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Suppose you are passionate about joining the fight against hunger and poverty in Africa. In that case, the One Acre Fund Internship is the way to go. As a One Acre Fund intern, you have a role in saving Africans from the agelong menace of famine. Of course, this, in itself, is a rewarding experience. In this article, One Acre Funds Internships – Facts and Tips, you will learn about the organization’s vision and how to be a part of it. Here’s how to make your One Acre Fund internship a worthwhile experience.

About One Acre Fund Internship

One Acre Fund Internship targets young African students interested in ridding Africa of hunger and poverty. The internship is a work training program that pays a monthly stipend to new African graduates who are hardworking and eager to learn.

As a One Acre Fund Intern, you can work in any of the significant institutions in the agriculture industry in any of the nine African countries that benefit from this project. While interning, you will take on tasks and proffer solutions to food scarcity in parts of Africa. In addition, you will learn from experts in the industry.

Although many One Acre Fund interns operate at the head office and other branches, others work in the field, close to the farmers. As a result, interns work on flexible schedules, depending on the team task.

About One Acre Fund

One Acre Fund is one of Kenya’s Top five NGO Paid Internships. It started its business in 2006 as a non-profit organization that provides agricultural services to farmers who need to improve their farm production. These services range from giving expert advice to supplying seeds and fertilizers on loan to the farmers. Moreover, the organization brings these supplies closer to the farmers and has proudly recorded remarkable success with farmers whose production improved due to this partnership.

The organization tailors its program to suit the changing needs of its host communities. It functions across nine African countries – Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, Malawi, Nigeria, Uganda, Ethiopia, and Zambia. Its headquarters is in Kenya.

The Role of One Acre Fund Interns

With the high demand for the services of One Acre Fund, the role of an intern is essential for the smooth running of the organization. So, what do One Acre Fund interns do? Here’s a list.

1. They participate in the first stages of research about issues concerning livestock, soil health, and how to survive famines.

2. Assess the organization’s outreach plans to its host government about its impact on the communities where it works.

3. They work on making One Acre Fund more effective by looking at ways to reduce commercial waste and incompetence in the organization.

Requirements for a One Acre Fund Internship

Here are the following academic qualifications for a One Acre Fund internship:

1. Must be a recent graduate with either a Bachelor’s degree, a Higher National Diploma, or a Master’s degree.

2. Must have a minimum of an undergraduate degree in Statistics, Mathematics, Economics, Finance, Accounting, or Engineering.

3. Other courses are Agriculture, Data Analysis, Information Systems, Project Management, Logistics, and Business.

4. Must be proficient in MS Office and can maintain complex spreadsheets.

Qualities of a One Acre Fund Intern

It takes a certain kind of person to intern with One Acre Fund. The reason is simple. Beyond academic qualifications, a One Acre Fund intern must possess specific skills that the four walls of an educational institution may not confer. Here are some skills that qualify you to become a One Acre Fund intern:

  • Ability to learn quickly
  • A passion for service
  • Fluency in English and the host country’s local language
  • A range of diverse experiences
  • Leadership skills and team player attitude
  • Strong quantitative analysis

What to expect as a One Acre Fund Intern

It may seem daunting to take on an internship with One Acre Fund. Firstly, this is not typical office employment. Secondly, most young graduates who enter this internship are hardly interested in agriculture.

At the start of your internship, you will attend a one-week integration program at your country’s field head office. There, you will meet the organization’s field staff and the clients you will serve and become familiar with what One Acre Fund does.

You will also have an onboarding partner who will help you fit in more quickly with your team and a manager who you will interact with every week.

Tips on how to land a One Acre Fund Internship

The application process for a One Acre Fund internship is a competitive one. Therefore, to make your application stand out, consider the following tips:

Do your research

Before applying for a One Acre Fund internship, it’s best to learn more about the organization to have the edge over other applicants. Understanding the organization’s business will also help you improve during the interview process. You can learn more about the company by visiting the One Acre Fund website.

Highlight your skills

If you have skill sets that you can bring to bear on your internship, now is the time to let them show. Ensure that you specify any leadership roles you played in the past too, and other experiences you gained during other internships or positions you previously occupied. If you are proficient in Microsoft Excel, don’t be modest.

Write the perfect SOP.

One Acre Fund intern must submit a statement of purpose to express their ability as the best man for the job. It may not be perfect, though, but it must be original. Therefore, ensure that your statement of purpose is yours, and remember to enumerate your experiences and ideas about making One Acre Fund a better organization.

Be familiar with One Acre Fund values.

One Acre Fund has a ‘Farmers First’ attitude which you must adopt as an intern. Furthermore, the organization extols values like humility, integrity, leadership, and teamwork. You’re ready for a One Acre Fund application if you can imbibe these values. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration of the One Acre Fund Internship?

One Acre Fund internships last for three months with an option of extension by an additional three months. However, this extension depends on the intern’s performance and the team’s recommendation.

What is the salary of a One Acre Fund Intern?

The organization pays its interns a modest stipend to cover their accommodation, transportation, and communication costs.

Who can apply for a One Acre Fund internship?

Citizens from any of the nine host countries where One Acre Fund operates are eligible for the internship. Because One Acre Fund does not sponsor visas for interns, they place them in their host countries according to their citizenship.

How long is the One Acre Fund internship interview process?

It takes about two months from the day of application, and as a top non-governmental organization in Africa, One Acre Fund attends to over 4,000 applications yearly. Candidates must participate in the selection process involving personality and ability tests. Also, candidates will write essays, take-home assignments, and sit for interviews.


What does a One Acre Fund internship mean to you? If you see it as a way to gain a sizeable stipend, you approach this experience differently. One Acre Fund interns who go into the organization to earn enviable salaries eventually stay for the love of the job. Imagine giving back to the community and making a difference in the lives of the people you see. Nothing else could be more gratifying. And after an unforgettable internship experience, how best to leave a lasting impression than with an end-of-internship thank you letter? You’re welcome!