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Are you planning to take the next step toward a life-changing career? Do you want to join a team of professionals ready to help you reach the next level in your career? Join the Novo Nordisk internship program. It is a unique program you can use to turn theories into practice. Plus, it will allow you to develop your skills and network for the future.

Our article will provide all the information you need to apply for this year’s internship.

About the Novo Nordisk internship

Novo Nordisk internships are opportunities for Bachelor, pre and post-graduate, Master, and Ph.D., Postdocs students, and medical doctors in the early stages of their careers. It provides valuable hands-on work experience to eligible students with one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. In addition, interns will work with experienced colleagues from different countries within various disciplines.

At Novo Nordisk, your career development is a priority. Therefore, it allows you to kick-start your career by working closely with experienced industry professionals. Hence, you will gain valuable hands-on and full-time work experience. Plus, you will find yourself in a global pharmaceutical company environment where you will contribute to the line of business by providing sustainable and meaningful project work.

Novo Nordisk internship opportunities are available in various lines of business in its Denmark headquarters office. Students can also intern at the Company’s affiliate offices worldwide for three to six months.

Application requirements for the Novo Nordisk internship

Applicants for internships at Novo Nordisk must meet the requirements below. They include:

  1. They must enroll for a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctoral* degree (*only for internships in the US)
  2. Applicants must have a minimum of 6 months to graduate.
  3. Applicants must be proficient in Novo Nordisk’s corporate language is English
  4. In addition, you must be able to write and speak English fluently.

Internship options

Eligible candidates who meet the requirements above can apply for internship positions in the following departments at the Company. They include:

Communication, Marketing, Training, & HR Talent Pipeline

It is open to students and graduates interested in Communication, Marketing, Training, or HR. For this department, Novo Nordisk wants students pursuing a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in HR, Communication, Marketing, Psychology, or Business Administration. In addition, HR, Marketing, and Communication-related education students can apply for this position. This Talent Pipeline addresses internships within the following line. They include:

  • Talent Acquisition (Recruitment)
  • Early Talent
  • Talent Management and Training & Development
  • Employer Branding, Communication
  • Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Training & Learning
  • Administrative Support

Engineering & Business Support Talent Pipeline

Are you interested in Engineering and Business Support? You can look for positions in this department at Nobve Nordisk. It is open to students undertaking a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Engineering, including Mechanical, Chemical, Production Engineering, Innovation, or another relevant field. Available careers for this department include the following:

  • Data Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Production and test of production lines
  • Automation disciplines, e.g., robotics, mechanical development, solutions, modeling (pilots, testing, etc.),
  • Innovation- and process optimization
  • Business support.

Finance, Procurement, Strategy & Law Talent Pipeline

If you are interested in Finance, Procurement, Strategy, or Law, this is your department at Nove Nordisk. However, you must be a student pursuing a Bachelor’s or Masters in Finance, Strategy, Marketing, Business Analytics, Business Administration, Economics, Law, or another relevant field. It is open to interns who want a career in the following areas. They include:

  • Development and execution of business strategy
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Analytics
  • Advising and supporting global legal affairs
  • Legal governance and compliance
  • Market Research and Customer Insights
  • Brand Strategy Development
  • Project Management.

IT & Digitalisation Talent Pipeline

Do you have a passion for IT or Digitalisation? Are you pursuing a Bachelor’s or Master’s in Computer Science, Data Science/Analytics, Data Engineering, Economics, Mathematics, IT & Automation, or other related education? You are in the right place. You will use this Novo Nordisk internship to pursue a career in the following fields. They include:

  • Digital innovation and transformation
  • Data science and data engineering
  • Software development
  • IT security
  • IT automation
  • IT support
  • Operations
  • Supply chain analytics.

Life Science – Pharma & Biotechnology Talent Pipeline

It is for students with skills and passion in Life Sciences – Pharma or Biotechnology. In this department, the Company wants students pursuing their Bachelor’s or Master’s in Life Sciences, including Cell Biology, Human Biology, Biochemistry, Bioengineering, Medicine, Pharmacy, or other relevant fields. It allows students to pursue a career in the following disciplines. They include:

  • Research and development
  • Medicine
  • Clinical science
  • Quality control
  • Stem cell biology
  • Regulatory affairs

Benefits of Novo Nordisk Internships

Applicants for the Novo Nordisk internships will enjoy the following benefits. They include:

#1. Hands-on-the-job experience

#2. Acquire the basic skills to excel in the industry

#3. Engage in leadership and career development events

#4. Receive a competitive salary

Tips for getting an internship at the Novo Nordisk internship

Eligible candidates for this internship will need to consider the directions below. They will increase their chances of getting a Novo Nordisk internship. They include:

#1. Research the job and industry

The first tip for applying for this internship s to visit the Company’s website for relevant information about the program. You will read about the internship requirements, qualifications, documents, and required skills. In addition, you will learn about the keywords to use in your cover letter.

#2. Tailor your application

 Once you have learned the details about the internship, it will help you to tailor your application to the job you want. Thus, you will highlight your skills, strengths, and abilities in your application. You must also tell your employer why you are the best candidate. What will they benefit from you as an intern in the Company?

#3. Learn new skills

Of course, you need some skills to succeed as an intern at Novo Nordisk. Therefore, we advise you to learn new skills for this job. Employers look for workers with the right skill set for the position. You will need the following skills. They include:

  • Communication skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Public speaking
  • Time management
  • Ability to work within a team

#4. Network with former and present interns 

Another thing that will increase your chances of getting a Novo Nordisk Internship is your network. It would help if you connected with former and present interns and Novo Nordisk workers. You will get relevant information about the Company from them, including interview questions for interns and their answers. You can connect with them on LinkedIn or Facebook.

#5. Write a good resume and compelling cover letter.

You also need a good cover letter and resume to convince your employer you are the best candidate for the job. Remember, you are not the only applicant for this position. Therefore, your resume and cover letter must highlight your skills and strengths, and Company will benefit the Company. In addition, they will have your qualifications, experience, skills, and other qualities needed for the job you want. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are internship positions paid?

Yes, all Novo Nordisk internship positions are paid opportunities. Interns receive $50,000 annually. The amount is above the national minimum pay in the United States.

What is the length of an internship?

The duration of Novo Nordisk internships depends on the location. However, the training is usually between three and six months. You can also apply for a summer internship of 10-12 weeks or a more extended one-year internship. 

What are the working hours?

Students will work the same number of hours as full-time employees at Novo Nordisk. Thus, they expect to work as much as 40 hours per week. However, you may also have flexible working hours.

Can I apply to more than one internship position?

Yes, you can apply for more than one internship position at the Company. Please apply for many available jobs relevant to your educational background and interest.

Can I expect a permanent position after the internship?

There is no guarantee of a permanent position after your internship. However, the network you will build at Novo Nordisk could be beneficial for future career opportunities.


Novo Nordisk internship is the right step to building a successful career. It provides enough experience and skills for students to excel in their careers. In addition, you can establish a network that will benefit you in your career in the future. Therefore, we advise you to take all the information in this article seriously. Plus, you can share it with your friends who may benefit from it.