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Internships are exceptional platforms to gain valuable experience in the professional world, and the NHA internship program is no exception. The internship program allows students to pocket career skills and hands-on experience in highway construction and management.

Through this internship, you will receive mentorship from experienced professionals who can provide insight into the industry. In addition, you will learn about budgeting and planning for large-scale projects and how to use technology to improve processes.

Overview of NHA Internship

NHA internship provides an excellent opportunity for Pakistani students to gain practical experience in transportation engineering. The Ministry of Communication (MOC) in Pakistan monitors the internship program, which lasts for three months.

During the internship, interns will learn about all highway design and construction aspects, including surveying, pavement design, structure design, traffic engineering, environmental impact studies, and more. They will also be able to observe project management processes and learn how to manage resources effectively.

In addition, over five hundred (500) applicants for the internship program are absorbed into the program every year. Each trainee or intern will earn a monthly stipend according to the qualifications provided during the internship application.

Overview of National Highway Authority (NHA)

NHA is a Pakistani public sector organization under the Ministry of Communications, established over three decades ago. The organization’s mandate is to ensure the country’s construction and maintenance of national highways and motorways.

The NHA is responsible for planning, designing, constructing, operating, managing, and maintaining the national highway network in Pakistan. It also provides technical assistance to provincial highway authorities in their respective provinces. In addition to this, it also oversees road safety initiatives such as traffic engineering studies and research projects related to road safety.

The NHA also works on various projects related to capacity building and policy formulation. These include training programs for engineers and technicians on modern technology used in road construction and providing technical support for local governments in formulating policies related to road infrastructure development. Furthermore, it also offers financial assistance for projects related to transportation infrastructure improvement.

Benefits of interning at NHA

Interning at National Highway Authority Pakistan attracts many benefits, some of which are:

  1. Access to the cutting-edge technology used in highway design and construction. This exposure can help you develop your skills in engineering, construction management, project management, or other related fields.
  2. You can participate in research projects or special studies that provide valuable data for NHA’s future initiatives.
  3. Establish cordial relationships with professionals and other interns in the industry who can offer advice and guidance as you pursue your career goals. These connections can open up doors for future opportunities that would otherwise be difficult to access.
  4. You will have the privilege of assisting the experts in the field while learning and understanding how highways are designed, constructed, maintained, and operated.
  5. Opportunity to give back to your community by helping maintain and improve our nation’s roads, bridges, and other infrastructure,
  6. You will receive monthly stipends enough to pay for your living expenses and save for further studies.

Eligibility criteria for NHA Internship

The National Highway Authority (NHA) of Pakistan offers internships for students determined to gain experience in highway engineering. You can be eligible for this internship if you meet the following criteria:

  • Must have a Bachelor’s or an associate degree in Civil Engineering or any relevant discipline.
  • Must be a citizen of Pakistan or a permanent resident
  • Must have spent at least three years in the University or the final lap of the program
  • Have excellent academic records

In addition, you can have the edge over other applicants if you have prior work experience, professional certificates, and excellent communication in both written and spoken Pakistani official language.


The National Highway Authority (NHA) internship requires that you submit various documents when applying for the program. These documents include a resume, cover letter, transcripts, and any other relevant work or academic experience that applies to the position.

How to apply for an NHA internship

Here are the steps you should follow for a seamless NHA internship application.  

First, you should create an account on their website to apply for an NHA internship.

Second, once you have an account, view all the additional details of the internship and complete the online application form with verifiable information.

Third, attach your resume and cover letter; you may also need to submit additional documents, such as academic transcripts or letters of recommendation. Then apply.

Lastly, it would help if you prepare for an interview that will come up after the NHA reviews applications from all applicants. Research the organization and review critical concepts related to transportation policy so that you can demonstrate your knowledge during the interview.

Tips to succeed in the NHA internship hiring process

The NHA internship hiring process can be competitive, but you can become an intern at NHA with the steps below.

  • Tailoring your cover letter and resume to demonstrate your credibility for the position.
  • You can achieve this by solidly understanding the organization’s goals and objectives by researching its vision and mission before applying.
  • Pay close attention to the job description and requirements listed in the advertisement so that you can create an application package that meets their needs.
  • Focus on networking and building relationships with those in the industry. Connecting with professionals who work in the field or have experience with internships at the NHA can provide valuable insight into what they look for in candidates.
  • Also, it would be best if you brushed up on current events in the organization related to transportation and engineering to show your knowledge during conversations with recruiters.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does NHA pay interns?

NHA pays interns a monthly stipend according to their academic qualifications. If you hold Bachelor’s degree, expect to earn 20,000 PKR, and an associate degree intern makes 10,000 PKR each month.

Does NHA have an application deadline for an internship?

The application deadline for the internship program is April 17, 2023, so it is best to apply early enough to avoid errors.

Can I work in Pakistan as a foreign citizen?

Yes, foreign citizens can work in Pakistan. However, you may need to obtain a visa and work permit depending on your nationality and the type of work you wish to do. For example, suppose you are from a country that is not exempt from Pakistani visa requirements. In that case, you must apply for a visa at the nearest Pakistani embassy or consulate.


The NHA Internship provides excellent opportunities for Pakistani students to gain real-world experience and develop professional skills. Through the internship, they can work on meaningful projects in a supportive environment and make valuable connections with professionals in the field. Additionally, they receive hands-on training applicable to future jobs or internships. The application process is straightforward and provides applicants with the resources to apply successfully.