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Do you want to explore your chosen career path before or after graduation? If so, we recommend participating in one of the Nestle Internship Programs hosted in more than 180 countries. Nestle is your best bet regardless of the country you wish to work in as an intern, as it operates globally. Hence, you can take advantage of its intern roles to develop professionally.

Interning with Nestle is one of the possible ways to kick-start your career. It will enable you to have practical experience while giving you an opportunity to work with professionals. You’ll get feedback regularly on your performance throughout your internship. Therefore, this article will provide insights into Nestle Internships, including their benefits, requirements, and application process.

Let’s get rolling.

Overview of Nestle Internship Programs

Nestle, a renowned Swiss food company, has a range of internship programs to facilitate the career growth of students and graduates in many countries. These programs help to explore various career areas, including sales, marketing, administrative, Human Resources, Research & Development, supply chain & procurement, communications, engineering, finance, technical & production, legal, and Information Technology.

5 Things to Note about Nestle Internship Programs

Before starting your application, you should know a few things about Nestle Internships, as noted below.

  • Students and graduates can intern in all Nestle factories.
  • They run for one to six months, depending on some factors.
  • You must obtain a valid visa and work permit before leaving your country to intern with Nestle. Of course, you can get relevant authorizations through the country’s embassy or consulate in the country where you are currently.
  • All intern roles available at Nestle offer monthly financial compensation.
  • Irrespective of your country of origin, you can apply for an intern role at Nestle, provided you meet all requirements.

About Nestle

Nestle is a multinational food & beverage company founded in 1866. Its center of operations has its location in Vaud, Switzerland. Nestle is well known as the world’s largest food company based on various metrics. It produces baby foods, dairy products, frozen foods, medical foods, breakfast cereals, confectionery, snacks, pet foods, coffee & tea, ice cream, and bottled water.

Nestle is one of Forbes Global 2000 list of top-ranked companies. It has about 450 factories in 180+ countries, including the United States, UK, Egypt, Canada, Jordan, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Malaysia, Germany, Mexico, Thailand, Ukraine, France, and the United Arab Emirates.

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Benefits of Nestle Internship Programs

The internship programs hosted by Nestle Food Company have numerous benefits, consisting of both financial and non-financial.

Here are a few reasons to intern with Nestle.

  • You’ll receive remuneration each month for serving the company as an intern.
  • Another reason to intern with Nestle is that you’ll have free access to top-notch training and development programs, allowing you to attain career growth quickly.
  • Being part of a Nestle Internship Program will also enable you to acquire firsthand experience relevant to your chosen career path.
  • It also helps to redefine your career goals, as well as build your skills and capabilities.
  • These internship programs will allow you to join a friendly and supportive team in a conducive working environment.
  • You’ll also benefit from career coaching and mentoring throughout your internship with Nestle.
  • Above all, Nestle Internships offers opportunities for career progression, with developmental feedback to guarantee that you are progressing.

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You must meet specific requirements to gain a career advantage via one of Nestle’s internship programs. After that, you can start your online application.

Eligibility Criteria for Nestle Internship Programs

The requirements for internships at Nestle vary depending on the intern position in question. However, the general requirements to meet for these internships are as follows.

  • Must currently be studying to earn a university degree or already hold one in a relevant field
  • Have good analytical and teamwork skills
  • Possess superb written and oral communication skills
  • Have exceptional computer literacy skills and the ability to work on Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint software

If you’ve been able to satisfy all requirements above, be assured that you can intern in one of Nestle’s factories worldwide.

How to Apply for Nestle Internship Program 2023

The application procedure for all intern positions available at Nestle S.A. is the same. That means they do not vary as eligibility criteria. To express interest in one of these intern roles, you need a web-enabled computer, smartphone, or tablet to access Nestle’s careers webpage.

Then, scroll down and click on Search Internship & Apprenticeship opportunities. On the next page, you can filter the search results based on your preferred location for the internship.

When you eventually find the intern position, click on it, then again the Apply Now button on the page to start your application via LinkedIn or by applying directly.

After submitting your application, you should start looking forward to planning your intern job interview to ensure nothing beyond your expectations.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Nestle Internship Programs

Does Nestle accept interns?

Yes, Nestle recruits students and graduates to assume several intern positions. Its internship programs help to explore a wide selection of career paths.

Can graduates apply for Nestle Internship Program?

Yes, university graduates can express their interest in various intern roles at Nestle. However, they must fulfill specific requirements, which vary depending on the country. You can find the information in the job description of your preferred intern position.

Does Nestle offer paid internships?

Yes, all internship programs offered by Nestle S.A. are remunerative, even in countries where companies have the discretion to pay interns. The average salary of Nestle interns in the US is $2,965 per month.

Can I apply for more than one Nestle Internship?

Yes, you can apply online for multiple intern positions at Nestle if the internship opportunity matches your interest and you satisfy all requirements.

How long do Nestle Internship Programs last?

Internships at Nestle vary in duration for students and graduates, ranging from one to six months.


Working as an intern in one of Nestle’s factories worldwide will be a good move toward your career success. It will enable you to get a head start in your career journey as you gather relevant work experience, learn new skills, and make professional contacts. But, no matter the professional development opportunity you seek, these internship programs can give it all.

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