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Are you seeking an opportunity to make a difference in the world? The Obama Foundation Internship offers a unique chance to contribute your skills and experience to the mission of building a better future for our communities. This program help students, and recent graduates, gain valuable experience through hands-on work with the Foundation.

Being part of the Obama Foundation Internship program will give you an exclusive professional development opportunity, including mentorship from senior foundation leaders and networked learning experiences with other interns. However, the selection process can be competitive due to the voluminous applications the Foundation receives from applicants.

Meanwhile, this article will offer an overview of the Obama Foundation Internship, its benefits, eligibility, and tips for hiring.

Overview of Obama Foundation Internship

Every year the Obama Foundation accepts applications from passionate students and fresh graduates who are outstanding writers and researchers with optimum time management skills. The program is open to all applicants studying in the U.S. or willing to relocate to the country, in the case of recent graduates.

During the internship program, successful interns will provide administrative, logistical, and operational assistance to the workers in various departments to ensure productivity in the Foundation. In addition, as an intern, you will enjoy flexible working hours of 30 hours weekly from Monday to Thursday with pay and other benefits. Gain invaluable work experience and develop essential skills in your career.

The Internship lasts three months during the Summer and will occur at the Foundation’s Chicago or Washington, D.C. offices.

Overview of the Obama Foundation

The Obama Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by Barack Obama in 2014. The Foundation’s mission is to “inspire, empower, and connect people to change their world.” The organization focuses on three main areas: civic engagement, economic opportunity, and global leadership development. The Foundation’s programming supports leaders worldwide in tackling some of our time’s most pressing issues.

The Foundation has several initiatives aimed at achieving its mission. These include the Obama Presidential Center, which will be in Chicago; My Brother’s Keeper Alliance, which focuses on empowering young men of color; and the Global Girls Alliance, which works to empower adolescent girls worldwide through education. Additionally, the Foundation hosts summits and town halls that unite diverse groups worldwide to discuss solutions to global challenges.

Benefits of Obama Foundation Internship

You will enjoy the following benefits as an intern at Obama Foundation.

  1. Privilege to work on meaningful projects that help further the mission of the Obama Foundation.
  2. Opportunity to connect with experts and others in your field and build relationships that can open up new career opportunities.
  3. Have access to exclusive events like lectures and workshops where you can learn from some of the most influential leaders in politics, business, and philanthropy.
  4. Gain invaluable insight into how organizations are making a positive impact worldwide.
  5. Work in a supportive environment that encourages creativity and collaboration so interns can develop their skills, grow professionally, and make a lasting impact on society.
  6. Earn an hourly stipend to pay bills and make savings to advance your career after the Internship.
  7. Work closely with the Obama Foundation’s leadership team and staff from partner organizations to develop skills in areas such as communications, fundraising, event planning, research, and more.

Eligibility Criteria

The Obama Foundation Internship program is open to domestic and international students or graduate that meets the following criteria:

  • Have exceptional research and writing skills
  • Authorize to work and live in the United States
  • Enrolled in part or full-time programs in the University in any disciplines
  • Work at least 30 hours a week
  • Passionate about Nation building, Community empowerment, and leadership engagements

Application procedures for the Obama Foundation internship

The application begins with creating a user account on the Foundation’s official website.

Then you navigate to the career section, select Internship and read up for additional information.

Prepare your resume and cover letter, and complete the application form with all the required details. Proceed to upload your documents, preview the entire application process and submit.

You will receive an acknowledgment of a successful application. Afterward, prepare for an interview while waiting for the hirer to review your application and notify you of an interview.

Tips to succeed in the hiring process for Obama Foundation Internship

The Obama Foundation Internship is a highly competitive program, so you must prepare for the hiring process. These tips will help you succeed:

First, ensure your resume and cover letter stand out from the rest. Highlight any relevant experience or skills that would be beneficial to the Internship. Also, take some time to research the Obama Foundation and its mission so that you can tailor your application materials accordingly.

Second, practice for the interview beforehand by researching common questions and practicing responses with friends or family. This will help you feel more confident in the interview and demonstrate your knowledge of the Obama Foundation’s mission and values.

Lastly, you follow up after submitting your application materials and after an interview. A quick email or phone call can show that you’re eager for the opportunity and demonstrate your continued interest in the position.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does Obama Foundation pay Interns?

The average salary for an Obama Foundation Intern is Sixteen (16) USD hourly. In addition, interns could enjoy competitive benefits packages, including health insurance coverage, free meals, and sick leave,

What is the application deadline for the Obama Foundation internship?

The internship program begins in the first week of June. Every applicant is expected to apply before the 8th of March.

How do I contact the Obama Foundation?

You can contact the Foundation with any inquiry or donation through [email protected] or (773) 420-1660.

Is it easy to secure a United States Visa?

Securing a United States Visa can be a challenging process. Depending on the type of visa you wish to get, the process can vary in complexity and length. You can succeed by providing all the necessary paperwork and evidence for your visa type. It is also essential to be prepared for your interview, as this is usually the deciding factor in whether or not you will get a visa.


The Obama Foundation Internship is an exceptional program for aspiring individuals passionate about taking their careers to the next level. You must have a well-crafted resume, solid references, and strong writing skills to optimize your chances of landing this position. Showcasing your unique skillset and enthusiasm will give you an edge over others and make a lasting impression on recruiters. Additionally, ensure you prepare thoroughly for every stage of the application process, from interviews to assessments.