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NASA Internship For International Students: Benefit and application

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National Aeronautics and Space Administration, NASA offers internships for International students interested in Space exploration and discovery.

The internship allows international students to study the space’s complex and fascinating work environment. Also, providing a platform for international students to network with peers and professionals.

This article will explore the opportunity that awaits international students at NASA, including the requirements that must be met to be a successful candidate and the application process for the internship opportunity.

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About NASA

National Aeronautics and Space Administration, NASA is an organization at the forefront of Space discovery and exploration. The organization has given humankind the gift of understanding the universe by sending astronauts to space to research climate change, natural disasters, and other environmental complications.

NASA is fueled by the mission to explore, discover and innovate. And through their research, they have made discoveries of galaxies and new planets. Likewise, they have helped innovate new technologies that have significantly changed our lives today. And yes, the impact is seen substantially through artificial intelligence and satellite imagery.

NASA Internship for International Students

NASA provides International students with a golden opportunity to contribute to the general knowledge of the universe while gaining significant experience. Hence, it invites all motivated international students to its 12-week program in one of the ten centers across the United States.

During this time, you will participate significantly in research aligned with the organization’s mission. Also, you will network with professionals and explore the beautiful country of America.

Benefits of NASA Internship for International Students

Without a doubt, NASA has a wealth of benefits for all international students. Below are some of the advantages you will get to enjoy 

On-the-job experience

  • Interning as an international student at NASA will open you to a fantastic research, engineering, computer science, and business development opportunity. You will have the chance to get an inside view of the operation of NASA. Likewise, gain access to cutting-edge technology only found in the organization.


  • The internship will also help you expand your professional network. You will meet with other international interns and collaborate to fulfill a task. You can make friends and build a vast network through collaboration, which can prove profitable.

Explore America

  • As you intern in America, you will learn about their culture and custom. You will also gain an excellent understanding of diverse cultures and develop your interpersonal skills to effectively collaborate and interact with people with different beliefs and cultures.


  • The NASA internship for international students is also unique in that it provides stipends and other benefits, such as healthcare insurance, for you to be comfortable during your internship.

Eligibility criteria for the NASA Internship For International Students

There are variations in the eligibility criteria for internships as an international student. However, the following are the general requirements you must meet.

  • Be registered as an undergraduate or graduate student in your home country in STEM, i.e., science, technology engineering, and all mathematics.
  • Be an international student, i.e., you must not be an American.
  • Have a good proficiency in the English language. You may need an English language proficiency test result to support your claim.
  • Maintain an excellent academic standing.
  • Have a valid visa to work in the United States for your internship.
  • You must be able to commit fully for the ten weeks (approximately 40 hours per week) throughout your internship program.
  • Show and demonstrate an active interest in the United States Space Program.

Documents Requirements for the NASA Internship for International Students

To apply for the NASA internship program as an international student, you must provide the following documents to support your application.

Copy of passport

  • As an international student interested in the NASA internship program, you must present a copy of your passport with your name, photograph, date of birth, and nationality.

Proof of legal status

  • You must provide proof of your legal status, such as a visa or some other documents obtained from the Department of homeland security.

Proof of academic enrolment

  • Provide evidence of enrollment in any college or university in your home country. A document can be an official transcript or a letter from your institution that confirms that you are enrolled in a degree awarding program in their institution.


  • Also, you must provide a concise resume highlighting your academic experience, work experience, certifications, etc. Ensure that you neatly give the information in an orderly manner.

Cover letter

  • In addition, you must provide a compelling cover letter that outlines your interest in the NASA internship for international students, stating why and how the program will help you achieve your career goals.

How to apply for the NASA Internship for International Students

Below are the stepwise guide to applying for the NASA internship for international students.

Step one: Check the eligibility criteria for the internship

First and foremost, you must ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria for the training and provide the necessary documents. If that is settled, you can move to the next step.

Step two: Begin your application process

Once you are sure you meet the application criteria, you can create an account. You can apply directly with NASA by visiting their webpage or registering via OSSI.

Step three: Create a profile

Create an attractive profile to specify an area of interest for the internship application. Note that your internship hunt will be solely based on your interest.

Step four: Complete an application

When your profile is set, you can apply for the internship that matches your field of study and area of interest by submitting all documents necessary for your application and making a complete submission before the deadline.

Step five: Attend an interview

NASA may request a virtual interview to learn more about you and to decide if you will be the perfect match for the internship program. If all goes well, you may be invited to NASA in the United States for the internship.

FAQ on NASA Internship for International Students

Can an international student apply for a NASA internship?

International students are highly welcome to apply for the NASA Internship. However, you must meet the criteria and prepare all documentation needed to apply for the internship position. And yes, keep track of deadlines, dates, and requirements so that you can take all steps.

Can international students get into NASA?

All international students have opportunities for a career at NASA as well as domestic students. The internship is available all year round to provide an excellent opportunity to gain more knowledge about working in the space industry.

Does NASA hire non-US citizens?

NASA hires both domestic and non-domestic individuals because it is a global organization. The organization values diversity and inclusion in its workforce. Therefore, it encourages non-US citizens to apply for positions that fit their skills and qualifications.

How hard is it to get NASA internship?

Obtaining a NASA internship is quite competitive but possible. The internship is available across STEM, so you must research the positions open to determine which will best fit your skills and interest. Also, give your best in the internship application because NASA receives many applications yearly. So tailor your application documents for you to stand out.

Is it hard to get a job at NASA?

The competition in NASA is fierce and high. However, with the proper qualification and a passion for exploring space, you may have the chance of success.


Undoubtedly, the NASA internship for international students is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you must take advantage of. So, we employ you to take advantage of the program to increase your network and strengthen your resume. In addition, this opportunity can be the best time to prepare for a brighter future. Therefore, take your time to apply. Apply now