Northeastern university scholarships

Northeastern University Scholarships: Eligibility & Value

Northeastern University (NU) scholarships consist of partial and full financial aid that are competitive to academically outstanding students who are US citizens and foreign nationals. Some of these scholarships require undergraduate students to fill out the FAFSA form to improve their chances of getting a scholarship.

Scholarships to Study at Northeastern University, Boston, MA, USA

Northeastern University students can benefit from a wide range of scholarships, regardless of each student’s nationality.

NU’s Scholarships for First-Year Students

All scholarships in this category are open only to Northeastern University students in their first year.

They are as follows.

  • Northeastern University Merit-Based Scholarships
  • Northeastern National Scholarships
  • Torch Scholars Program
  • Boston Scholarships
  • RaiseMe Micro-Scholarships
  • Stamps Scholars Program

NU’s Scholarships for Current Students

While students who received scholarships during their first year can continue receiving the same financial aid by maintaining eligibility for the awarded scholarship, the following are other scholarships open to current students at Northeastern University.

  • Presidential Global Scholarship
  • LaCLA Scholarship
  • Gates Millennium Scholars Program
  • ROTC Scholarship

NU’s Scholarships for International Students

The following are the merit scholarships available to students who are neither US citizens nor green card holders enrolled at Northeastern University.

  • Northeastern University International Scholars Award
  • RaiseMe

Who Sponsors Northeastern University Scholarships?

As Northeastern University funds most of its scholarships, a group of Hispanic students also donates funding for financial aid sponsorship every academic year.

Overview of Northeastern University

Northeastern University is a private institution of research and higher learning established as the Evening Institute for Younger Men in 1898. NU’s main campus of 73 acres is located in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. It has a student population of more than 27,000 undergraduates and graduate students. Northeastern University’s other campuses are located within the US and overseas in Canada. Their locations include Washington, North Carolina, Maine, California, Toronto, and Vancouver.

Scholarship Benefits

How Much are Northeastern University Scholarships Worth?

NU scholarships for first-year, current, and international students vary in amount, depending on the scholarship.

Here are outlines of the award amount of various scholarships awarded at Northeastern University.

  • International Scholars Award: Range from $10,000 to $28,000 per academic year
  • NU’s Merit-Based Scholarships: Range from $10,000 to $28,000 for the first year of receipt, while the award amount for subsequent years ranges from $5,000 to $14,000 per semester.
  • Torch Scholars Program: Fully funded scholarship that 100% covers your tuition, university fees, and room & board fees
  • RaiseMe Micro-Scholarships: Worth Up to $20,000 per academic year
  • ROTC scholarships: 20% tuition fee discount
  • Northeastern National Scholarships: Covers full tuition
  • The La Comunidad Latina en Acción (LaCLA) Scholarship: Full tuition coverage
  • Boston Scholarships: Covers either your full tuition or your 100% tuition and room & board fees, depending on the specific scholarship
  • Presidential Global Scholarship: Award amount offsets certain expenses, such as your accommodation, trip, and meal expenses
  • Stamps Scholars Program: Cover the whole cost of attendance, research cost, trip expenses, and a project stipend
  • Gates Millennium Scholars Program: The funding covers the outstanding fees on your student account

How Many Students Receive Northeastern University Scholarships?

The internal scholarships awarded at Northeastern University can have numerous recipients per academic year, creating possibilities for many first-year and current students to benefit yearly from the financial aid.

Are Northeastern University Scholarships Fully or Partially Funded Scholarships?

Northeastern University scholarships make up both partial and full scholarships that can cover your full tuition, mandatory fees, and room & board fees per academic year.

Duration of Northeastern University Scholarships

The scholarships receivable by Northeastern University students are tenable for up to eight semesters, helping each recipient with a wide range of expenses and fees relating to their higher education.

Applicable Courses

Are Northeastern University Scholarships Field-Specific?

No, NU scholarships are not field-specific to US and international students from various parts of the world.

The following are some areas covered by Northeastern University programs, of which students pursuing a career in them can get financial aid.

  • Jewish Studies
  • Communication Studies
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Information Science
  • Accounting
  • Game Design
  • Design
  • Architecture
  • Mathematics
  • International Business
  • Computer Science
  • Environmental Science
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Environmental Studies
  • Physical Therapy
  • Media Arts
  • Criminal Justice
  • Languages, Literature, and Cultures
  • Art
  • Music
  • Journalism
  • History
  • Nursing
  • Pharmacy
  • Business Administration
  • Philosophy
  • Health Science
  • Linguistics
  • Economics
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Biochemistry
  • Political Science
  • Management Information Systems
  • Psychology
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Management
  • Religious Studies
  • Sociology
  • Engineering
  • Marketing
  • Studio Art
  • Biology
  • English
  • Theatre
  • Rehabilitation Studies

Can Undergraduate Students Apply for Northeastern University Scholarships?

Yes, undergraduate students who are citizens of the United States and foreign nationals qualify for many scholarships at Northeastern University.

Eligibility Criteria

General Requirements for Northeastern University Scholarships

Although you must prioritize satisfying the criteria for the specific scholarship you wish to get, you must meet the following requirements.

  • Must be a first-year, current, or international student at Northeastern University
  • Must possess superb academic achievements
  • Must provide a demonstrated need for financial aid

Fees & Funding

Is Northeastern hard to get into?

Yes, getting undergraduate and graduate admissions into Northeastern University is very difficult and selective, with an acceptance rate of 20%.

Does Northeastern give full scholarships?

Yes, Northeastern University offers many full-tuition and fully funded scholarships, such as Stamps Scholars Program, Boston Scholarships, Torch Scholars Program, Northeastern National Scholarships, and LaCLA Scholarship.

Are Northeastern University scholarships competitive?

Yes, the scholarships available at Northeastern University are competitive, offering students with great academic achievements either receive partial or full funding of their study-related fees.

Does Northeastern University give scholarships to international students?

Of course, Northeastern University offers a range of partially funded scholarships to international students. These include RaiseMe Micro-Scholarships and the International Scholars Award, worth up to $20,000 and $28,000, respectively.

Do you need to apply for scholarships at Northeastern University?

Yes, most scholarships available at Northeastern University require students to fill out the FAFSA form online before the specified deadline.

Application Procedure

How to Apply for Northeastern University Scholarships

Here are the application steps for scholarships at Northeastern University.

  • Click the Apply Now button below to complete the FAFSA form

Both domestic and international undergraduate students must fill out the FAFSA form online to express their interest in US federal and state-funded scholarships. The application process requires you to provide your income and tax information, as well as Northeastern University’s school code (002199).

  • Submit the FAFSA form

After completing the form, submit it and expect to receive your Student Aid Report (SAR) in your email. The FAFSA form submission deadline varies depending on the student’s enrollment.

  • Check your FAFSA application status.

Now that you have submitted your financial aid application, you can check its status via your Student Portal. Once logged in, select Resources>>Financial Services>>My Financial Aid Status.

Note that most NU scholarships require awardees to sign a contract of understanding included in their financial aid offer.

To inquire more about getting these scholarships, contact Northeastern University through one of the following means.