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Are you looking for somewhere to intern in Pakistan or need to explore the culture and lifestyle of the Punjabis? If so, participating in PAC Internship Program can help you reach your desires and attain career growth simultaneously.

The Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) is a major aerospace manufacturer and defense contractor. Its internship program is ideal for students pursuing careers in specific engineering disciplines. As such, you’ll be able to gather firsthand experience relevant to the aerospace or defense industry.

There are also chances for you to create a professional network and expand your skill set. Read on to discover more about PAC Internships, including its benefits and application process.

Let’s get rolling.

Overview of the PAC Internship Program

The Pakistan Aeronautical Complex offers summer and winter internship programs to facilitate the professional advancement of students enrolled in selected HEC-accredited universities. These internships are available in batches, each lasting two to three weeks.

They are ideal for students hoping to kickstart their careers in aerospace engineering, avionics engineering, metallurgy engineering, electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, or mechatronics engineering.

About the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC)

PAC is a defense contractor company established by the Pakistan Air Force in 1971. Pakistan’s aviation industry depends on the company for its effective operations. PAC has its headquarters in Kamra, Punjab, Pakistan.

The Pakistan Aeronautical Complex is among the largest defense contractor to the Pakistani military, making provisions for aerospace, national security, and military support. It designs and manufactures aircraft and avionics systems to facilitate military operations in Pakistan.

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Why Intern with the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex?

As interning with PAC will allow you to gather relevant work experience, learn new skills, and grow your career, here are other reasons to consider these internships.

  • The intern job experience acquired at PAC accompanies a unique cultural exploration. You’ll also be opportune to attend Baisakhi (the Harvest Festival of Punjab), Lohri (Winter Harvest Festival), Gurupurab (Colorful Sikh Festival), and other festivals.
  • PAC’s headquarters is home to many places of interest, such as Rohtas Fort, Shalamar Garden, Khewra Salt Mines, Lahore Museum, and Hiran Minar Park. These places are so much fun to visit, costing you little or no entry fees.
  • You will likely get free accommodation and transportation if you quickly join a batch to benefit from the limited bed spaces.
  • Punjabis accommodate everyone with open arms, regardless of religion, race, or nationality.

Are you interested in gaining these benefits? Then consider satisfying the criteria noted in the section below.

Eligibility Criteria for PAC Internship Program

Before applying for Pakistan Aeronautical Complex’s internship program, you must fulfill the following requirements.

  • Must have completed at least two years of study or six semesters while enrolled in one of the selected HEC-accredited universities
  • Must be under the sponsorship of your school and ready to subject yourself to a security clearance, which takes between six to eight weeks

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How to Apply for PAC Internship Program

To express interest in the internship program offered by Pakistan Aeronautical Complex, first ensure meeting all requirements. Then visit PAC’s website to access its internship webpage. You can download the application forms from there to your smartphone or PC.

Afterward, you must fill out the forms and verify them with the concerned SSP, CPO, and DPO. Your head of department must countersign the documents upon prior verifications.

The next step is to produce three photocopies of the forms and submit them to your school’s Student Affairs Department, together with your recent photographs in a blue background.

Your school will have to submit the forms, including recommending you via a letter, to PAC via the address below.

Member Technical Secretariat,

PAC Board, Kamra,

District Attock, Pakistan

Be mindful of the fact that PAC’s Summer Internship and Winter Internship programs have an application deadline of March 31 and September 30, respectively.

For further inquiries about the internship program hosted by Pakistan Aeronautical Complex, call 051-90992266.

If you end up with a successful internship application at the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex, you should know the rules and regulations for interns within the premises.

Terms and Conditions for Interning at PAC

If you plan to intern with the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex, you must sign an undertaking to abide by the following directives.

  • Must not enter the factory’s premises with weapons and hard drugs
  • Must not take photos or record videos within the premise
  • Shall be responsible for your possessions’ safety, and should be locked throughout your internship
  • Must not enter technical areas based on instructions from the factory’s OPI
  • Must not bring your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, pet, and other valuables when starting your internship at PAC
  • Must adhere to instructions and directives related to PAC’s technical and mess areas
  • Will be accountable for damages and thefts on-premise
  • Must not discuss trendy topics, as well as religion, and political issues
  • Must not wander around the factory’s residential areas, markets, and parks
  • Must not quarrel or have any dispute on the premise
  • Will not hold PAC responsible for any unforeseen circumstances whatsoever
  • Must report any security breach immediately to the OPI

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Frequently Asked Questions about PAC Internship Program

What is the duration of PAC Internships?

Each internship batch at the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex runs for two to three weeks. Their duration is shorter compared to other internship programs hosted in Pakistan.

Does PAC offer accommodation for interns?

Yes, the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex provides interns with free housing and transportation within its premises until there are no more slots. You can also get food on the premise but must pay for your meals.

When does PAC conduct internships?

The Pakistan Aeronautical Complex conducts internships yearly, hiring students in batches during summer and winter vacations.

Does PAC Internship have an application deadline?

Yes, there is an application deadline for eligible students who want to intern at the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex. While the latest date to apply for PAC’s Summer Internship Program is March 31, the application deadline for its Winter Internship Program is September 30, 2023.

Can graduates intern with the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex?

No, persons who have already completed their studies are not eligible to intern at PAC, as these internships are exclusively for students of some HEC-recognized universities.


Choosing PAC Internship Program will be an incredible feat to your professional development while allowing you to live amongst the Punjabis. It will open doors to paid employment opportunities when you eventually graduate. You’ll also be opportune to upgrade your skill set and learn from professionals in various engineering fields.

So better spend your next summer or winter break interning with the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex rather than doing things that may not be as beneficial as this.