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If you are a student or a university degree holder with a quantitative major, we recommend your participation in NERA Internships, no matter your nationality. The National Economic Research Associates (NERA) hosts this internship program in many countries where it has offices, including the United States of America, Germany, New Zealand, and France.

This internship program offers an opportunity to gain relevant experience. It also prepares you for the job market, enhances your employability, and improves your career prospects. If you are stuck while applying for the internship or seek to expand your knowledge, this article will satisfy your informational needs in a moment.

Let’s get down to business.

Overview of NERA Internships

NERA offers a range of internship opportunities to allow students and university degree holders to attain career progression more quickly while assuming various challenging responsibilities. This internship program will enable you to start your career early as you acquire relevant experience, grow your skill set, and get support for your career growth.

Irrespective of your chosen career path in consulting, NERA Internship will match your interests. Its management attends several career fairs and conducts on-campus interviews to find students to hire as interns.

Ten things to note about NERA Internships

  • NERA offers a summer internship program that allows students and graduates to take on intern roles.
  • All nationalities are eligible to participate in NERA Internship Programs.
  • NERA Economic Consulting is best for students aspiring to become a consultant.
  • This internship program is remunerative.
  • You must submit a good cover letter and a well-designed CV to get an intern job at NERA Economic Consulting, Inc.
  • NERA Internships has an online application process.
  • The firm recruits interns to its offices in the United States and internationally in France, New Zealand, and Germany.
  • The duration of NERA Internship Programs varies. Nevertheless, they usually run for three or six months.
  • NERA does not provide accommodation or transport to its interns, even if they come from overseas.
  • This internship is not open to students and graduates whose academic program is not quantitative-related.

About NERA

The National Economic Research Associates, also called NERA Economic Consulting, Inc., is an economic consulting firm headquartered in New York, USA. It operates international offices in Australia, Asia, North America, and Europe. NERA’s establishment occurred in 1961 and is currently a leading economic consulting firm based on Vault’s rankings.

NERA hires more than 500 professionals, especially those with postgraduate and professional degrees in business, finance, economics, or law.

As you hope to intern someday with NERA Economic Consulting, Inc., you should know what interns do for the company and its clients.

Roles of Interns at NERA

Of the numerous tasks assigned to students interning at NERA, the following are their major duties and responsibilities.

  • Conducting theoretical and data analysis-basis research
  • Analyzing data and interpreting your findings
  • Implementing data cleaning and management
  • Actively being involved in drafting memoranda, presentations, reports, etc.
  • Executing conceptual analysis by applying theories to facts

We have provided some justifications hereafter if you seek why NERA’s internship program may be your best bet.

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Why Intern with NERA Economic Consulting?

Here are some reasons to consider working as an intern in one of NERA’s offices.

  • Participating in NERA Internship Program will give you free access to formal training courses in major areas of professional development.
  • You’ll receive financial compensation each month of interning with NERA. The average monthly salary of NERA interns in the US is about $4,550.
  • Interning with NERA Economic Consulting will help you develop your communication, presentation, critical thinking, and excel modeling skills.
  • You’ll be opportune to work on several client projects during your internship. That will facilitate learning for you.
  • This internship program offers up to six months of industry-relevant work experience or even longer.
  • You will get guidance from experienced junior and senior staff members, which will help redefine your career goals.

NERA Internship Program is not just open for anyone to reap its benefits. As such, prospective interns must satisfy some requirements before submitting their online applications.

Eligibility Criteria for NERA Internships

You must fulfill the following criteria to qualify for an intern position at NERA Economic Consulting, Inc.

  • Be a student or graduate with a quantitative background, such as statistics, accounting, computer science, and other fields related to economics and finance.
  • Have good organizational, quantitative, and analytical skills.
  • Be eager to learn new things and have exceptional critical thinking skills.
  • Possess outstanding communication and presentation skills.

If you have satisfied the above requirements, it’s the go-ahead you need to apply for your preferred intern position.

Application Procedures for NERA Internships

To apply for an intern position at NERA Economic Consulting, visit the company’s careers website, managed by Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc. Then, start looking for your preferred internship and click on it when you eventually find it.

Afterward, check to confirm whether you have met all requirements. If eligible, click the Apply Now button at the web page’s end to commence the online application process. Be mindful of the fact that you must upload your cover letter, CV, and resume’s electronic copies. Supported formats include .txt, PDF, .doc, .docx, or HTML, or in a maximum file size of 1 MB.

We encourage you to prepare for your internship interview as soon as you submit the online form.

To discover any other information about NERA Economic Consulting Internships, email your inquiries and concerns to [email protected].

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Frequently Asked Questions about NERA Internships

How much does NERA Economic Consulting pay interns?

NERA pays each intern $4,550 monthly as remuneration for completing assigned tasks. You can use the stipend to cover your accommodation, food, and other living costs.

Can foreigners intern with NERA Economic Consulting, Inc.?

Yes, students of all nationalities can apply for NERA Internship Program and utilize the opportunity to gain professional development.

What are the essential skills to apply for NERA Internship Program?

Students who want to intern with NERA Economic Consulting, Inc. must possess several skills, which include organizational, analytical, quantitative, communication, presentation, critical thinking, and curiosity skills.

What is the duration of NERA Internship Program?

The internship programs hosted by NERA Economic Consulting, Inc. in numerous countries vary in duration, typically lasting for three to six months.

Is it hard to get an intern job at NERA?

Yes, NERA Internships are competitive to students, regardless of their academic achievements and nationality. Hence, getting an intern job at NERA Economic Consulting, Inc. is usually d


Interning with the National Economic Research Associates will allow you to work on real cases and collaborate with others on projects. In addition, it offers unique opportunities to make good progress in your career and gain international experience. Start by preparing your CV and other necessary documentation, and then proceed to check whether you are eligible.