Nagoya institute of technology scholarships

Nagoya Institute of Technology Scholarships: Detailed Guide

There’s a special scholarship ongoing at Nagoya Institute of Technology called the MEXT Scholarships. The Japanese government sponsors the scholarship, which comes with a whole new application method and selection criteria. Meanwhile, the Nagoya Institute of Technology offers other kinds of scholarship that cuts across different spheres of academic scholars. In essence, international students are eligible to attend the institution and study on scholarships or even get a loan from the school. Students who are lucky enough to gain any of these scholarships will need to sign some paperwork and keep to the rules made by the scholarship benefactors.

About the Nagoya Institution of Technology

Nagoya Institute of Technology (Nitech) was established in 1905 but as another type of school. A brief history of this hi-tech institute goes thus: during its early existence in 1905, the institute was known as the Nagoya Higher Technical School. It functioned and carried out activities within those confines until 1944, it took up a new identity and became the Nagoya Institute of Technology. After some five years, it merged with another college of technology and emerged as the Nagoya Institution of Technology till date. The institution has many sides to it. First, it has many programs under the engineering faculty, a graduate school offering engineering programs, and various educational research centers.

Scholarships at the Nagoya Institution of Technology.

The active scholarships in the institution are pretty diverse and require specific criteria. Also, sponsors of these said scholarships, like the Japanese government, make the rules for students to adhere to.

Scholarships for privately financed students

A limited number of scholarships can fit privately financed students who are already studying in the school or planning to enroll in the next academic session. The Japanese government scholarship takes off every April and gives these slots to graduate scholars financing their education. By September, the faculty deans or university presidents will receive notifications for successful candidates. 


Successful candidates will receive travel expenses and monthly stipends of JPY 48,000 from the government.

MEXT Scholarships

The special MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology) scholarship has the full involvement of the Japanese embassy. Here, the government will ask the embassy to recommend eligible candidates for the MEXT scholarship. Again, the application process for this scholarship varies among countries, so each Japanese embassy in different countries has a unique guideline. Students who wish to be among the winners must check in with the Japanese embassy in their country to know what works for them.

Selected undergraduate students must arrive in Japan in April in readiness to commence classes. In contrast, graduate and research students will follow up between April and October but must first get an acceptance letter from a faculty member at the Nagoya Institute of Technology. Before classes commence, successful undergraduates will go through preparatory courses in the Japanese language or any other for one year before proper enrollment into the institution.

Scholarship Benefits

The scholarship provides a monthly stipend of JPY48,000. The international students involved should open a Japan Post Bank Account to receive monthly stipends. Every month, you must sign paperwork for the stipends. If you leave Japan briefly, you will miss out on the month’s stipends.

Applicable Courses

All undergraduate and postgraduate courses offered at the institution

Eligibility Criteria

Apply for admission as a regular undergraduate student or a research student.

Fees & Funding

Is the Nagoya Institute of Technology a private or a public school?

The institute is not a private institution. Nagoya Institute of Technology is a high-ranking, popular, and public institution.

What is the Nagoya Institute of Technology known for?

The institution is known for its front-line participation in engineering. Outstanding research works in education and technology while having numerous research centers.

Where is the Nagoya Institute of Technology located?

The Nagoya Institute of Technology, popularly called Nitech, is situated in Nagoya, Japan.

Its address is Gokisocho, Showa Ward, Nagoya, Aichi 466-0061, Japan.

Which universities are under MEXT Scholarship?

Many universities are under this scholarship scheme alongside the Nagoya Institute of Technology.

Some of them are; College of human science and engineering, Ritsumeikan University and a host of others.

Application Procedure

  • Candidates should contact International Student Affairs if interested in the scholarship
  • The office will check if the candidate meets the scholarship standard
  • Get a prospective supervisor from the research database
  • Submit your application documents