Park Ranger Internships

Park Ranger Internships: All you need to know!

Do you want to gain valuable experience protecting national resources and ensuring the smooth operation of a park? If yes, the Park ranger internship is your best option.

With job descriptions that range from ranger security to camp ranger and federal park ranger, there are many options for you to opt for. In this prose, we will enlighten you on how to apply for the park ranger internships, including information on the responsibilities you are likely to oversee, eligibility criteria, and lots more.

Who is a Park Ranger

A park ranger is an individual who works in a park. Their career is to combine environmental policy in wildlife conservation, public relations, public education, administrative duties, and outdoor activities.

Park rangers often spend most of their days working out in the field. They approach public safety, environmental health and maintenance, wildlife protection, and education heads on. Also, they oversee other administrative works by developing educational curricula and tracking visitors’ requests.

Overview of Park Ranger Internship

The park ranger internship is available for undergraduate and graduate students interested in establishing a career. You will learn the skills needed for you to thrive in a professional environment. Likewise, you can select a sustainable career in your field of study.

The essential components of the internship are the professional development workshops, wherein you will gain knowledge in business, writing, resume building, and networking. Throughout the program, you will likely work with executive members, staff executives, fellow interns, etc., to develop a meaningful connection that you can use for your professional endeavors.

Types of Park Rangers

Undoubtedly, there are different types of park rangers, each with its unique functions and focus. Below is information on their classification.

#1. National Park Service Ranger

The national park service ranger enforces laws and orders within the National Park to protect the national resources within the location. They often start as seasonal employees, after which they can undergo academic training before becoming fully employed park rangers by the Federal Government.

#2. State Park Ranger

The state park ranger protects wildlife, natural resources, and visitors in the state parks. Although their law enforcement is low, they tend to focus more on the duties encompassing park interpretation. As a state park ranger intern, you will provide educational materials and guidance for visitors while also working to conserve wildlife and the environment.

#3. County Park Ranger

The county park rangers are a different selection of rangers whose activities are more related to state park rangers. They function to provide visitors with the necessary education and information they need while protecting natural resources. As a county park ranger intern, you will give visitors a memorable experience and service while performing administrative duties. In addition, you will also manage the park and maintain its environment.

#4. Temporary or Seasonal Park Ranger

The temporary or seasonal park rangers will work in the State or National park as counterparts during the summer and spring months when the visitorship is highest. They assist in ensuring the safe and smooth operation of the park.

#5. Mounted Park Rangers

The national park service often employs house-mounted park rangers. This ranger type focuses on maintaining crowd control and order at a horse-mounted patrol. 

Responsibilities of Park Ranger Interns

The duties and responsibilities of Park Ranger Interns vary with the operation of the park. Some of their functions include

  • Protect the park from damage.
  • Safeguard the park from any form of vandalism, litter, or negligence.
  • Associate and interact with the public to make a memorable visitor experience.
  • Law enforcement
  • Public Education
  • Park operations and administration
  • Wildlife management
  • Forestry

It is of note that State Park rangers and national park service rangers have slightly different jobs. The general duties of the same National Park rangers will focus more on law enforcement. On the other hand, State Park rangers focus more on environmental maintenance and visitor interaction.

Documents Requirements for the Park Ranger Internship

Below is a list of available documents you must prepare to apply for the park ranger Internship.

Cover letter

  • Provide a comprehensive cover letter with information on your motivation to be a park ranger intern. Also, briefly describe how you will contribute to the park’s development.


  • Submit your curriculum vitae having information on your academic qualification, experience, etc., to apply for the internship position.

Recommendation letter

  • Provide two recommendation letters from professional bodies who can attest to your positive attitude towards work and eagerness to learn new things.

How to apply for the Park Ranger Internship

The following is a stepwise guide to successfully applying for the park ranger Internship.

Step one: Check for Internship openings in any park of choice

Visit a park within your vicinity to check for an internship position. You may also use the internet to search for gaps in any of the parks close to you.

Step one: Check the eligibility criteria for the internship

The next step to applying for the park ranger internship is to check for the standards and requirements needed for the training. You must meet all the eligibility criteria stated by the park before proceeding to the next step.

Step two: Prepare your application documents

Once you confirm that you meet the eligibility criteria for the park ranger internship position, you can prepare your application documents. We have given you the essential documents for the Park Ranger Internship. However, you may need to communicate with the recruiting team of the park you’re applying to for specific documents you must add to your application.

Step four: Submit your application

Once you complete your application, you can submit your form and document for further assessment by the recruiting team.

Step five: Await a response

After assessing your application, you will receive a mail for a scheduled interview if you successfully become one of the selected internship candidates. So, ensure that you attend the virtual or physical interview on D-Day. 

Prepare well enough for the process by checking through the organization’s mission and the recent project they are embarking on.

Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are popular job titles related to Park Ranger Internship jobs?

The popular job titles for Park Ranger Internship jobs include the following:

  • National Forest Ranger
  • Camp Ranger
  • Interpretive Park Ranger
  • Park Rangers
  • PARK Ranger
  • Power Ranger
  • National Park Ranger
  • Forest Ranger
  • Entry Level Park Ranger
  • Live in Park Ranger

What job categories do people searching for Park Ranger Internship jobs look for?

The following are the job category that parks ranger interns look for.

  • PG County Parking Enforcement
  • Park Security
  • Ranger Security
  • BSA Camp Ranger
  • BLM Law Enforcement Ranger
  • County Park Ranger
  • Backcountry Ranger
  • Federal Park Ranger
  • County Park
  • Campground Ranger

What does a Ranger do in a park?

The responsibilities and functions of a park ranger are diverse. The duties encompass protecting campgrounds and trails, educating guests, and answering tour questions. Also, they will work with visitors to ensure that they are safe and, at the same time, help to preserve the natural environment.

Do park rangers still exist?

Yes, Park rangers exist in parks and other important sites. The State or Federal Government may own these parks. The Park rangers ensure that the environmental and cultural resources are preserved and enjoyed for today and other generations.

Is the park ranger the same as a police officer?

Park rangers are different from police officers. They can detain a suspected individual until the local police arrive. Still, it is not in their job description to arrest a person. In other words, they are not licensed police officers but significant authorities in the park.


Now you know the responsibilities, requirements, and how to apply for the training. In a nutshell, Park rangers internships are available across National, State, County, etc. Therefore, wait no more applications for the opportunity as soon as possible. 

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