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Mount Allison University Scholarships: Value & Benefits

Overview of Mount Allison University Scholarships

Mount Allison University Scholarships are awarded to students on academic merit, leadership experiences, or other extracurricular activities.

The scholarships are categorized; into entrance and major scholarships. The entrance scholarships are awarded to students who have secured and accepted admission offer to study at the university. The recipients must have an admission average of 80, among other criteria, they are worth up to $20,000 per beneficial. The major scholarships are worth up to $56,000 with different eligibility requirements which the applicants must satisfy. They cut across different categories of students enrolled in the university. 

Mount Allison University Scholarships come with numerous benefits and values to the recipients. They enjoy different funding options to the directives and capacities of the sponsors.

Who sponsors Mount Allison University Scholarships?

The Scholarships enjoy sponsorship from the University, individuals, and organizations. 

An overview of Mount Allison University 

Mount Allison University is one of the top 30 research-intensive undergraduate universities in Canada; It is located in Sackville, New Brunswick, and is known for its small class sizes and tight-knit community. 

The University has a population above 2000 students and offers more than 50 intensive programs; it has a founding history far back in 1839. With a student-to-faculty ratio of 16:1 and an average class size of 14 to 41. Mount Allison University delivers quality, research, and practical-oriented knowledge to the students. The academic and non-academic staff of the University provide the necessary support and encouragement to ensure the success of students academically.

Students at Mount Allison University come from all over the world and from all walks of life. The university offers a supportive and inclusive environment for all students. They have the opportunity to engage in rigorous academics, competitive sports, and a variety of extracurricular activities. The student body is close-knit and supportive, making it a positive and enriching environment. 

Mount Allison University is committed to providing a range of accommodation options to meet the needs of all students. On-campus residences are available for first-year, upper-year, and graduate students, as well as international students. Also, several off-campus housing options are available for students who wish to live independently. Students with disabilities can also access numerous support services and accommodations through the university. Regardless of where students choose to live, they will have access to academic and support services.

The University also offered several financial aid programs to the tune of six million dollars to help students and their families to meet the cost of university. These include need-based grants, bursaries, loans, and work-study programs, in addition to a good number of scholarships available to recognize academic achievement. Also, 30% of students get employed to work at Mount Alison University.

List of scholarships available at Mount Alison University 

Marjorie Young Bell Scholarship 

This scholarship is awarded to the six most outstanding students from the pool of applications received. It is worth $12000 per year for each recipient and renewable for additional three years with an $8000 assured internship grant. The requirements for  Marjorie Young Bell Scholarship are:

  • An exceptional high school grade 
  • Commitment to extracurricular activities, passion for community services, and interest in leadership roles
  • Be a good citizen
  • The scholarship does not require an additional application other than an application for admission to Mount Alison university.

Note that the next twenty students who make it to the final stage of selection but are not selected receive $20,000 each, equivalent to the president’s scholarship worth.

Meanwhile, you have the privilege to choose from the under-listed Mount Allison University Scholarships.

  • Bell Family Achievement Award 
  • Brenton Wood Scholarship 
  • Cumming-Nolan Trust Scholarship 
  • Claudette MacKay-Lassonde Scholarship 
  • Entrance scholarship 
  • Enid F Webber Memorial Scholarship 
  • Enid F Webber Memorial Fine Arts Scholarship 
  • Gibbens Lassonde Scholarship 
  • Grace Annie Lockhart Memorial Scholarship 
  • Harrison McCain Scholarship in memory of Marion McCain 
  • Jean and Francis Chubb Scholarship 
  • JR Shaw Entrance Scholarship 
  • Karl & Judy Larsen Scholarship 
  • Leta G. Hill Scholarship 
  • MacGillivray-Hamilton Scholarship 
  • McKenna School Scholarship 
  • McCain Scholar Awards 
  • President’s Scholarship 
  • Ron Joyce Foundation Scholarship
  • Sobey Scholarship
  • The Class of 1968 Entrance Award

Scholarship Benefits

How many students benefit from Mount Allison University Scholarships?

Most of the scholarships award only one beneficiary per year. However, scholarships like McCain Scholar Awards, Karl & Judy Larsen Scholarship, Jean and Francis Chubb Scholarship, etc award five or more recipients. There are scholarships with variations in the number of beneficiaries.

Are Mount Allison University Scholarships renewable?

Yes, most of them are renewable if the beneficiary meets the requirements for renewal.

What is the worth of Mount Allison University Scholarships?

The worth of the scholarships varies, but none is less than $4000, and you can receive up to $56,000.

What do Mount Allison University Scholarships cover?

Some scholarships cover only monthly stipends, while others cover accommodation, tuition, and other student needs.

Applicable Courses

Mount Allison University Scholarships are open to all accredited courses in the university except for a few scholarships that require specific courses.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for Mount Allison University Scholarships are not limited to the under-listed ones because there are other criteria for each scholarship. Find below the general criteria:

  • Be involved in extracurricular involvement
  • Have leadership experience
  • Be willing and passionate about rendering community service
  • Have work/internship experience
  • Have an excellent  academic achievement 
  • Be an applicant or an enrolled student of Mount Allison University.

Fees & Funding

What is Mount Allison known for?

Mount Allison is a small liberal arts university in Sackville, New Brunswick. The school is known for its reputable academic programs, particularly in the sciences and humanities. Mount Allison also has a reputation for being one of the most beautiful campuses in Canada, with its stately buildings and expansive green spaces.

What is Allison’s acceptance rate?

Allison College has an acceptance rate of 70%. This means most students who apply to the school and meet the minimum requirements are accepted.

How many international students does Mount Allison have?

The exact number of International students is not available, but they could make up to 15% of the total population of University students.

Which is the cheapest university in Canada for international students?

Some of the cheapest universities for international students include the Memorial University of Newfoundland, The University of Manitoba, and the University of Saskatchewan.

Application Procedure

You don’t need to apply for most Mount Allison University Scholarships once you have applied for admission to the university. It is because a good number of Scholarships are available at the entrance, and the transcripts submitted for admission are used to process the list of successful beneficiaries.

However, the unique link for Scholarships that need additional application is attached accordingly.