National chengchi university scholarships

National Chengchi University Scholarships: Detailed Guide

National Chengchi University scholarships consist of some external and internal scholarships that fully cover the cost of study of non-Taiwanese students enrolled in the International Master’s Degree in Business Administration program. Sponsored by the university, government, etc., these scholarships offer financial aid opportunities to students from around the world who intend to earn the IMBA degree program administered by NCCU’s College of Commerce.

List of Scholarships to Study at National Chengchi University, Taiwan

Here are various scholarships awarded to students enrolled in the International MBA Program offered at National Chengchi University.

  • NCCU’s New International Student Scholarship

This self-sponsored National Chengchi University scholarship is open to international students intending to start the IMBA program.

  • The Taiwanese ICDF Scholarship

This fully funded scholarship supports non-Taiwanese students with their cost of study in NCCU’s IMBA program.

  • The Taiwanese MOE Scholarship

International students from any country except Macau, Mainland China, and Hong Kong can apply for the Taiwanese MOE Scholarship to fund their enrollment in the IMBA program that the National Chengchi University offers.

  • The Taiwanese MOFA Scholarship

Non-Taiwanese students from countries with friendly or diplomatic relations with Taiwan can express their interest in the Taiwanese MOFA Scholarship to finance IMBA enrollment at the National Chengchi University.

Who Sponsors National Chengchi University Scholarships?

National Chengchi University is the sole sponsor of its New International Student Scholarship to financially support non-Taiwanese students in covering their study costs. Other scholarships available to NCCU students have external funders, such as the Taiwanese International Cooperation and Development Fund (ICDF), the Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Overview of Taipei City

Taipei is a Taiwanese city well known as the country’s capital city and a first-level administrative district. Undoubtedly, the city is famous for its interesting and longstanding history, architectural landmarks, traditional markets, and many must-see attractions. These include the National Palace Museum, Lungshan Temple, Yangmingshan National Park, Taipei Zoo, Huashan 1914 Creative Park, Daan Forest Park, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, and Beitou Hot Spring Museum.

National Chengchi University is a public institution of learning and research, first founded in Nanjing in 1927 until its relocation to this city in 1954. It is considered to be among the most renowned and distinguished Taiwanese universities. Its academic programs focus on politics, arts & humanities, social sciences, management, international affairs, linguistics & literature, mass media, and economics. It has 12 colleges, partners with more than 496 universities, and offers over 800 English-taught courses. Not less than 3,000 international students are undertaking studies at National Chengchi University.

Scholarship Benefits

How Much are National Chengchi University Scholarships?

National Chengchi University scholarships’ worth is inestimable, as they cover your tuition, university fees, accommodation, and flight cost, which vary depending on your country of origin.

How Many Students Receive National Chengchi University Scholarships?

Many students benefit yearly from National Chengchi University’s New International Student Scholarship, Taiwan’s ICDF Scholarship, MOFA Taiwan Scholarship, and MOE Scholarship.

Are National Chengchi University Scholarships Fully Funded or Partially Funded?

National Chengchi University students can only get fully funded scholarships with comprehensive benefits, such as tuition fees, dormitory fees, textbook costs, economy class round-trip flight to Taiwan, insurance, and a monthly stipend of TWD 15.

Duration of National Chengchi University Scholarships

The scholarships funded internally and externally to support National Chengchi University students usually last for one academic year.

Applicable Courses

What Fields of Study are National Chengchi University Scholarships Meant For?

The scholarships available to National Chengchi University students are exclusively for students in a specific field of study, i.e., international business administration.

Can Undergraduate Students Apply for National Chengchi University Scholarships?

No, undergraduate students cannot apply for National Chengchi University scholarships, as they are only open to postgraduate students pursuing the International Master’s Degree in Business Administration program.

Eligibility Criteria

National Chengchi University Scholarships Requirements

The following are the general requirements for National Chengchi University scholarships granted to IMBA students.

  • Must be a non-Taiwanese citizen or a student from a country with diplomatic relations with Taiwan
  • Enrollment in the International Master’s Degree in Business Administration program offered by NCCU’s College of Commerce
  • Hold outstanding academic achievements.

Fees & Funding

Are National Chengchi University scholarships easy to get?

No, getting a scholarship while enrolled in the IMBA program NTU offers is not easy, as they are competitive.

Does National Chengchi University offer scholarships for international students?

Yes, National Chengchi University offers a broad range of scholarships to international students from the four corners of the earth.

Do I need to apply for National Chengchi University scholarships?

Yes, National Chengchi University students undertaking the International Master’s Degree in Business Administration program must apply to express their interest in scholarships, except if applying for the New International Student Scholarship.

Can I apply online for National Chengchi University scholarships?

Yes, National Chengchi University students can apply online for scholarships, which involves a few simple processes.

When is the deadline to apply for National Chengchi University scholarships?

The closing date for National Chengchi University scholarship applications varies depending on the scholarship and is anytime from March 15 to 31, 2023.

Application Procedure

How to Apply for National Chengchi University Scholarships

NCCU’s internal scholarship, i.e., the New International Student Scholarship, does not require students to submit a separate application, as the IMBA office considers awardees automatically. However, other scholarships sponsored externally for National Chengchi University students require taking a few online application steps to express an interest.

As these steps differ, click the Apply Now button below to check out the application process for each scholarship.