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Are you still studying or a graduate who recently earned a degree in Human Resources, architecture, infrastructure & facilities management, aeronautics, or engineering? Then, you may be eligible to participate in NATO Internships in Brussels, Belgium. You can also consider this internship program if you have a background in media or journalism.

Even though the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) needs the skills its interns possess, its internships facilitate professional development like other internships. It will enable you to gather up to six months of relevant work experience, improve your skill set, and learn from industry experts. Read on to learn more about NATO Internships and how to participate in the program.

Let’s get rolling.

About NATO

Also called the North Atlantic Alliance, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is an intergovernmental military alliance formed in 1949 between 28 European and 2 North American countries.

These countries include Belgium, the United States, Slovenia, Albania, Luxembourg, Italy, Bulgaria, Greece, Canada, Iceland, Poland, Montenegro, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Hungary, Portugal, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Norway, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Turkey, France, Croatia, Latvia, and North Macedonia.

NATO’s center of operations has its location in Brussels, Belgium. It operates as a joint security system in which member states agree to defend themselves in case of external threats.

Overview of NATO Internships

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) offers two internship programs to attain four objectives. These internships are country-specific to students and graduates from NATO’s 30 Member States.

Types of NATO Internship Programs

NATO-funded Internship Program
  • This internship program allows students and graduates to intern with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, with placements in March or September of the subsequent year. It hires new interns once a year.
Grant-funded Internship Program
  • Students can participate in this internship program anytime in the year. However, only students awarded a scholarship by a school or a governmental institution are eligible.

Objectives of NATO Internships

NATO hires interns due to the following reasons.

  • Provide students and recent graduates with a chance to learn from the NATO community, as well as have vast knowledge and insights into the organization.
  • Promote a more diverse workforce.
  • Facilitate awareness of NATO in its member states.
  • Allow access to the most current technical and theoretical knowledge a student or graduate can apply while carrying out assigned tasks.

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Benefits of NATO Internships

Do you seek reasons to participate in one of NATO’s Internship Programs? If so, see below for various benefits of working as an intern with the organization.

  • Being part of this internship program is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn from a community of industry leaders, acquire relevant work experience, and develop more skills.
  • During your internship, you’ll be opportune to get in-house training focused on expanding your knowledge about NATO’s organizational structure and activities.
  • You’ll receive remuneration each month of interning with NATO. The average monthly salary of NATO interns is €1,050.
  • Interning with NATO guarantees an excellent work-life balance, as you can request a 15-day leave during your internship.
  • After confirming your internship start date, NATO will provide you with a prepaid economy flight or train ticket (round-trip). The organization will also reimburse you for your expenses if you travel by road.
  • Another reason to intern with NATO is the opportunity to build valuable relationships with professionals within the community.

To benefit from one of the internship programs hosted by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), you must be a student or graduate who meets the requirements noted in the next section.

Eligibility Criteria for NATO Internships

The following are the requirements for NATO-funded Internship Program.

  • Must be a national of a NATO Member State
  • Have passed 21 years of age
  • Currently be enrolled in a recognized university, having completed at least two years of study. You can also apply for NATO-funded internship if you earned an academic degree within the last 12 months.
  • Be able to communicate in either English or French, NATO official languages. Suppose you understand both languages, and even more, you’ll gain a competitive advantage in the screening and evaluation stage.

If you’ve already fulfilled the above requirements, you can express interest in NATO Internship Programs following the instructions below.

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How to Apply for NATO Internships

While you can apply for NATO-funded internship program only when there is a call for applications, NATO’s Grant-funded internship is open throughout the year. It involves submitting an online application via the organization’s e-recruitment.

We recommend you apply quickly to increase your chances of being among NATO’s interns for 2023. However, you can fill in the required fields on the form gradually, as there is an option for you to save it as a draft and continue later.

After submitting your application, you’ll have to wait for the Internship Program Office to screen your application and forward it to the HR managers. If the office realizes you are ineligible upon the evaluation process, you will receive a notification of an unsuccessful application.

At this time, you can start preparing for your internship interview, which you’ll receive an invitation in May or June. We also advise that you ask questions during your internship interview, as it can also make an impact.

Frequently Asked Questions about NATO Internships

Can you intern at NATO?

Yes, you can work as an intern at NATO if you are a student or recent graduate, at least 21 years old, and from a country in alliance with the organization. Moreover, you must be proficient in English or French, or both.

Can I participate in NATO Internship Program if I am not from its member state?

No, you are not eligible to intern with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization if you do not possess the nationality of one of its member states.

How long is the NATO Internship Program?

The internship programs hosted by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization run for six months. They are open only to citizens of NATO Member States.

Are NATO Internships paid?

Yes, NATO pays students and graduates monthly for holding its intern positions. Therefore, each intern will receive about €1,050 per month.

What are the documents required to apply for NATO Internships?

While applying for NATO Internship Programs, you’ll have to provide a copy of your university certificate and proof of educational enrollment, depending on whether you are a graduate or still studying.


Interning with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization will considerably impact your career advancement. As a result, you’ll get the chance to learn new skills, gain relevant experience, get free in-house training, and create a professional network. So apply now and guarantee your career success.