Nagoya university of foreign studies scholarships

Nagoya University of Foreign Studies Scholarships: Guide

The Nagoya University of Foreign Studies has two special scholarships for international students. These scholarships are strictly for international exchange students interested in studying long or short-term in Japan. The regulation governing these scholarships wants to help students ease off the financial burden of studying in a foreign land. The same goes for why the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) sponsors the second part of the scholarship.

However, their criteria are different, and students must be sure to get all the necessary information before proceeding to apply. We have this information lined out for you, so all you need is to implement and keep your fingers crossed for a spot because each year, the university president makes the rule for the number of scholarship slots.

About the Nagoya University of Foreign Studies

The Nagoya University of Foreign Studies, popularly identified as NUFS, was established on the 1st of April, 1988, in Nisshin, Aichi central area in Japan. The university is a privately owned institution tutoring about 4,617 students. 1994 was the year the university kicked off the establishment of many schools and departments, beginning with the school of Global Business and Economics. In 1997, the university birthed another school, the Graduate School of International Studies. More schools came after that till 2019 when it opened the last, we’ve seen for now. For the benefit of students who would love to study at Nagoya University of Foreign Studies, the rest of the schools available for you includes;


  • School of foreign studies
  • School of contemporary international studies
  • Global governance and collaboration school
  • School of world liberal arts

Graduate school of international studies

For master’s programs: Programs in English language and Japanese language

Programs for inbound studies:

  • Study Abroad – Language Teaching Practicum Program
  • Student Study Exchange Program – Global Japan program
  • Study Abroad at Nagoya University of Foreign Studies NUFS Undergraduate and Graduate schools.

NUFS Financial Support

This is one of the special scholarships provided by the university for all international exchange students. Aside from the goal of easing the education-induced financial burden, the university is using this avenue to strengthen international exchange activities. The scholarship lasts 12 months, and applicants should be registered at the Nagoya University of Foreign Studies.

Scholarship for short-term study in Japan

This is the kind of scholarship that does not reoccur every year. It may be regular, but not yearly. The Nagoya University recommends eligible students to the sponsors whenever it’s time. The JAPAN Student Services Organization (JASSO) sponsors this scholarship, and only NUFS can recommend qualified students. However, recipients can not apply for the exchange student scholarship.

Scholarship Benefits

Successful candidates will receive a sum of 60,000 Yen every month until the end of the study, which rounds up in a year. Also, the monthly stipend comes only when the student is in Japan.

Applicable Courses

  • British and American studies
  • French studies
  • Chinese studies
  • English and Contemporary studies
  • Global Business
  • Liberal arts and global studies
  • Global Japan program
  • Language teaching practicum program

Eligibility Criteria

  • This scholarship is only made for Non-degree exchange students studying at the Nagoya University of Foreign Studies (NUFS)
  • Applicant must possess outstanding character
  • Prove excellent academic track record
  • Applicant must be in a sound body and mental health
  • Must be highly active in international exchange
  • Must not receive a scholarship from elsewhere

Reasons why you may lose the scholarships

  • Poor class performance
  • Failure to attend classes regularly
  • Losing the college student status
  • Showing behavior unfit for a scholarship recipient

Fees & Funding

Is it hard to get into Nagoya University of Foreign Studies?

The university has a 50% chance of admitting students into the school. Still, nothing should discourage you from applying.

Does Nagoya University of Foreign Studies teach in English?

The university can not afford to lecture in its local language alone. They put the need for international student in front and understands that not everybody speaks Japanese. So, yes, they take lectures in the school in the English language.

Are English teachers in demand in Japan?

Yes, English teachers are in high demand in the country and receive good salaries. However, English teachers must show proof of an English Language Test and a bachelor’s degree in the same course. You must not have a criminal record in your home country or in Japan.

Can I make money teaching English in Japan?

English teachers earn so well in Japan. Your monthly salary can be up to 5000 United States Dollars if you know your onion in the field. Doing hourly classes can earn you up to 28 dollars.

Application Procedure

Applicants must download and fill out the exchange student scholarship application form and submit it at the International Students and Exchange office.