers’ in Pakistan. It allows students and young engineers to learn valuable skills and knowledge to excel in the industry. During the training, students and interns will get a monthly stipend and industry allocation to facilitate their growth as Young Engineers.¬†

What is Fresh Graduate’s First Internship Program?

Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) has taken various initiatives to train young engineers through its internship program. The Fresh Graduate’s First Internship Program has achieved international recognition for quality standards in engineering education, accreditation, and professional practice through prestigious regional and global professional forums. The PEC “Trainee Engineers” Program for fresh graduates allows fresh engineering graduates to work with experts in various fields. Under this scheme, 2,000 new engineers will be engaged in multiple sectors in Pakistan. This scheme aims to provide fresh graduates with hands-on exposure, working knowledge, skill enhancement, and professional competence to help them handle the latest techniques and technologies.

It is available to graduates who have not availed of any other training/ Internship Program under any Government Program in Pakistan. Also, engineering graduates not employed in any Government or Private Organization who are not full-time students of any Public or Private Institution can apply for this internship. However, they must possess an accredited engineering program degree in any discipline within the last five years. In addition, applicants must be registered with PEC as Registered Engineers. Plus, they must bear 50% marks or 2.5 CGPA in the final degree. 

Eligibility Criteria for PEC Internship Program

Engineers applying for the PEC Internship Program must meet the requirements below. They include:

  1. The Fresh Graduate’s First Internship is not a job offer to interns. Applicants must expect the placement to terminate after six months automatically. Therefore, there is no expectation of granting any right or absorption or job with the concerned organization.
  2. Applicants with wrong or incomplete applications will be disqualified
  3. There is a preference for female candidates who apply for this internship.
  4. Disabled applicants for PEC Internship Program have a 2% quota.
  5. Applicants for PEC Internship Program must be Pakistani nationals.
  6. Participants in this program will receive a stipend of Rs.30,000.
  7. The period of Trainee Engineer would be six months without any extension.

The Mechanism for Fresh Graduate’s First Internship

Applicants for Fresh Graduate’s First Internship will consider the following procedures. They include:

  1. Registration by applicants will be through the submission of data, including Discipline, Domicile, location & Area of Interest, along with a CV.
  2. Segregation of Data in Discipline, Domicile, Location & Area of Interest by PEC for employers.
  3. Access of applicant’s pool to interested Employers as per their need/ requirement (industry, technical organization, HEIs, R&D, Services, marketing).
  4. Selection of applicants by the employers themselves through profile/ CV review and Interview (if needed).
  5. Employers will share the list of selected candidates with PEC for formal notification.
  6. After approval of PEC, the selected candidates will be notified
  7. Release of salary by PEC to the concerned employers for their selected Trainee Engineers.
  8. Acknowledgment of wages paid to the Trainee Engineers must be submitted to PEC by the Employers.
  9. After six months, the Employer will submit a feedback report in PEC format.
  10. PEC will issue the Experience Certificate to Trainee Engineers on successful completion, in consultation with the respective Employer.

Benefits of the PEC Internship Program

PEC offers its interns many benefits. Here are a few benefits students get from working at the organization. They include:

#1. Six-month paid internship for Pakistani graduate

PEC Internship Program is a six-month paid internship for graduate engineers working in Pakistan. Interns will receive a monthly stipend of 30,000 PKR. The officials use this fund to attract the best graduates to the program. In addition, participants will use this money to cover their living expenses during the internship. 

#2. A platform to gain excellence 

In addition to the monthly stipends, PEC Internship Program is an avenue to gain practical experience and achieve excellence as an engineer., Interns participate in real p[projects through which they gather the skills and knowledge to excel in the engineering sector in Pakistan. 

#3. A chance to learn and polish skills 

The program also allows students and interns to learn the skills and techniques best suited for the industry. Thus, they are trained to become the best engineers after the internship. Moreover, working with experts will help students learn the best practices in engineering. 

How to apply for the PEC Internship Program

Eligible candidates for the PEC Internship Program must submit their applications through data submission. The data and documents they need include Discipline, Domicile, location & Area of Interest, and a CV. They can find other information about this program on the website below. In addition, students finding it difficult to apply for internships in any organization can learn how to apply for internships in big firms, even without experience.

Tips for applying for PEC Internship

Getting an internship in a big firm can be challenging. Sometimes, it requires a lot of documents and a rigorous process. However, students who meet the requirements and follow the correct steps will pass these hurdles. For this reason, we have highlighted the tips that will help fresh graduates apply for this internship without much stress. They include:

#1. Tailor your application

 Tailoring their applications is the number one tip to help students obtain this internship. Your application must point down to the area or job you want as an engineer. Therefore, it must highlight your skills, education, abilities, and strengths related to the industry. 

#2. Learn new skills

You will also learn the required skills for the job you want. You must visit the company’s website or local media page and handles to find this information. If you have the right skills, your employers will likely choose you over other applicants because they believe you can contribute to the firm’s success.

#3. Network with former interns

 Networking also helps students and graduates to land their dream jobs in big firms. We advise you to connect with former and parent interns. Plus, workers in the company. They will give you valuable information that will be helpful to you in the whole process, especially during your Interview with the hiring manager.

#4. Write a good resume and cover letter

Another tip to boost your chances of getting this job is your resume and cover letter. Therefore, you must write a good overview and a compelling cover letter. A good summary will contain your qualifications, experience, skills, and other requirements for the job. In other words, you must convince your Employer you are the best candidate for the job. 

Similarly, your cover letter must highlight your skills, strengths, and abilities related to the job. Thus, it must point out why you are fit for the position. n other words, it must convince our Employer you have the qualities for the post you are applying for at the company., 

#5. Research the company

You must also research the job, company, and industry. To do this, you will visit the company’s website and social media pages. Many companies post jobs and internships there. On the website, ensure you get the job requirements, descriptions, your role, required skills, and other information. Conversely, you can use different job search engines to get the details about this job. For instance, and LinkedIn are good sites for this.

Frequently Asked Questions

IS a PEC Internship good for students?

Yes, the PEC internship Program is perfect for engineers with field experience. It prepares them for the job and career. Plus, it helps them build a network of friends who can become business partners.

Is Pakistan good for an internship?

Pakistan is good for internships, especially for Pakistani students and graduates. It is a multicultural society that allows people of different cultures and backgrounds. 


The PEC Internship Program is a pathway for graduate engineers in Pakistan to gain work experience. It prepares students who want t pursue a career in engineering. Thus, students gain the skills and knowledge required to excel as an engineer in Pakistan.