New zealand school of music scholarships

New Zealand School of Music Scholarships: Funding & Benefits

Overview of New Zealand School of Music Scholarships

New Zealand School of Music Scholarships provide an opportunity for talented musicians to be recognized and rewarded for their hard work. These scholarships can open the door to further education, allowing students to develop the skills necessary for a successful music career. Also, the Scholarships recognize and support the outstanding achievements of both current and prospective NZSM students. 

Suppose you are still determining whether the New Zealand School of Music Scholarships is open to only undergraduate students. The good news is that the scholarships cut across the school’s undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs. More so, financial needs, academic achievement, and talents determine the beneficiaries of the numerous scholarships available in the school.

However, you need to make a good application, fulfill the eligibility requirements and apply before the deadline because the scholarships are competitive and limited in numbers. So, this guide will furnish you with the details to succeed and the number of scholarship opportunities to explore along their deadlines.

Who funds New Zealand School of Music Scholarships?

The sponsors of the New Zealand School of Music Scholarships include individuals, foundations, the New Zealand government, and organizations listed below: 

  • Athol Mann 
  • Barbara Finlayson
  • D.F. McKenzie 
  • Deane Music 
  • Ella C Wilson 
  • Fehl Charitable Trust (FCT) 
  • Freemasons Lankhuyzen/Whetu-Kairani.
  • Herbert Sutcliffe 
  • Ian Pollard Organ 
  • Margaret Nielsen 
  • Margaret Kate Parker 
  • McKenzie 
  • Marion Rayward Memorial 
  • Judith Clark Memorial Fellowship 
  • Kiwi Music 
  • Kia Ora foundation
  • Raye Freedman
  • There Drake 
  • The Alex Lindsay Memorial 
  • The Adastra Foundation 

Overview of the New Zealand School of Music

New Zealand School of Music (NZSM) is a top-tier school of music situated in Wellington, New Zealand. It offers degree programs, music performance and composition classes, and various other educational opportunities to students worldwide. As an institution that fosters innovative musical thinking and practice, NZSM has been home to some of the country’s most talented musicians.

The school began in 2006 through the Victoria University of Wellington and Massey University collaborative effort. However, the school now belongs to only the Victoria University of Wellington. 

The New Zealand School of Music offers a variety of learning facilities for its students. These include practice rooms, recording studios, lecture theatres, and performance spaces. The school also provides access to various musical instruments and equipment, library resources, and online tutorials. Additionally, the school has an extensive network of professional musicians who can guide students during their studies.

About Victoria University of Wellington 

Victoria University of Wellington is a world-renowned tertiary institution located in the capital of New Zealand. It began in 1897 and is one of New Zealand’s most prestigious universities, which enjoys an international reputation for excellence.VUW offers various courses across various disciplines, such as Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Humanities, and Social Sciences.

Scholarships offered at the New Zealand School of Music:

New Zealand School of Music offers many scholarships to eligible students with different application deadlines and categories. So, find below a brief description of each scholarship.

First-quarter round of scholarships 

These scholarships have deadlines between February to April of the application year. They are open to domestic and international students with excellent academic performance or in dire need of financial support for their Undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs. The scholarships are:

  • D.F McKenzie Award 
  • Fehl Charitable Trust (FCT) Scholarships 
  • Herbert Sutcliffe Hardship Scholarship 
  • Kiwi Music Scholarship 
  • Kia Ora Foundation Travelling Scholarship in Music
  • Margaret Nielsen Scholarship 
  • Therle Drake Postgraduate Scholarship 
Last Quarter round of Scholarships 

These rounds of Scholarships have deadlines between October to November each year they are open for application. The value of the scholarships worth from 2500 USD to 40,000 USD per beneficiary. While some scholarships are available to international students, others are strict to only New Zealand citizens. They are open to all programs offered in the school. The list of scholarships are:

  • Athol Mann Award for Vocal Students 
  • Barbara Finlayson Scholarship 
  • Clare Galambos-Winter Scholarships in Violin Performance 
  • Deane Music Scholarship 
  • Ella C Wilson Music Award 
  • Ian Pollard Organ Scholarship 
  • McKenzie Music Therapy Scholarship 
  • Marion Rayward Memorial Scholarship in Music
  • Raye Freedman Scholarship in Holocaust-Related Studies 
  • Postgraduate Scholarship in Classical Piano Performance 
  • Therle Drake Postgraduate Scholarship 
Other categories of Scholarships 
  • Biannual Contestable Awards
  • Edwin Carr Scholarship 
  • Pettman Dare Scholarship 
  • Patricia Pratt Scholarship in Musical Performance 
  • Rapid Response Awards
  • The Adastra Foundation Scholarship

Scholarship Benefits

How many students benefit from New Zealand School of Music Scholarships?

The number of awardees varies; some sponsors may offer an award to one student, while others can be up to ten students or more.

How much are the New Zealand School of Music Scholarships worth?

The scholarships are worth from 1000 USD to 40,000 USD per beneficiary. 

What other benefits does the New Zealand School of Music Scholarships offered?

The benefits include:

  • Free tuition fee 
  • Access to free accommodation 
  • Opportunities to travel within and outside New Zealand for workshops, performances, and professional courses 
  • Access to the funding of musical projects and maintenance of musical instruments

Applicable Courses

New Zealand School of Music Scholarships are open to all programs in Music and its related courses.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for New Zealand School of Music Scholarships vary from one scholarship to another. Some scholarships are strict to demography, program, or gender. However, all applicants must be New Zealand School of Music students, demonstrate outstanding academic performance, and have financial difficulties.

Fees & Funding

Who is eligible to sponsor me to study in New Zealand?

Generally, a family member, an employer, or a student exchange program can sponsor you to study in New Zealand. Your sponsor must be able to provide evidence that they have the financial capacity to support your studies and living costs in New Zealand. Additionally, they must be able to prove their relationship to you.

What type of New Zealand Visa do I need to study in New Zealand?

You may apply student visa or a student permit, depending on your nationality and the duration of your studies. A student visa can save you from studying for up to three months. In contrast, you can get a student permit for extended study periods. 

How much is the bank balance required for a New Zealand student visa?

The minimum bank balance for a New Zealand student visa is NZ$15,000 per year of study. This amount must be held in an account for at least three months before the visa application processing and pick-up. Additionally, the funds must be able to cover all tuition fees and living expenses while studying in New Zealand.

Can the New Zealand School of Music Scholarships be revoked?

Yes, the New Zealand School of Music can revoke Scholarships. The school reserves the right to rescind a scholarship if the recipient does not meet the requirements of their award or if their academic performance is below satisfactory levels. In addition, any breach of the student code of conduct may also result in scholarship revocation.

Application Procedure

The numerous sponsors of the New Zealand School of Music Scholarships have different methods of applications for each or group of scholarships. So to apply for a preferred scholarship, you should follow these steps: 

  • Visit the New Zealand School of Music Scholarships page 
  • Select a suitable scholarship, check for additional eligibility criteria and required documents
  • Follow the application procedure to apply