Northtec scholarships

Guide on how to apply for a NorthTec Scholarships

The NorthTec scholarship is a full and partial scholarship opportunity available for international and domestic students enrolled in any course of study available in the institution. The scholarships are merit and need-based. Hence students must show evidence of academic excellence and financial need to be a beneficiary of the scholarship.

Who Sponsors the NorthTec Scholarships?

NorthTec sponsors the scholarship and is a tertiary education provider in New Zealand. It offers qualifications ranging from certificates and diplomas to degrees and postgraduate qualifications in a variety of fields, providing scholarships in business, technology, health, engineering, and the arts. NorthTec has a campus in Whangarei and offers flexible learning options such as online courses and part-time study, allowing students to fit their studies around their other commitments. 

NorthTec prides itself on its commitment to providing quality education that meets the needs of employers and the industry. With experienced tutors and industry-relevant courses, NorthTec ensures its graduates are well-prepared for the workplace.

Overview of Whangarei City

Whangarei is a city in the Northland region of New Zealand. It is the northernmost city in the country and has a population of around 51,000. Whangarei is known for its beautiful harbour, coastline, and many parks and reserves. The city also boasts a vibrant art and culture scene, with several museums and galleries to explore.

Student life in Whangarei is vibrant and full of opportunities. There are plenty of activities to choose from, such as outdoor sports, cultural events, and social gatherings. Additionally, the town has many cafes, bars, and restaurants that students can enjoy during their free time. The city is also home to various educational institutions, including NorthTec, which offers a range of courses for students.

Scholarships available at NorthTec

Various internal and external scholarship opportunities are available for undergraduate and postgraduate students enrolled in any courses available at NorthTec. Below are the common ones;

1. Māori education trust bachelor of nursing [NORTH TEC] scholarship

The Maori Education trust Bachelor of nursing scholarship at NorthTec which is available for Maori students who completed their BSc in nursing. Students with needs in the nursing programs will be given a high priority.

2. Hardship Assistance

The hardship assistance at NorthTec are grants available for students facing financial hardship. You must be able to access other external support to be eligible for the scholarship, and a staff member or your tutor must support your application.

A digital copy of your bank account details is needed for payment, proof of the bills you need to pay, and evidence of your bank transactions.

3. Youth Guarantee

The youth guarantee at NorthTec is available for students that are aged between 16 to 24. Successful students can study on a free scholarship as part of the scheme. The following are the criteria to meet to apply for the scholarship successfully.

  • You are yet to have NCEA level 1 or level 2.
  • Complete the application for a course of study funded by the Youth Guarantee fund.
  • Be a citizen or permanent resident of New Zealand
  • Be between16 to 24 years of age at the time the course starts

Scholarship Benefits

The NorthTec scholarship is fully and partially funded scholarship opportunities available for students through grants, hardship funds, external scholarships, internal scholarships, student allowances, budgeting, financial advice, etc.

How Many Students Receive the NorthTec Scholarships?

There is no information yet on the number of students that received the scholarship for the 2023/24 academic session.

Applicable Courses

The NorthTec scholarships are fully and partially funded scholarships widely available across all courses of study offered in the institution.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to apply for the NorthTec scholarship, you must satisfy the general requirements listed below;

  • You must register for a course of study available in the institution.
  • You must be aged between 16 and 24
  • You must have an excellent academic background and show evidence of financial need.
  • You must provide documents such as a transcript, curriculum vitae or resume, recommendation letters, and other supporting documents to apply for the scholarship.

What Field of Study is eligible for the NorthTec Scholarships?

Students registered in any field of study available in the NorthTec can apply for the scholarship opportunity.

Can Undergraduate Students Apply for the NorthTec Scholarships?

Yes, undergraduate students of NorthTec can apply for the scholarship opportunity, also graduate students enrolled in any of the courses available in the institution are eligible to apply.

Fees & Funding

How can I get the NorthTec Scholarships?

To apply for the NorthTec Scholarships, visit their website, review the criteria and eligibility requirements for each scholarship and submit your application online. Be sure to read the instructions carefully and provide all the necessary information to be considered for a scholarship.

What is unique about NorthTec?

NorthTec is a unique institution of higher learning in New Zealand. It offers a wide range of qualifications from certificate to degree level and emphasizes practical, hands-on learning. It also provides flexible study options, including online and distance learning and on-campus courses. Its dedicated staff is committed to helping students achieve their goals.

Are NorthTec Scholarships hard to get?

NorthTec Scholarships can be competitive, but they are also attainable. With dedication and effort, you can obtain a NorthTec Scholarship. It is essential to research the requirements and qualifications for the scholarship and make sure you meet all of them. Additionally, it is helpful to apply early and ensure all your materials are complete and accurate.

Why should I Study at NorthTec?

NorthTec offers a range of courses to suit all interests and abilities, focusing on providing students with the skills they need to succeed. The faculty is experienced and knowledgeable, ensuring students receive the best education possible. NorthTec also offers excellent support services such as student advisors and career guidance. Additionally, the campus is conveniently located in Whangarei, making it easy for local and international students to access.

Why is NorthTec famous?

NorthTec is a leading tertiary education provider in Northland, New Zealand. It is renowned for its innovative approach to learning, offering courses tailored to the local community’s needs. It provides a range of qualifications, from certificates and diplomas to degrees, as well as industry training and apprenticeships. The college also has strong links with local employers, providing students with excellent job opportunities upon graduation.

Application Procedure

To apply for the NorthTec scholarship;

  • You must be admitted into the institution to study any of the courses available at its undergraduate or Postgraduate levels.
  • Afterwards, you must access the scholarship application form available at the institution’s official website.
  • You must submit the supporting documents needed for your scholarship application upon application.
  • Note that you must complete all documents and registration before the deadline.

The deadline to apply for the NorthTec scholarship is the 31st of October, 2023.