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Are you looking to boost your career in entertainment, accounting & finance, marketing, or journalism? Then, you may be eligible to participate in NBC Universal Internships.

The program allows you to work with the oldest broadcasting network in the United States. Read on to learn more about NBC Summer Internships, including how to land an intern job with the company!

About NBC Universal

NBC Universal is a media and entertainment company established in 2004 through the merger of NBC, a TV network, and Universal Studios, a film studio. The company is a subsidiary of Comcast Corporation, a well-known telecommunications and media conglomerate.

NBC owns and operates several media properties, including the NBC television network, Universal Pictures, and cable networks such as USA Network. In addition to its media properties, NBC Universal is also involved in sports through its ownership of the NBC Sports Group and its coverage of significant events such as the Olympic Games.

Overview of NBC Universal Internships

NBC Internships are paid internship programs for students looking to kick-start their careers in specific fields. These include marketing & public relations, finance & accounting, human resources, graphic arts, journalism, web content, video editing, photography, production, or entertainment.

They have one of the best screenwriter internships, allowing students worldwide to gain experience in the entertainment industry.

Locations of NBC Internships

NBC Universal hires interns for different positions across their offices in the USA.

These include in;

  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • New York, New York
  • Universal City, California
  • Denver, Colorado
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Hialeah, Florida
  • Orlando, Florida
  • Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey
  • Stamford, Connecticut

Job Duties of NBC Interns

The responsibilities and duties of interns at NBC Universal vary depending on their job position. Below are, however, their primary job duties:

  • Assist in the day-to-day operations of the department or team they’re assigned to.
  • Conduct research, analyze data, and prepare reports.
  • Attend meetings, take notes, and assist in preparing meeting materials.
  • Collaborate with other interns and team members on various projects.
  • Help to organize events and other special projects.
  • Contribute to the development of new ideas, strategies, and initiatives.
  • Adhere to NBC’s policies and procedures.
  • Complete specific tasks assigned by their superior or internship supervisor.

Benefits of the NBC Universal Internships

One of the most significant benefits of interning with NBC Universal is that you will get to work with experienced professionals. Below are other benefits of the internship program:

  • Placement within a team in a related field, allowing you to learn from experts in the industry.
  • Gain invaluable professional network and insights.
  • Opportunity to gather relevant work experience.
  • Receive competitive salaries, allowing you to have a financial advantage.
  • Improved employability and future employment opportunities.

Average Salary of Interns at NBC Universal

Internships at NBC are typically paid. The average salary of UBC interns is $15.40 per hour. But if you would like to work full-time (40 hours a week) as an intern, you could earn around $616 weekly or $35,436 a year.

Eligibility Criteria of the NBC Internship Program

The following are the basic requirements for intern jobs at NBC Universal:

  • Be at least 18 years old at the time of the internship.
  • Be enrolled in an accredited university as of the internship application date.
  • Have a high academic standing with a GPA of 3.0/4.0 or more.
  • Possess a valid authorization to work in the United States.
  • Be willing to commit to the entire duration of the internship program.
  • Have excellent organizational, communication, and problem-solving skills.
  • Be able to work independently and as part of a team.
  • Passion in the media and entertainment industry.

How to Apply for NBC Universal Internships

Below are the steps for applying for intern jobs at NBC Universal

Step 1: Research available internship opportunities

Before anything else, visit NBC’s career website to check available intern positions. The website shows all open internship positions alongside their specific job duties, requirements, and qualifications.

Step 2: Prepare your application materials

Next, gather your application supporting documents, including your cover letter and resume. Ensure your resume highlights your academic history, professional experience, and skills.

Discover how to list your internship experience on your resume.

Step 3: Submit your application

Once your application materials are ready, submit them through the NBC careers website. Follow the instructions carefully, as each position may have different requirements.

Also, proofread your materials for spelling and grammatical errors before submitting them.

Step 4: Prepare for your interview

If your internship application is considered, you will receive an update regarding your interview screening. So, research the company and the internship opportunity to better prepare for the interview.

Step 5: Accept the offer

If offered the intern role, you must accept the job offer quickly and complete all other procedures like background checks and employment agreements.

Ensure you confirm the internship’s start and end dates, work schedule, and other conditions.

Last Date to Apply:

The application deadline for the NBC Internship Program usually falls around summer. The internship usually runs from late May to early August, lasting 11 weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does NBC pay interns?

Yes, NBC pays reasonable salaries to students participating in its summer internships and other Internship programs. Each intern’s salary varies at NBCUniversal, ranging from $19 to $32 per hour.

What are internship interviews like at NBC Universal?

Intern job interviews at NBCUniversal often begin with a phone or video call, followed by one or multiple in-person interviews. You may also need to take a skills test or give references.

Can graduates intern at NBCUniversal?

No, NBC Internships are typically open to students attending an accredited college or university.


Regardless of your field of study, you can intern with NBCUniversal and take advantage of this opportunity to advance your career. The internship program is best for undergraduate students pursuing a career in media and entertainment.