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Do you want to acquire hands-on experience relevant to the financial services industry? If so, consider Nestle Finance Internship, as it is one of the ideal options available to students and graduates. Interning with Nestle S.A. will enable you to progress your career by combining your theoretical education with the practical work experience you’ll gain via the internship.

Without a doubt, Nestle offers one of the best finance internship programs in the world. It is open to students and graduates from many countries, providing a means to contribute to real projects, expand your skill set, and meet with industry experts.

Let’s get rolling.

Overview of Nestle Finance Internship Program

Nestle Finance Internship is one of Nestle’s numerous career advancement opportunities to help students and graduates gather relevant work experience. This internship program gives a chance to join a finance team in one of the 185+ countries where Nestle operates.

5 Things to Note about Nestle Finance Internship Program

  • Nestle Finance Internships vary in duration, from one to six months.
  • This internship is also remunerative, as you can expect a salary at the end of each month, even in a country where employers can choose to pay interns at their discretion.
  • Nestle has finance intern roles available in many countries where it has factories. Such countries include the US, UK, UAE, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Switzerland, Canada, Israel, Spain, Malaysia, etc.
  • A wide selection of finance intern roles is open to students and graduates at Nestle S.A. These include accounting, audit, tax, pensions, treasury, and costing.
  • Nestle Finance Internship is not limited to students and graduates from any country.

About Nestlé

Established in 1866, Nestle is a food and drink processing conglomerate headquartered in Vaud, Switzerland. It operates as a multinational corporation across 189 countries, specializing in manufacturing baby foods, medical foods, pet foods, bottled water, confectionery, breakfast cereals, snacks, dairy products, ice cream, coffee & tea, etc.

Nestle has nearly 450 factories, with a workforce of approximately 275,000. It is renowned as the world’s largest food company. Besides, Nestle is one of the Global 500 companies in Fortune magazine. It is also among the largest companies on Forbes Global 2000 list.

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Why Consider Nestle Finance Internship?

The following are reasons to choose the finance internship program hosted by Nestle S.A. over other internships.

  • Being part of this internship program offers good career prospects and improves your employability. In fact, most of Nestle’s top management got a job offer after their internship as a graduate.
  • You’ll get an opportunity to assume challenging responsibilities with autonomy on how to execute assigned tasks.
  • Working as a finance intern with Nestle will also enable you to acquire practical experience relevant to the finance industry. You can gain this experience for six months at most.
  • Another reason to intern with Nestle is that you’ll get a career mentor and best-in-class training.
  • You’ll also be able to expand your finance, analysis, presentation, and leadership skills.
  • Participating in Nestle Internship Program will help you kick-start your career in the financial services industry as you gain insights.

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If you wish to participate in the finance internship program hosted by Nestle in numerous countries, you must satisfy some criteria, as indicated in the next section.

Eligibility Criteria for Nestle Finance Internship Program

Before applying for a finance intern position with Nestle S.A., ensure you have met the above requirements.

  • Must currently be enrolled in a recognized institution of higher learning for a finance-related degree or be a recent graduate with a university degree.
  • Must have astute business understanding
  • Possess exceptional personal drive and be able to work independently without support.
  • Have good problem-solving and analytical skills.

After satisfying the above-stated criteria, feel free to undertake the application procedures noted in the next section.

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How to Apply for Nestle Finance Internship Program

To express interest in one of these finance intern positions, visit Nestle’s careers webpage on a computer, tablet, or smartphone with fast internet. Afterward, scroll down and click Finance as your preferred career area.

Also, click Search Opportunities in Finance after scrolling mid-page. Then look for your preferred finance intern role and click on it to expand specific details. There is an Apply Now button below the page, which you must click on to take further steps.

At this time, you can start planning to attend your internship interview to improve your chances of having a successful application.

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FAQs about Nestle Finance Internship Program

Is Nestle Finance Internship paid?

Yes. Not only are the finance intern roles available at Nestle S.A. financially rewarding, but include all other internship programs offered by the company. The average monthly salary of Nestle finance interns in the US is about $1,665.

When is best to apply for Nestle Finance Internship?

There is virtually no appropriate time to apply for a finance intern role at Nestle, as the application windows vary depending on the country.

Can I work as a finance intern at Nestle after my graduation?

Yes, you can apply for finance intern positions at Nestle, but be aware that the requirements vary from country to country.

What is the duration of Nestle Finance Internship?

Finance internships at Nestle S.A. run for one of six months and are open to students and graduates with essential skills.

Can foreigners work as finance interns at Nestle?

Yes, your nationality and ethnic group are not criteria to qualify for Nestle Finance Internships. Hence, you can express your interest in Nestle’s finance intern jobs, no matter which country’s citizenship you hold.


As Nestle is the largest food company in the world, it is also an ideal place to learn, broaden your exposure, and grow your career. Working as a finance intern at Nestle will let you reach your full potential and have an opportunity to gather relevant experience. If you prefer to apply for another intern position within the company, you can check out our article on Nestle internship opportunities in general.