paid internship in Canada for international students

Top 8 Paid Internship Programs in Canada for International Students

Are you looking for paid internship opportunities in Canada for international students? If so, this article will show you our handpicked internships in Canada for non-Canadian students seeking international experience.

Canada is one of the preferred destinations for internships in North America, as hundreds and thousands of students choose to assume intern roles in this beautiful country.

To intern anywhere in Canada, you need an Intern Work Permit and must be planning to intern to fulfill your graduation requirements. You must be between 18 and 30 years old to qualify for this type of work authorization. Students aged up to 35 may also be eligible, depending on the case.

Let’s get down to business.

Why do your Internship in Canada?

Aside from the wide-ranging career development benefits accessible, the following are other reasons to intern in Canada.

  • Each Canadian province and territory has unique tourist attractions, which would make your leisure time pleasurable.
  • Canadians are amiable and accommodating people, willing to accept you, no matter your country of origin, religion, age, or ethnicity.
  • Baker Hughes, Spotify, Unilever, IBM, and other leading companies have at least one office in Canada.
  • You’ll also have the chance to attend several cultural events, such as the Winterlude, Montreal Jazz Festival, the EX, and the Celebration of Light Festival.

Top Eight (8) Paid Internship Programs in Canada

Here are the most paid internship opportunities open to international students in Canada.

#1. Amazon Internship Program

This fully funded internship is open to international undergraduate and graduate students. As such, you’ll receive a salary of CA $7,654 monthly, with some bonuses and incentives for interning with Amazon.

You will also get a great chance to expand your skill set, acquire hands-on experience, and learn from professionals in diverse fields.

#2. Tesla Motors Internship Programs

Most intern roles available at Tesla Motors’ office in Canada are full-time, typically lasting at least six months. Sometimes, they may run for up to one year, giving you ample work experience. The average salary of Tesla interns is approximately CA $5,547 per month.

Tesla Internships often start in May or June. The company hosts them in various Canadian cities, including Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto, and Victoria.

#3. Spotify Internship Program

As one of the highest-paid internship programs in Canada for International students, you will earn approximately CA$5,300 working as an intern with Spotify. Whether pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree, you can apply for Spotify Internship Program, provided you fulfill the requirements of an available intern role.

These Internships usually start in June and end in August. They are open to degree-seeking across all fields, regardless of their nationality. Other requirements include standing out with your interpersonal, communication, analytical, and presentation skills.

#4. IBM Internship Program

The International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) has intern positions available in Ontario and Nova Scotia provinces. IBM Internships typically run for six weeks, allowing you to gain practical experience. Regardless of your country of origin or world region, you can apply for these positions to develop your career.

These programs help to explore several areas, such as consulting, communications & marketing, finance, Human Resources, data science, technical sales, research, design, etc. As an intern in one of IBM’s offices in Canada, you’ll receive monthly salaries estimated at CA $4,725.

#5. Unilever Internship Program

If you seek financially rewarding internships in Canada, consider interning at Unilever’s office in Toronto, Ontario, to earn around CA $4,580 monthly. This internship program offers students a rewarding and challenging experience toward their professional development.

An advantage of interning with Unilever is that you may get a full-time job offer, depending on your performance while interning with the company.

#6. Baker Hughes Internship

Another recommendable paid university internship in Canada is the Baker Hughes Internship Program. This internship opportunity is best for students who want firsthand experience working temporarily for a global energy company. The company hires students pursuing bachelor’s and master’s degrees, allowing them to assume challenging projects and develop their skill sets.

Baker Hughes Internship Program runs for 6 to 12 months, and each intern will receive a monthly salary of about CA $4,300. To qualify for an intern role in Baker Hughes, your current GPA must be at least 3.0. You must also possess superb communication skills.

#7. KPMG Canada Internship Program

We also recommend working as an intern at KPMG’s Canada office to earn approximately CA $4,140 monthly. To qualify for a summer intern role at KPMG Canada, you must be a university or college student on an academic break.

You must also possess advanced Microsoft Office skills, demonstrated interest in the subject, and good teamwork skills.

#8. Celestica Internship Program

If you prefer interning for up to 16 months in Canada, consider one of the internship programs hosted by Celestica International Inc., as they can give you such an opportunity.

Celestica is one of the largest Canada-based global technology companies. Being part of one of its internship programs will let you work on exciting projects, have real-life work experience, and build relationships with industry leaders.

Despite that, you will receive an average monthly salary of about CA $3,300.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a visa to do an internship in Canada?

Yes, you must hold a Canadian intern work permit to start your internship in Canada. To be eligible for this authorization, your intention to participate in an internship program must be a partial requirement for your graduation. Moreover, you’ll have to provide a letter from your school to prove that you can only earn an academic degree by completing an internship program.

Can I intern as an international student in Canada?

Yes, you can apply for intern jobs in Canada, even as an international student. However, you must obtain a co-op or intern work permit before starting your internship.

Do international students get paid for internships in Canada?

Yes, international students may receive pay or not get any financial compensation for working as an intern in Canada. Emphatically, it depends on where you are interning in Canada.

How many hours can an intern work in Canada?

Interns can work for only 20 hours weekly in Canada and should be within the limit, as it violates Canadian law.

Do student interns get paid in Canada?

Yes, students working as interns in Canada often receive salaries, even though the country’s Labour Code does not mandate remuneration. On the other hand, employers in Canada pay interns voluntarily, without relation to the tasks performed.


Choosing from our recommended paid internship programs in Canada for international students will help ensure that you have a financial advantage over students who interned with other companies in your class.

You’ll also be opportune to gather work experience from multinational corporations and offices of the world’s leading companies in Canada. So better apply now to take on this opportunity to jumpstart your career.

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