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Are you tired of staying unemployed without any professional development? Then, you should participate in Nedbank Internship to make good progress in your career.

Nedbank’s Youth Employment Service (YES) program is a one-year program open to youths of specific nationalities, no matter their subject area.

So in this article, we will make you understand the benefits, requirements, and application procedures for Nedbank’s YES program.

Let’s dive in.

Overview of Nedbank Internship Program

Nedbank Group, renowned for being SA’s fourth largest banking group by assets, offers a Youth Employment Service (YES) program to allow South African unemployed youths to gain new skills and relevant work experience.

But what does the YES program entail? See below to know.

7 Things to Note about Nedbank Internship Program

Here are seven (7) facts about the Youth Employment Service program hosted by Nedbank Group.

  • The program has been supporting unemployed youths since 2019.
  • Nationalities other than South Africans are not eligible to participate in Nedbank’s YES program.
  • Nedbank Group hires unemployed youths through the YES program in many of its branches and offices in South Africa.
  • Some positions allow youths to work temporarily in-office, remotely, or via a hybrid model.
  • Depending on your work shift, you may have to work on weekends and public holidays. Besides, the program may require you to travel to and from the office.
  • The YES program offers remuneration to provide financial support to participants.
  • More than 5 000 South African youths have participated in the program to get equipped to become an entrepreneur or enter the labor market.

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About Nedbank Group

Nedbank is a South African financial services group established on March 1, 1888. With its headquarters in Johannesburg, it offers a wide range of banking services, including wealth management, asset management, and insurance services. Nedbank operates in several countries outside SA, including Zimbabwe, Malawi, Eswatini, Namibia, Mozambique, and Lesotho.

Besides, the bank has international offices to provide financial services for its clients in the United Kingdom, Jersey, the Isle of Man, Guernsey, and the UAE. Nedbank has a workforce of more than 31,000 employees.

Are you interested in working with Nedbank right? The next section of this article will let you know what to expect from the YES program.

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Benefits of Nedbank YES Program

The following are good reasons to participate in Nedbank’s Youth Employment Service program.

  • You will be opportune to gain one year of work experience relevant to various aspects of financial services.
  • The YES program will also enable you to perfect your skill set.
  • Participating in the program will let you grow a network of professionals in the financial services industry.
  • It is financially rewarding to participants, and you can expect to receive a stipend of 38,769 ZAR per month.
  • The program will also facilitate your professional growth, as you have access to coaches and mentors.

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Eligibility Criteria for Nedbank Internship Program

To qualify for participation in Nedbank’s YES Internship Program, you must;

  • Possess birthright citizenship of South Africa, be a colored or Indian citizen as per BBBEE Act’s definition of black people.
  • Be within the age range of 18 to 29 years old.
  • Hold a High School Grade 12 certificate.
  • Be presently unemployed
  • Not have previously participated in a Youth Employment Service (YES) program.

After satisfying these criteria, follow the instructions below to complete the program’s application process.

How to Apply for Nedbank Internships

To express interest in the Youth Employment Service, visit Nedbank’s website to check whether its graduate program is open. If you discover it’s open, ensure you submit your online application as soon as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Nedbank YES Program have an age limit?

Yes, South African youths wanting to be part of Nedbank’s YES Program must be between 18 and 29 years old.

What is the duration of the Nedbank Internship Program?

The Youth Employment Service program offered by Nedbank Group runs for twelve months, starting on May 1.

Where does the Nedbank YES program take place?

Nedbank hosts its Youth Employment Service program in its branches and offices across South Africa.

Are participants paid?

Yes, Nedbank Group offers a monthly stipend (estimated at 38,769 ZAR) to persons who participate in its Youth Employment Service program. However, the money will help you cover your living and travel expenses.

Can international students participate in Nedbank YES Program?

Yes, non-South African citizens are not eligible to participate in the Youth Employment Service program hosted by Nedbank Group.


Participating in Nedbank’s YES program will give you a golden opportunity to prepare for the job market or to set up your own business. That means your time of not having a job will cease for up to one year, and you can focus on improving your employability.

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