Northern territory phn scholarships

Northern Territory PHN Scholarships: Eligibility & Funding

Overview of Northern Territory PHN Scholarships

In a bid to make health professionals in rural areas of Australia access affordable training and advanced health programs, Northern Territory PHN Scholarships are made available. The scholarships allow recipients to pursue graduate and postgraduate programs in health-related fields. Meanwhile, you might be worried about Northern Territory PHN Scholarships coverage. Meanwhile, health professionals in private practice, non-government, and not-for-profit sectors are eligible to apply.

Northern Territory PHN Scholarships allow the beneficiaries to enjoy partial funding for up are 24 months, depending on the program they are enrolled for. However, they are competitive and awarded to applicants with outstanding academic achievements and experiences. This guide will take you through the eligibility requirements, benefits, and other necessary details to apply for Northern Territory PHN Scholarships.

Who sponsors Northern Territory PHN Scholarships?

The funding of the scholarships is from the Australian Government through the Northern Territory PHN.

An overview of Northern Territory PHN

The Northern Territory Primary Health Network (PHN) is responsible for delivering primary health care services in the Northern Territory. The PHN is a not-for-profit organization that receives funding from the Australian Government, and it is overseen by a Board of Directors of the Northern Territory. The PHN works with several health service providers, including GP clinics, Aboriginal medical services, private hospitals, and community health organizations.

The NTPHN covers a population of approximately 245,000 people, which is about one-third of the Territory’s population. The NTPHN has a budget of $240 million and employs over 1,200 staff.

The NT PHN also offers funding opportunities to improve access to primary health care services for Territorians and to improve the quality and coordination of those services.

Scholarship Benefits

How many people benefit from Northern Territory PHN Scholarships?

The number of beneficiaries depends on the available funds and the final collation of the successful applicants by the Scholarships award panel.

How much are Northern Territory PHN Scholarships worth?

They are Worth up to ten thousand US dollars per recipient. The amount received by each beneficiary depends on the program selected for upskilling.

Are Northern Territory PHN Scholarships renewable?

The Scholarships are valid for up to twelve months for undergraduate programs and up to twenty-four months for postgraduate programs.

Applicable Courses

 Northern Territory PHN Scholarships are open to workers in the following health professional:

  • allied health sciences
  • dental and dentistry
  • medical and science laboratory
  • medicine and surgery
  • nursing or midwifery
  • pharmacy

Eligibility Criteria

To beat the competitiveness of Northern Territory PHN Scholarships, applicants must fulfill the eligibility requirements and possess relevant experience as an advantage to be selected as recipients of the awards.

Here are the eligibility requirements for the Scholarships

  • Be a citizen or a permanent resident of Australia
  • Be professional health personnel providing health care services in  rural or remote known as Modified Monash Model (MMM) 3-7
  • Be willing and ready to continue your health services in the Modified Monash Model (MMM) 3-7 areas after completing your advanced training.
  • Be a committed care service provider in private,  non-governmental, or voluntary health care facilities in Aboriginal controlled community. 
  • Be a committed health personnel practicing in any of the under-listed health professions.
  •    a dentist or dental hygienist 
  •    a general practitioner or other doctor working in general practice 
  •     a nurse or midwife 
  •     an allied health professional

Nevertheless, health professionals who are yet to register with relevant health professional bodies in Australia are eligible to apply for the Scholarships.

Fees & Funding

What are the three core functions of public health nursing?

The three core functions of public health nursing are promotion, protection, and prevention. Public health nurses promote the health of individuals and communities by providing education and outreach on health topics. They also work to protect the communities by monitoring for and responding to health threats. Finally, they work to prevent disease and injury by developing and implementing programs to promote healthy lifestyles and prevent risky behaviors.

Why is Northern Territory PHN important to the Australian Government?

The Northern Territory Primary Health Network (PHN) is responsible for improving the health and well-being of people in the Northern Territory. The PHN works with the Australian government and non-government and private sector organizations to deliver services and programs that improve health outcomes for Territorians.

Is there any financial aid for professional health workers apart from Northern Territory PHN Scholarships?

Yes, there is financial aid available for health workers. The Government of Australia offers scholarships and grants to help health workers with their studies and training. You can find more about financial assistance on the official website of the Australian Government.

What are the 3P’s of public health?

The 3P’s of public health are promotion, protection, and prevention.

Why is public health so important?

Public health is so important because it protects the health of entire communities. It is responsible for preventing and controlling disease outbreaks, promoting healthy lifestyles, and protecting against environmental hazards. By ensuring that everyone has access to quality healthcare and preventive services, public health helps to keep communities healthy and safe.

Application Procedure

To apply for Northern Territory PHN Scholarships,  if you meet the eligibility requirements here are the steps to follow:

  • Ensure you make available your supporting documentation in PDF format
  • Visit the Northern Territory PHN Scholarships page 
  • Completed the online application form 
  • Upload all the required documents to back up your application
  • Preview your application and submit
  • Wait for the interview notification

Alternatively, you can download the application form,  complete it and attach the supporting documents. Then you email the application to  [email protected].

Tips to get selected as a beneficiary of Northern Territory PHN Scholarships 

  • Ensure you meet the eligibility requirements and be inclined to the Scholarships guidelines 
  • Be consistent and realistic in your budget for the program 
  • Ensure your specialization or research topics are related to primary healthcare delivery 
  • Be experienced with methods and systems of health care services in rural or remote areas.